Webcaster Brad Barton, center, chats prior to a meeting of 26 people Thursday at Wally’s in East Ridge to organize resistance to state medical-flavored tyranny. (Photo David Tulis)

The goal of TN Neighbors for Liberty is to meet in person to respond to government overreach and educate others concerning the truth. We gain energy and support by being together.

By Glenda Pappu

We empower people to have a voice in their community, state and nation. Tennessee Neighbors for Liberty provides tools (including scripts) to equip members to speak up and have conversations with officials to effect change.

We have two projects.

  1. Get masks off of our school children NOW.
  2. Host a local area Health and Freedom Conference in the next couple of months.

Tennessee Neighbors for Liberty provides support for local Freedom minded group projects.
— Tennessee Coalition for Vaccine Choice is another local group working for health freedom.
— Chattanooga for Trump – Tony Rose – Another group Tennessee Neighbors would like to find ways to support.
— Informed Consent Action Network freedom@icandecide.org

Rhonda Smith of TN neighbors for liberty gives an interview at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM to Hayden Couvillon.


Tennessee Neighbors for Liberty is working to start an evening meeting for those who are unable to attend during the day.

Todd Starnes (radio talk show host) grilled Governor Lee about why he has jurisdiction over all counties, except for the “big 6”. Why is that? Lee says there is a statute. www.toddstarnes.com. Meeting attendee comment – Governor Lee’s Executive Order 77 gave those counties “emergency power” to make decisions like lockdowns and mask mandates locally. Then, he
signed Executive Order 80 renewing those powers.

Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 – Worldwide organizations are working together with the goal of 1-world order by 2030. This is what they do in Davos Switzerland. Glenda follows Chris Sky from Canada on Telegram.

What a great crowd and wonderful time we had Thursday at our group meeting.  Is it not energizing just to be together with other patriots and do you not get some extra confidence to stay in the fight and stand up for your God given rights against the tyranny we are facing?  Being together with all of you definitely energizes me.

The speaker Thursday at Wally’s restaurant in East Ridge was Brad Barton, who graduated from Baylor University with a masters in education. His early career was in the education field. He has transitioned to owning his own business. He moved to Chattanooga 12 years ago. Brad’s day-to-day priority has been time with his kids.

He said had no plan to get involved in all of “this.” A friend of his called him in November saying they needed him to share information with his more than 117,000 Facebook followers. Brad attended the rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 . FBI agents showed up at his house last week to interview him about that.

Brad is working to coordinate a big conference in the Chattanooga area. It’s tough to find a location that’s large enough and will not require masks. Dalton Convention Center is a possibility.

We have reached a breaking point. Conservatives have been quiet for too long. It’s time to DO something.

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