Data shows shots kill 40 kids for each who may get a slight benefit

Because it is involved in fraud, admitted in the State ex rel David Tulis case, Tennessee government will join in with the U.S. government in the knowing and intentional injury to hundreds of children in Tennessee. (Photo Steve Kirsch on Substack)

We have the data now. We had to get it using a FOIA request because the government isn’t willingly sharing this data with us.

By Steve Kirsch / Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

You’ll never guess what it shows. It shows that during the first two years of the pandemic, no child aged 5 to 11 died in Massachusetts from COVID. Zero. It’s likely the same in most other states as well (since Massachusetts is the 15th largest state).

The FDA is declaring an “emergency” and approving vaccines which have not been rigorously tested. Pfizer even admitted in federal court that there was fraud in the COVID clinical trials. Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for an investigation based on numerous allegations of fraud which the FDA flatly refuses to respond to.

There is no data. It’s not about the data. The American people trust the doctors. The doctors trust the FDA. The FDA trusts the drug companies. If the drug company says the vaccines are safe, they believe them, no matter what the post-marketing data says. The doctors discount the post-marketing data as anecdotes. That’s how it works.

The American people and doctors also trust the CDC. The CDC is supposed to monitor the VAERS data for adverse events just to be sure. But now we just learned that the CDC just admitted that they didn’t do that. But it won’t make a difference because the mainstream media will cover up the story.

This explains why people like me, Jessica Rose, Albert Benavides, and Mathew Crawford saw extreme safety signals in January, but the CDC never saw anything.

Today, a significant number of doctors know the vaccines are unsafe, but few of them have the courage to speak out publicly because they know they will be fired, lose their hospital privileges, and lose their license to practice medicine permanently if they speak out publicly. So they lie and say that the vaccines didn’t cause any deaths.

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Doctors lie, kids die. Unfortunately, this is not going to change anytime soon.

It’s all a big circle. The politicians trust the doctors and the HHS agencies. None of them break ranks for fear of being ostracized. The doctors are trained that any vaccine approved by the FDA is safe. So the politicians ignore all the truth tellers as “misinformation spreaders.”

There is nothing that can break the cycle until someone with courage and power puts a stop to it. Our best shot: Senator Ron Johnson. That’s why defeating him is priority #1 for the Democrats.


Massachusetts has a population of 7M people and is the 15th most populous state in the US (California is tops with 39M people). Tennessee’s population is 6.8 million.

John Beaudoin used a FOIA to get the death data from Massachusetts. Here’s the data he found, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the 5 to 11 year old kids who might have died from COVID in the two years from 2020 to 2021: All one of them.

The all-cause mortality data

COVID-19 death data

The one COVID-19 related death in Massachusetts in 2020 and 2021 (age 5 to 11) wasn’t FROM COVID

The SFN_Num for the only child aged 5 to 11 who died with COVID is 62033. Jarone Lee is the person who certified the death. The deceased, EMILIANO VASQUEZ HERNANDEZ, didn’t die from COVID-19. Sulfite oxidase deficiency is a very rare congenital condition that causes seizures.

The question to our society is a simple one:

Should we vaccinate all kids aged 5 to 11 in Massachusetts hoping that the vaccine will save the lives of the ZERO kids who died from COVID in the two years from 2020 to 2021?

I don’t think so. And even if a single death in Massachusetts over 2 years was actually due to COVID, there is still no way to say that is an emergency justifying injecting all kids with a vaccine with spotty safety data and unresolved questions of clinical trial fraud.

Think about it. Every year, worldwide 5 million kids under 5 years old die. That is not an emergency we spend time and energy on. But 0 kids in 2 years, ages 5 to 11 dying in Massachusetts, IS an emergency and we need a vaccine and we need to mandate it.

Poll shows vaccines killing kids

Here’s a poll I did recently:

The COVID-19 vaccine-related causes include: Vaccine (39%)+Heart disease (11%)+ Unexpected death (30%). The virus was only 2%. So there is a 40:1 ratio of vaccine deaths to virus deaths according to this survey which was widely reposted (384 reposts) so it reached a broad audience.

Note: You shouldn’t believe my poll because I am a “misinformation spreader.” Go do your own poll. You’ll get a similar result unless you are polling people who believe that the vaccines don’t cause injuries.

Now, let’s take a closer look.

Here’s what a NEJM Special Report entitled The Major Causes of Death in Children and Adolescents in the United States said:

The leading causes of death varied between younger and older children. Among children 1 to 4 years of age, drowning was the most common cause of death, followed by congenital abnormalities and motor vehicle crashes. Children most commonly drown in swimming pools (1 to 4 years of age) and in pools, rivers, and lakes4 (≥5 years of age). Among older, school-aged children (5 to 9 years of age), death was relatively rare, representing only 12% of all deaths in children and adolescents. In this age group, malignant neoplasm was the leading cause of death, followed by motor vehicle crashes and congenital abnormalities. Unlike in children 1 to 4 years of age, drowning was only the fourth most common cause of death among those 5 to 9 years of age, which potentially reflects widespread swim training among school-aged children.5

So the causes of death are:

  1. Cancer
  2. Car crashes
  3. Birth defects
  4. Drowning

So we should expect to see that in my poll of the causes of deaths of 5 to 11 since the vaccines rolled out for that age group. We don’t. This suggests (but doesn’t prove) that the vaccines are causing a large number of deaths, 40 times more than COVID.

In other words, we are killing 40 kids in the hopes of saving one child dying from COVID. We know we are killing kids. We have no idea if the vaccine is saving any lives; we just don’t have any data that shows that.

Here are a few more references that the COVID vaccines are killing kids: Toby Rogers risk-benefit analysis and the CDC analysis of child deaths reported to VAERS.

Nurse data

I just got a call from Jessica McKee, a nurse who noticed a large number of vaccine injuries among her peers. I asked if she could find other nurses who would talk on camera. She found six other nurses. She said together they knew the status of 80 of their peers and that 30 of the 80 are vaccine injured.

If it is a perfectly safe vaccine, how can you possibly have a 37% rate of vaccine injuries among nurses? Even if this is exaggerated by an order of magnitude, this is still troubling. I’m arranging to do a video interview of these nurses as soon as we can get a date when they can all be on the call.

So doctors can’t use the excuse that there is no harm to justify solving a non-existent problem.

Doctor observations of harm

This screenshot says it all, doesn’t it. 1 case in 18 years vs. 1 case a day is an increase of 6,500X. That’s not a “slightly elevated risk.”

None of them can speak out and blame the vaccine or they will be fired instantly.

Lack of efficacy confirmed by Tony Fauci

Even if zero deaths in the first two years of the pandemic were “an emergency,” it doesn’t justify approving a vaccine that has no evidence of a benefit.

As I am writing this…two reports come in to me: one a death, one a near miss. Both in young people.

I just got a call. Another teenager was admitted to the hospital today after an “unexpected” cardiac arrest. He nearly died.

The hospital workers all know it was the vaccine. All of them. This is not an exaggeration. They all know. They even admit this PRIVATELY to each other. But they will not say anything publicly.

They are disgusted with what is happening, but they all know that if any of them speak out, they will be immediately fired and they can’t afford to lose their jobs. If they all speak out as a group, they will all lose their jobs. The hospital will just replace all of them just like they do striking nurses.

This is happening all over the country. They all got the memo, “if you see something, say nothing and keep your job.”

None of these people is disgusted enough with what is happening to risk losing their job over it, so it keeps happening. There is no end in sight.

Right before I was about to hit the publish button, I get a second call. A 32-year old mother dies within 36 hours of the vaccine. She dies in her sleep leaving four kids without a mom. Her mother was against her getting the vaccine but she insisted. Now she is dead.

These are hardly the only examples of tragic deaths of vaccinated young people. My Substack is filled with these stories.

CDC wasn’t monitoring the VAERS data

The CDC just admitted they weren’t monitoring the VAERS data for safety signals. Stunning.

This is why they weren’t seeing any adverse events from the vaccines. They weren’t looking.


  1. There is no “emergency” for kids under 11. It is highly doubtful there was a single death in 2020 and 2021 in Massachusetts of a formerly healthy child aged 5 to 11 due to COVID. It is also troubling that full details on these supposed COVID deaths are not available.
  2. There is no vaccine that has been shown to save a single hospitalization or life in this age group. Fauci admitted it today.
  3. The evidence on the table, such as the poll I did and the anecdotes we see every single day, all are consistent with only one hypothesis: that the vaccines are killing far more kids than they could ever be helping.
  4. Without risk or a benefit, combined with anecdotal evidence of extreme harm, the risk-benefit justification for a vaccine does not exist. The lack of a single detailed study of the causes of death AFTER vaccination of vaccinated children to ascertain whether the vaccine was causal is extremely troubling.

So what do they do? The VRBPAC committee votes unanimously in support of an EUA of the vaccine for this age group and younger, of course. What do they say when you ask to see the data? Well, to paraphrase a famous line from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, they would probably say, “Data!?!? We ain’t got no data. We don’t need no data. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ data!”

The data doesn’t matter. It’s not about the data. Everyone just does what they are told.

The system is corrupt, but less than a handful of members of Congress recognize the problem so it is unlikely to change anytime in the future.

Furthermore, anyone running for Congress who took a stand against the vaccine, did not advance to the General election except for Mark Meuser.

So unfortunately a lot of children will die or be injured for life. It’s very tragic.

The medical community should be outraged about the FDA approving a vaccine to solve a problem that simply does not exist.

The lack of outrage from the medical community is astonishing. Why aren’t they demanding to see the clear evidence of harm and that the vaccine will 1) mitigate the harm and 2) not cause additional harm. Studies of 4,000 kids are simply too under-powered to show any significant benefit and to quantify the risks.

But they aren’t. In fact, there are only a small handful of doctors who are speaking out about this. These doctors run the risk of having their licenses revoked for not supporting the mainstream narrative.

Every thinking person in America should be outraged at the FDA, the CDC, and the medical community for suggesting that kids be vaccinated without clear and convincing risk-benefit mortality data.

But the American people trust and listen to their doctors. And the doctors say the vaccines are safe and effective and that I’m just a misinformation spreader that should be ignored. They will never debate any of us.

So that’s what the American people do: they trust their doctors, they trust the mainstream media, and they ignore what is happening in plain sight.

All of the deaths are just “unfortunate tragedies.” They even have a new name for it, “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.” The good news: it only affects those people who have taken a COVID vaccine.

The bottom line

Every parent should demand to see the mortality risk-benefit study for children before consenting to have their child vaccinated. It simply does not exist. Fauci even admitted it today!

Will the fact that there is no data change anything? Unfortunately not. The data doesn’t matter.

Most parents will not ask these questions. They will just do whatever their doctors tell them to do. If their doctors tell them masks work, they’ll wear a mask. If their doctors tell them to get vaccinated, they will get vaccinated. That’s the way it works.

Until the doctors get the courage to speak the truth and risk losing their job and their license to practice medicine for the rest of their life, nothing is going to change. Don’t hold your breath on that happening anytime soon.

Our best bet right now is if the Republicans take the Senate and Ron Johnson is re-elected. Then it’s all over.

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