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Judges shield CV-19 mass harm, injure reporters covering secret doings

Hamilton County chancery judge Pamela Fleenor, right, for 201 days helped suppress the operation of state law and the constitution by not seeing evidence that I had been harmed by the overthrow of state government by Bill Lee, governor, in a fraudulent state of emergency. With Judge Fleenor is the late Justice Cornelia Clark. (Photo AOC)

The Tennessee court system has protected the executive branch from questions about its handling the CV-19 panic that it followed — in violation of state law — in early 2020.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

Today, an attorney for Hamilton  County, Sharon Milling, was to have submitted before midnight her defense of the county’s violation of state law in bid to have the court of appeals uphold dismissal of my lawsuit, filed against administrator Becky Barnes and Gov. Bill Lee. Mrs. Milling got an extra five weeks to answer beyond 30 days allotted by the rules.

The county, meanwhile, is participating in a marketing and business scheme to inject children as young as 5 with untested human operating system rewrites using MRNA technology.

“Getting our children vaccinated against Covid-19 is an important prevention measure,” says Hamilton County Interim Health Officer and pediatrician Dr. Fernando Urrego. “Keeping them safe while assuring in-person learning is a key priority for the Health Department.” He says “community partnerships” help in delivering the often lethal shots to children and “significantly expand our ability to better protect our children.” 

Across the U.S., at least 18,000 people have perished almost immediately after getting the shot, which is 800 times more dangerous than the smallpox vaccine, the previous record holder. ‡ The virus is patented by the CDC and dozens of other groups and companies, and drug companies are giddy with the prospect of more billions in profits as compulsion sweeps outward from governments upon human populations.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Hamilton County Health Department to provide these vaccine events for our youngest students,” said Dr. Nakia Towns, Interim Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools. “Protecting our young children through vaccination is a crucial mitigation strategy to ensure and prioritize the health and wellness of our students. We look forward to increasing our community vaccination rates, and to our students returning to a sense of normalcy.”

There is no way the jabs interfere will affect fertility, insists Dr. Fernando Urrego, the interim health officer of the Hamilton County health department, among other “myths.” (Photo TV3)

The judiciary, meanwhile, is refusing to accept press scrutiny as protected under the constitution article 1, section 19. The judges ordered two journalists thrown out of his “private event” Nov. 6 in Franklin, Tenn., and to have this investigative reporter arrested when he refused to leave. The judicial department connives to avoid holding its TN judicial conferences on state property, with its implied right of access by the press. It offshores the event. The state convinced a private corporation, Embassy Suites at Cool Springs, to “trespass” me to get Franklin police to arrest me shifting the onus and liability of a false arrest upon a proxy.

RICO conspiracy

“RICO conspiracy with private actors to violate state law requirements of open meetings,” says Levi Thurston, one of the gnomes, “specifically to violate your rights without any breach of the peace by you. This is targeted violence and subjects those actors to disbarment.

The Saturday part of the conference was devoted to three hours of lectures on a group called “sovereign citizens.” The festivities included “sovereign citizen bingo.”

Says Mr. Thurston: “Full discovery will show this is blatant teaching of extreme bias and prejudice against anyone who doesn’t hire a closed-union-shop member — which closed union shop monopolizes a public institution tasked with the constitutional obligation to prevent monopolies. It’s full protectionism of official corruption and incompetence.

He says the arrest is a violation of 14th Amendment equal rights and guarantee of republican government. It is “a privatization of a branch of government that destroys a branch of the government because the public participation is merely to elect a private corporations officers with no accountability as all discipline and removal is internal private corporate secret matters of internal corporate agenda interests.”

No authority exists as a matter of law as to whom are people who are “sovereign citizens.” The state constitution says that “all power is inherent” in the people” and and describes land mass “over which the people have the right of exercising sovereignty, and the right of soil, so far as is consistent with the Constitution of the United States” (art. 1, sect. 31).,

No law exists to let the judges discriminate against a category of dissenters they dub “sovereign citizens.” Judge Marty Lasley described Basil Marceaux of Soddy-Daisy, wondering if he is the original and leading “sovereign citizen” of Hamilton County.

My arrest was a crime that was happening in front of the assembled judges, Mr. Thurston says. That the judges made videos of the arrest and did not act to stop it shows they have seared consciences, he says.

‡Steve Kirsch, “New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDA and FDA never told us about,“


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