Justice Roger Page, left, has replaced Jeff Bivins, right, as chief justice, here at a gathering in Chattanooga. (Photo Linda Hood)

Appeals court judges are on your Aug. 4 ballot to keep or to toss. You should take the trouble to blacken the circle next to “replace” with your pencil and to not just ignore that part of the ballot because you know nothing about the judges.

Your ballot lets you keep or replace any of 26 judges Aug. 4.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

Eight of the 26 should be retired for pernicious and unjust rulings, and though we here might yank this clump of black robes into the light, I suggest you vote to remove all of them. Tennessee’s process of putting these names on the ballot for “retention” turns every voter into a dupe.

So, cast out eight for cause.

Remove the rest to protest the conniving lawyers and pols who defrauded the people in the 2014 constitutional amendment and every year since.

Revolution against the people

Leading the war against the people and their rights is Jeffrey K. Bivins, who was chief justice when the court system acted to play along with Gov. Bill Lee to create a state of emergency under Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 58 without a lawful or legal cause, without a nonfraudulent exigency or necessity. Like a cop arresting a citizen without probable cause, Gov. Lee did the same except on a grand scale — arresting 6.8 million people without warrant.

Harassing county deputies hurl me from the Hamilton County courthouse after I have the nerve to show up with a bare face and claim the right to enter the building without moofing up under a chin diaper. The blockade violates the constitutional duty to keep courts open. (Photo David Tulis)

On March 12, 2020, Gov. Lee turned to communist scorched-earth concepts to “combat the spread” of the coronavirus, one that had been modified by Americans, Canadians and others in university labs to deliver “infectious replication defective” clone molecules to people who caught it. The next day, Jeff Bivins joined in the fraud. He failed to examine what the law requires for a state of emergency, as if somehow the law didn’t apply to him, as if somehow he had no standing with which to phone Bill to discuss whether he had established a legal basis for any such “lockdown” as other states were doing. Instead, Justice Bivins’ “order suspending in-court proceedings” closed all courts in violation of the bill of rights that they be open, casting out from public buildings in 95 counties onlookers, supportive family members, defendant allies, clergypersons, court watchers, justice activists and ball-capped woolgathering courthouse lookers-on March 13, 2020, p. 2). Justice Bivins went along with the project in disaster capitalism because it moves the courts toward United Nations and World Economic Forum goals globally to expand governance and pare back government in an ostensibly post-political world. He admits his order “ensuring that core constitutional functions and rights are protected” violates the constitutionally guaranteed rights. When you admit some rights are core — and others are not — you confess to breach. 

Roger Page. This justice took part in the escapade of judicial department mass fraud, signing numerous orders that managed the lockout of the people from the halls of justice. Mr. Page is now chief justice, and oversees the AOC, the administrator of the courts whose director, Michelle Long, is being sued for violation of the first amendment of the U.S. constitution by deepening the secrecy surrounding state judicial conferences. This reporter sought to penetrate one such black site Nov. 6, 2021. Justice Page ordained my arrest at Embassy Suites at Cool Springs hotel in Franklin as Christopher Sapp, my midstate bureau chief, and I were covering the conference of city court judges. Justice Page did so criminally, in violation of the oppression statute at Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-156-403. His actions to have me arrested were knowing and intentional, crucial elements in establishing the crime of oppression. Seventeen days prior to showing up I had sent him a detailed legal analysis telling him we’d be there by right and he had a duty to stand down and let Mr. Sapp and me enter the conference room.

Thomas “Skip” Frierson, appeals court judge

Thomas R. “Skip” Frierson, Mike Swiney and Neal McBrayer.  This stone-faced trio are authors of a May 23 ruling upholding the scandalous treatment of state of Tennessee, on relation, in my mandamus case seeking to restore the rule of law after Gov. Lee’s burying the constitution in March 2020. They had no intention of ruling for my adequate and sufficient petition. No amount of solid legal reasoning made any difference. They fling themselves across 32 pages of lawyerly gazoozling, shell gaming and deconstruction of law and due process to deny seeing me as plaintiff and to deny noticing admitted fraud by William Byron Lee and a local official, Becky Barnes, in the case — admitted violation of state law at Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the key infectious disease law requiring a determination be made of an agent of contagion. Pressing a bit of No. 2 pencil lead on the paper in the circle next to “replace” is entirely proper, as little a payback as bothering to vote might be. https://law.justia.com/cases/tennessee/court-of-appeals/2022/e2021-00436-coa-r3-cv.html

James Curwood Witt Jr.

James Curwood Witt Jr., Timothy L. Easter and John Everett Williams in a Sept. 28, 2017, court of criminal appeals ruling in State of Tennessee v. Arthur J. Hirsch, uphold Jim Crow in Tennessee by refusing to recognize two categories of travelers on the public right of way. They insist that all users of the road are commercial carriers, either common or private, and that no one can be on the road in car or truck privately, for private purposes, exercising rights on the roads, pursuing personal or noncommercial necessities in lawful private callings or occupations. Mr. Hirsch had been charged with driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance and driving without proper registration and tag. Driving or operating a motor vehicle is a commercial act, and the judges denied the defense that Mr. Hirsch was exercising constitutionally guaranteed, God-given inherent and unalienable rights. Jim Crow traffic enforcement statewide is maintained by what legal scholars such as Lon L. Fuller and Pierre J.J. Olivier call “legal fictions.” https://law.justia.com/cases/tennessee/court-of-criminal-appeals/2017/m2016-00321-cca-r3-cd.html


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