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7 keywords to see if your state is violating law with CV-19 bans

Chancery court judge Pam Fleenor, right, at a Republican party event, is today the most powerful person in Tennessee, as she has in her hand the date in which will fall the lawless deeds of Gov. Bill Lee in “fighting” CV-19 — acts abrogating the constitution and putting to naught the state’s divisions of power. (Photo Pam Fleenor on FB)

We must go to the officials charged with enforcing our state’s health law and demand that they show their authority to declare an epidemic or operate a health tyranny upon us. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Our job in resisting and protecting God-given rights is to demand proof of their compliance with the law.

That’s what I did in Tennessee before filing suit Oct. 2 against Gov. Bill Lee and the health department administrator in my county, Becky Barnes. 

I established that neither official had evidence they had obeyed the key statute, the key provision amounting to 102 words.

Their authority is in the statute. 

The statutes in every state are online. In Tennessee, the unannotated version is online at Lexis Nexis.

You can find the provision that your governor probably ignored with keyword search.

The keywords to finding the likely ignored law: Epidemic, quarantine, communicable, contagion, contagious, disease, diagnosis. You will find the single provision that is being violated.

Do your officials have a duty to find the infectious agent for CV-19? Probably. 

Did they officially determine they’d found it back in February or March? 

Probably not.

How to assert due process rights

Destruction is ahead — mass destruction under health mandates, pretendedly compulsory jabs, proofs of vaccinations to keep employment, bans on entering public buildings, harassment at doorways of open-to-the-public establishments, blockades in visiting the sick or elderly, threats of police action for gatherings for worship or conviviality. 

They will take from you everything that are the essential elements of liberty. They will surround you with systems of permission. Permits. Proofs. Licenses, Allowances. Grants. Approvals.

They claim these “interventions” will help you — protect the public welfare. They will deprive you of liberty and property. They will act without authority, without being able to show evidence of authority.

In State of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor, et al, I am a belligerent claimant in person on behalf of the entire state. I represent the state itself, directing my claim of fact and law against outlaw sovereign citizen officials.

Two best remedies are habeas corpus and petition for writ of mandamus. The first lets you target arrest and “lockdown” and is an emergency peremptory writ. It demands you be presented before the judge and the state actors forced to testify as to their authority for keeping you in a cell.  Mandamus demands the judge compel the governor to obey the state, based on evidence of disobedience. 

My Tennessee case is using the amazing power of mandamus, and is in the process of bearing fruit as chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor is under increasing pressure to deliver equity and justice, as I am demanding.

My job as state of Tennessee is not to try to prove anything about CV-19 as a medical condition, or anything about the science surrounding it. It is very simple: Get the official to show that he obeyed the law requiring me make a diagnosis and a determination about the condition.

Huge power of presumption

In Tennessee, that work was not done. The entire state is overturned by Gov. Lee and  government machinery that doesn’t know what it is fighting.

Gov. Lee and Mrs. Barnes are operating on presumption and are not able to demonstrate compliance with the law.

I am afraid protesters and critics organizing themselves against, say, shutdowns or mask mandates cannot prevail. The sovereign citizens who wield public power today need not hear or heed.

Our task is to find the provision in state law listing the governor’s duty. I believe that in probably every of the 50 states under emergency declaration that officials’ duties are almost certainly unfulfilled. 

You have to find the controlling statute.

Judge William F. Stickman IV in his Sept. 14 ruling in Pennsylvania makes in his first sentence of his 66-page ruling a statement in presumption regarding Covid-19. “The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of American life.”  

The resistance against edicts — many of which Judge Stickman rightly topples — begins BEFORE this statement becomes operative. 

It begins at the state’s first mistake. And that is: Ignoring black-letter law in the health title of the statute.

Unwarranted authority 

Officials have unwarranted authority, are exercising power illicitly and have abrogated across the U.S. state constitutions. 

The officials in each state — with South Dakota excepted — have overthrown the government and created a unitary medical behemoth under emergency powers, enmixing branch distinctions and governors’ legislating.

The goal of my case is to assert the law and to talk out of Tennessee code annotated, especially Title § 68-5-104.

The CV-19 is a criminally organized fraud through government itself, run by technologists and industry allies, with government officials involved in the panic. The premise of the global project is to view people as human animals and herds subject to state husbandry and management.

The vaccine project for which the elites are gearing up is not aimed at an infectious agent (which remains unknown), but at the symptoms that are generally identified as Covid-19 or Coronavirus. The plasma DNA carries a tumor antigen and alters the DNA of the patient’s cells. This prospect is frightening, and no person can give or should give informed consent to being pricked.

Overall outlook for you

Back to the main idea of fighting back. 

The state did not determine the infectious agent as required by law. Nothing in the state’s “fight” to stop the spread is lawful. All such steps are unconstitutional and brazen violations.

Authority is conditional on obedience to statute. If no proof of obedience, no authority. To fight as I have, I strongly suggest you consider the work we have done in Tennessee. I am following a reasonable course, one with the least heavy lifting of us, the victim. My approach doesn’t require I do extensive research into the CV-19 crisis, or become an expert in that, or in mask effectiveness or any other purported mitigation project.

All I have to do is show disregard of the statute. 

I determine disregard by properly asking or evidence of compliance.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays, live and lococentric.


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