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More surplus violence: Coppinger mistates scope of court system’s limited ‘mask’ rules

The county courthouse in Chattanooga contains offices not subject to the Tennessee court system. But citing a judicial document, Mayor Jim Coppinger says chin diapers must be worn inside regardless of the expiry of the county’s chin diaper directive April 28. (Photo David Tulis)
The Hamilton County health department doles out thousands of jabs of an untested DNA-altering serum in local government’s role in violating the epidemic law despite notice of official misconduct. (Photo health department)

A participant in mass public fraud, Mayor Jim Coppinger cannot be expected to divulge news about the true state of affairs to the people in Hamilton County.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The most recent press release misrepresents the state of abuse the court system has imposed on the moofed people in Tennessee and Hamilton County. Mr. Coppinger makes the abuse worse than it really is, and broadens the chief justices’ claims of authority over buildings in which courts operate.

Spokesman Mike Dunne, citing a Feb. 12 supreme court order, No. ADM2020-00428, says in a press release the chin-diaper control that Mayor Coppinger ended against people in the county continues in the entirety of buildings where courts operate.

This means if you are entering or walking throughout the hallways of the historic Hamilton County Courthouse, the Hamilton County-Chattanooga Courts Building, Hamilton County Juvenile Court or any municipal building where legal proceedings are conducted, a mask will be required. 

Therefore, to obtain entrance to any local courthouses you will need a mask.

The order contradicts Mayor Coppinger’s claims. https://www.tncourts.gov/sites/default/files/docs/covid-19_revised_order_2-12-21.pdf

Three attempts to reach Mr. Dunne on Thursday failed, and he made no effort call back.

The halt of the erstwhile county mask mandate April 28 opens the courts buildings entirely. Mayor Coppinger misrepresents the court’s order that applies to courts and clerk’s offices, and to people who are entering the county buildings on court business.

Reporting and court action by this journalist regarding the CV-19 state of disaster brought to the high court’s attention its giant stretch in jurisdiction upon those not subject to its authority. The court system’s lawful authority in the constitution is exercised judicially. That means only in particular cases brought before the courts invoke its authority. No case, no authority to act. The court system has a second sort of authority. It has internal administrative authority over people in its system and the rules they follow internally as to administration and operations. But that’s not really power, just management.

Courts do not have any other kind of power. In the CV-19 disaster, however, they have arrogated to themselves authority denied under Tennessee law, and have closed the courts in violation of the bill of rights. “Judges are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that core constitutional functions and rights are protected,” they say, reducing the constitutional guarantees of the people of Tennessee to “core constitutional functions and rights.” 

We don’t have constitutional rights, but just “core constitutional *** rights,” and Justice Bivins et al pretend these are secure while people wait outside of court buildings across the state, with no port-a-potties to serve them, unable to watch proceedings, denied access even with chin diapers over their noses.

Misrepresenting court’s order

The press release in Chattanoogan.com cites a Feb. 12 order from the court, which does not say what Mr. Dunne reports.

The order says, “This order applies statewide to all courts and court clerks’ officers except administrative courts within the Executive Branch and federal courts and federal court clerks’ offices” in Tennessee. This language appears in other directives from chief justice Jeff Bivins and others.

The court system’s Dec. 7, 2020, order states, 

The Court orders that all persons who, for the purpose of conducting court-related business, enter a courthouse or other building in which court facilities are located, including judges, lawyers, parties, witnesses, court clerks, and court officers, shall have strictly complied with the current guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control regarding quarantine of individuals who might have been exposed to COVID-19 and isolation of persons who are infected with the virus.

This order applies to people pursuant to their intentions. If they are in a courts building “for the purpose of conducting” court-related business, these people are subject to the rule. The pivot is one’s subjective intentions, not the location or the person or his movement.

This edict is a narrowing of the rule, which here is described in its broadest form, covering all offices in a courts building, such as sheriff’s officers, tax assessors, county commissions, county clerks.

The following phrase is from a Dec. 22, 2020, order, noted above, with the reference to people entering for “purposes of court-related business.”

On December 7, 2020, the Court mandated compliance with CDC quarantine and isolation guidelines for persons entering courthouses or buildings in which court facilities are located for purposes of court-related business. 

Men and women in public office and employed by government have overthrown the government and turned the entire state into a breach of covenant. From Gov. Bill Lee to Mayor Coppinger to Becky Barnes, health department administrator, they are acting in personal capacity apart from their offices and apart from state law.

The misquoting of the supreme court’s orders to keep county court buildings under chin-diaper mandates is a picture of surplus violence the CV-19 disaster has created, serving state actors and continuing the humiliation and debasement of the people.

Surplus violence gains when law is ignored. It splatters across society in lawless “traffic stops,” in warrantless arrests, in the metasticizing cancer of medically-toned “public health” directives that hurl down due process protections and continue the process of turning the citizenry into cattle and mere humans.

It is time for the gospel of Jesus Christ to be wholly and faithfully preached in the churches, especially all that it says about civil authority and its duty to submit to equity and justice as God commands it to operate.

Mayor Coppinger has no duty whatsoever to enforce any rule by the court system — none. He is not subject to the court system apart from a case.

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