Health dept. refuses 19 days to answer inquiry on jab harm safety protocols

Women serving the Hamilton County health department ready syringes to give to unsuspecting members of the public who think the experimental shots vs. “Covid-19 are “safe and effective.” (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Feb. 7, 2022 — I have nine simple questions for the Hamilton County health department, overseen by Mayor Jim Coppinger and the county commission.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The questions intend to confirm that the county is not caring about the citizens at the back-end of the CV-19 jabs, only, purportedly, at the front-end, as it has hectored and invited them into the experiment from December 2020 to this day.

It cared enough about the people to push them to get the shot. Now that thousands have taken it, what about adverse results? Harmful events. Injurious consequences like those affecting millions worldwide?

The CV-19 shots have already taken 20,000 lives of people whose survivors file a vaccine death report with the FDA. The federal vaccine adverse event reporting system reports as few as 1 percent of actual harms. That means the 1,088,558 reports of harm from Covid mania and its “solution” may be 100 million souls. Deaths would not be the reported 23,149 (about half in the U.S.), but 2.314 million (about half in the U.S.). (Image openvaers.com)

The questions regard whether there is monitoring for adverse effects, harm, injury, sickness and death caused by the mRNA experimental treatments the county is giving to tens of thousands of people in Southeast Tennessee.

  • Is Hamilton County monitoring the safety of its Covid-19 pandemic inoculations? How so?
  • Has the county health department had a first report that products from Pfizer, J&J, Moderna or other drug companies have caused (a) harm or, (b) death in Hamilton County?
  • Does the health department have an adverse events committee or safety committee for its Covid-19 inoculation program, following up on the treatment of tens of thousands of people?
  • If a family member dies 2 or 3 days after getting the vaccine, what should survivors do in reporting the death of such person “suddenly when in apparent health, or when found dead, or *** in any suspicious, unusual, or unnatural manner”? Tenn. Code Ann. 38-7-108(a)(1)
  • What should such a family do when a family member is in medical distress 1-4 days after getting the shot, or has died?
  • Should they contact the department? How? Whom?
  • Are such people required by law to contact the Hamilton County medical examiner in a sudden death of an otherwise healthy person? What is their obligation under the law? 
  • What is the department’s obligation under the law in case of the sudden death of an otherwise healthy person? 
  • Are all the jabs in the county FDA approved? Are they experimental?

Commissioner asked for safety inquiry

Randy Fairbanks, county commissioner

[I sent this letter to my county commissioner today. — DJT] Dear Commissioner Fairbanks,

On Jan. 19 I sent 9 questions to the county health department. They remain unanswered. The questions follow up on my remonstrance and petition to the commission Sept. 30.

The questions indicate that there is no product safety mechanism operating in Hamilton County to account for harms caused by the experimental CV-19 shots that have no governmental approval, but are experimental, and merely allowed to be used on account of an erstwhile national state of emergency.

I am asking you to pose these questions to the head of the health department. When you get an answer, could you forward them to me, so I can report on the fruit of your inquiry?

The people of the county, including the 100 who signed the remonstrance, would like to know how county government is being watchful, circumspect and conservative in its regard for their rights, and suspicious of for-profit activity by way of drug sales by manufacturers who are immune from claims of liability.

Respectfully yours, etc.

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