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Brokenness of courts invites private retribution, violence

Gov. Bill Lee hobnobs with business operators in Nashville. (Photo governor’s office)

The courts exist to allow warring parties to settle disputes without knives, guns and bombs.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

But as courts in Tennessee do not function according to equity or the written law in the Tennessee code, the prospect rises that people will resort to vengeance in private violence as they are thwarted in obtaining relief, and are savaged by lawyers and partial judges who are not protecting them and their interests.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

They will kill one another, citizen among citizen. They may seek to harm and injure public officials they believe have wronged them. 

Private violence often occurs in family squabbles — divorce, custody disputes — in cases put before the courts, where disaffected parents slaughter family members, ex-wives, ex-lovers and kill themselves in mentally deranged and psychopathic outbursts.

Some evils of broken courts are structural, such as rejection of the death penalty. I live in a Soddy-Daisy house on a hilltop among the trees sold by Brenda and Alvin Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz in 1973 had shot a woman three times in the head and buried her body. The Signal Mountain man had served a sentence no more than 15 years and was freed on good behavior. In June 2007 he killed a woman he was dating, Victoria Elizabeth Meyners, and himself with a pistol.

Other evils are well described as procedural. With a CV-19 state disaster, officials up-and-down the ranks, whether hired or elected, have rejected their duty and imposed grave harm on the people apart from the law, with the aid of the courts, which refuse due process under the constitutional covenant between state and people.  The CV-19 state of disaster is the most significant example of this problem of conflict between the citizenry and authorities and state actors without there being a remedy. 

The state of disaster is 418 days old, and continues today, even though in Hamilton County the so-called “mask mandate“ ended April 28.

Who will hold state actors to account?

In one of 95 Tennessee counties there is a pending lawsuit giving notice of the damage done by lawless officials to the people. That is here in Hamilton County, in Southeast Tennessee. The cause is mine, State ex rel Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor. I am appealing denial of equity and justice in Hamilton County chancery as my case seeks to put limits on state actors facing a public health “crisis.”

The state actors are Gov. Bill Lee and the local health department administrator, Becky Barnes. They are in plain and open violation of the health statute and have imposed mass harm for which there appears (as yet) no remedy, no compensation, no accounting. They failed to make a determination of the cause of the viral agent of so-called Covid-19. The emergency continues today, even though on Tuesday Gov. Lee reduced some of the damage caused by advisory opinions and so called delegated mask authority to the counties.

Confident they’ve done no evil

Judging by their lawyers’ arguments in court, these lawbreaking officials believe that they will not be held to account. Violators of their oaths and terms of employment believe that their independent actions, apart from their office, and in violation of the statute at Tenn. Code Ann. 69-5-104, are not grievous or injurious to any person or to the people in general. 

However, the vaccine plague is accelerating with more than 2,500 deaths across the country from untested vaccines that authorization approval only which is to say because we do not have time for tests, you, member of the public, are the test. Adverse effects are multiplying across the spectrum, judging by filings with the government’s vaccine injury platform, the VAERS. 

Here isn’t important link to the largely undocumented crisis of public malfeasance by officials bring harm, ruin upon the people they serve.

If relief cannot be granted for wrongs done, people will take private initiative to exact vengeance, penalty or compensation. As the courts are showing themselves not to function to end the wrongs and damage, people will surely resort to inflicting harm in retaliation. 

Officials need to be aware of this dynamic because their persons and their estates are potentially vulnerable to private vengeance by people harmed by their policies done under color of law. 

Courts are not open

The courts are open under the Constitution. Justice is not to be denied or for sale. Until this promise is kept once again, until the writ of mandamus issues in my case to compel obedience to the law, lawless actors have the sanction of the courts. 

The courts are on the side of the malefactors. The judges and the lawyers supporting the other side are claiming immunity. They are claiming to be sovereign citizens, sovereign individuals above the law. They are claiming to be doing everything in their person, with not having to account for the law that would have prevented all of their acts.

Had Tenn. Code Ann. 68-5-104 been obeyed, the vaccine experiment would not be taking place today in Tennessee since December. 

Mayor Jim Coppinger, former mayor Andy Berke, Mayor Tim Kelly, Gov. Lee, the staff at the health department, the staff in county and city governments who play along, elected officials are all vulnerable to people angry at being harmed , especially those people whose family members are injured by vaccines. The media such as the Chattanooga Times Free Press has suppressed the narrative of harm by lockdown, harm by vaccines and the legal notice of my lawsuit.

But people who want to know what has caused a family death can find the cause by spending time on the Internet and getting past search-engine manipulation of their search terms. In the U.S. and in Europe, thousands have died from the shots.

Advice to elected official

I urge great caution among elected officials. Starting today, repair to the law and obey it and stop harming the people. Admit you were wrong. Admit in public you disobeyed the law, and begin immediately coming into compliance. Beginning work to come into obedience to the law is called avoiding the fraud, avoiding the public wrong of which you’ve been a part. That’s better, more honorably, more godly, then playing along with the jab program and its admitted serum of poison.

You will not face accounting today

There will not be an accounting tomorrow. 

But there is the day after tomorrow and there is next week and as time passes into these frames, people’s moods and attitudes might change and their anger increase, assuming they find out that the entire pandemic operation in state of Tennessee was confessed fraud, an admitted swindle and an admitted denial of care and duty among government employees and elected officials (politicians). 

If you believe people won’t find out that the law was violated, and that you were part of that violation, you have little to worry about insofar as earthly consequences in this life go.

I strongly suggest the courts end the state of emergency immediately, that they issue the writ of mandamus immediately if not sooner to end these abuses and to settle the hearts of the people and give no cause for private evil of private retribution.

Let retribution be at law, at equity, in court, before an honorable judge, who can assign blame civilly or criminally, and who can put into ward any official who led in the experimental CV-19 shots project.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM.


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