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Group sues Lee, saying law gives him no power to legislate

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger and others people hiding their faces stand in front of Tennessee-American’s noted tank-sitting figure, top left, also obediently wearing a chin diaper. (Photo Hamilton County health department)

NASHVILLE — Gary Humble with Tennessee Stands has retained Nashville attorney, Gary Blackburn, to bring a challenge to the constitutionality of TCA §58-2-107, the Governor’s emergency powers, per the Tennessee Constitution.

In March, Gov. Bill Lee began issuing executive orders under the authority of the state’s emergency powers statute found in Tenn. Code Ann.§ §58-2-107.

“Since then, the governor has issued executive orders purporting to have the force of law carrying civil penalties and has delegated authority to county executives to issue mandates in their respective counties,” Mr. Humble says, “all of which is unconstitutional according to the Tennessee Constitution.”

He is the founder and president of Citizens for Limited Government and Constitutional Integrity Inc. On Friday the group launched an online petition at

Already more than 1,000 people have signed it, ranging from business owners and elected officials demanding that the governor and county executives cease and desist from “continuing to issue unconstitutional orders and/or regulations based on illegitimate delegated authority,” and “restrain themselves to performing their lawful duties” under the Tennessee Constitution.

A copy of the complaint in Davidson County chancery court drafted by attorney Blackburn is here:

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