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In U.S., trucker protest would have little effect, be quickly criminalized

Bill Evans is a truck driver known on Gab and FB as the Truck Driver Theologian. (Photo David Tulis)

I have been contacted by numerous people concerning my take on the proposed U.S. trucker convey, since many know that I’m an outspoken, freedom-minded, Christian, OTR owner-operator.

By Bill Evans / Truck Driver Theologian

Frankly, I think it’s dangerous, ill-conceived, ineffective, and costly. Organizers are pursuing photo ops and headlines, not results. No one with the will or power to make any substantive difference is going to meet with a group of truck drivers, who frankly have little in the way of grievances other than electronic logs, long waits for Chinese made repair parts, and a lack of parking options.

My response was apparently surprising to most inquiring minds.

This has always been a demanding job in several ways, but as an occupational class, we are exceptionally well compensated, especially owner & lease operators, who make up 9% of the reported 3.5 million truckers in the US, and can easily net $100+K per yr.

Emotionally-driven, half-baked strategies offer participants little upside, and great potential risk.

Bill Evans

Most, including myself, are quite uninterested in missing out on the current “gravy train.” The rest, an estimated 20% of whom are (Asian, European, Hispanic or African, are employees of carriers, who would immediately be fired if not rendered unemployable for participating in any shutdown or protests.

Organized boycotts refusing to deliver food to the DIstrict of Columbia seems on its face more realistic and emotionally satisfying. But someone is always willing to take the load a dissident driver refuses.

Further, thanks to legislation/executive action like the Patriot Act or NDAA, participants could face a host of possible criminal charges, including insurrection and domestic terrorism, and would be, based on what has happened to the Jan 6 capital visitors.

Government agent/provocateurs are a given.

DC is run by a powerful and cruel elite criminal class, with no interest in enhancing prosperity or freedom for average Americans, which involves relinquishing political power. In short, in my estimation, such emotionally-driven, half-baked strategies offer participants little upside, and great potential risk.

Rather, the way forward is for states and their residents to absolutely turn their back on the Washington-based central government, and declare their intent to peaceably go their own way (aka secede), and form new alliances with neighboring states. Any trucker convoy that is organized for promoting state sovereignty, with the backing of governors and state legislatures, I’ll be sure to join.

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