Ideas to bolster our local economy — & yours

The main arguments of

— Financial, economic day of reckoning will hurt less if we bolster local economy

— Local economy is about self-determination, prudence, circumspection in dealings, personal relationships, favoring of local

— Conflict between national economy and local. (National relies on tax money, feds, coercion, compulsion. Local on grace, personal familiarity, trust, cooperation)

— Grace  and mutual interest are a foundation of capitalism

— Capitalism a fruit of Christianity because capitalism implies thinking imaginatively in the service of others.

— Death of god of politics

— Liberating power of Internet spells eventual doom of the centralized welfare state and breaking up of industrialism’s monopolies

Slogan: “Love your neighbor — shop local”

Original coinage: “Noogacentrism”

Quote: “Centralization produces apoplexy at the center and paralysis at the extremities.” — Hugues Felicité Robert de Lamennais