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Attorney general admits fruit of TN CV-19 fraud, not root

Jonathan Skrmetti, Tennessee attorney general, says the Covid-19 shots don’t halt transmission and are dangerous to otherwise healthy people. But he upholds the underlying fraud of his boss, Gov. Bill Lee, in ushering in a disaster that has taken the lives of more than 101,800 Tennesseans with little governmental response. (Photo attorney general’s office)

The state attorney general, Jonathan Skrmetti, whose office defends the fraud of Gov. Bill Lee over Covid-19, says now the CV-19 jab does not work and is harmful to public health.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

The claim is made in an administrative petition filed by Mr. Skremetti to repeal a CV-19 jab mandate imposed on millions of sickcare workers by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The powerful exercise of state-based disaster capitalism is responsible for more than 100,000 Tennessean deaths.

Mr. Skrmetti argues that state sovereignty prohibits the federal government from attempting to regulate public health.

“The IFR [interim final rule] also injures the Petitioner States because it purports to preempt their state and local laws on vaccines and the rights of their citizens. But even in states that don’t have laws the IFR would purport to displace, the IFR nevertheless regulates in areas that traditionally and exclusively belong to the states.

“Whether to compel vaccination is a quintessential public health measure that 19 states — not the federal government — must consider. The IFR, therefore, violates the Petitioner States’ sovereign right to enact and enforce their laws and to exercise their police power on matters such as compulsory vaccination.”

It is good to have the interests of the state of Tennessee defended against lawless authority from afar. 

His brief, signed with 20 other attorneys general, warns that the inoculations fail in that they don’t prevent transmission. This point is made redundantly, if not narrowly.

The admissions are refreshing, even breathtaking, that the defense department biowarfare project using an untested medical product that has already killed 101,800 Tennesseans is, well, harmful to people.

“Pfizer never tested its vaccine to see if it prevented transmission of COVID-19,” he says. “And when CMS issued the IFR, it didn’t know whether the vaccines would prevent COVID transmission. No data at the time conclusively demonstrated that the vaccines would prevent infection and transmission. Indeed, fully vaccinated individuals contracted and transmitted COVID-19.”

Mr. Skremetti goes on to say: 

That trend has continued — even with the introduction of first-generation boosters and the new, bivalent Omicron booster. This data merely confirms what CMS should have known in November 2021 — full vaccination doesn’t prevent infection or transmission. But that didn’t stop CMS from jamming through the IFR’s draconian vaccine mandate. Indeed, to purportedly stem the spread of the Delta variant — invoking supposed ‘emergency’ grounds to sidestep both notice-and-comment rulemaking and its obligation to consult with appropriate State agencies — CMS announced its unprecedented vaccine requirement on most staff in the medical industry.  

But Delta is long gone, replaced by the milder, more transmissible, Omicron variant. And vaccines have proven largely impotent to prevent COVID transmission.  A New York state judge recently declared that “[b]eing vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19.” Nor have added protections — uncontemplated by the IFR — helped: NIAIH Director Anthony Fauci had a breakthrough infection after receiving a second booster, and CDC Director Rochelle Wollensky had one after receiving an updated bivalent booster (which was designed to target Omicron).  Not only that, but studies have shown increased health risks associated with the vaccines. And yet, against the tide of overwhelmingly adverse data, the outdated emergency vaccine mandate remains in force. 

CMS relied on a purported emergency — the rapid spread of the Delta variant — to sidestep notice-and-comment rulemaking and impose the IFR on millions of healthcare workers, despite its own professed uncertainty at that time about whether the vaccines would prevent COVID transmission. Shortly after that, the Delta variant disappeared and with it the justification for the IFR. Rather than amend or repeal the IFR, federal authorities — including federal public health authorities — have simply walked back claims about the vaccines’ effectiveness in preventing transmission of the Omicron variant.

Mr. Skmetti notes that Tennessee and other states are feeling the effect of losing the best medical workers, those with principle enough and knowledge enough about vaccines and jabs to refuse to accept the shot.

Studies show that the compelled vaccination of millions of healthcare workers will not meaningfully limit COVID transmission. And Pfizer never tested the vaccine to determine if it was effective at preventing transmission. Even worse, the emergency vaccine mandate left healthcare facilities — already struggling to maintain needed staff ratios — in dire straits, further worsening staffing shortages in the healthcare sector, especially in rural and frontier states. Studies also show that the vaccines carry increased health risks among normally healthy populations. When paired with the vaccines’ lack of protection against symptomatic infection and transmission, these studies show that compelled vaccination was flawed from the start. [emphasis added]

Lee rejects law, and AG defends him

The Tennessee supreme court refuses to hear our petition for redress of grievance in Gov. Lee’s overthrow of constitutional government March 12, 2020, in his unfounded and lawless state of emergency.

My lawsuit, State ex rel. David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor of Tennessee, et al, generated an abominable opinion from the court of appeals, which rejects equity entirely and allows violation of state law by the two respondents, the other being a local official.

I caught them in their first wrong, violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104.

About this breach — one that brought the state into this greatest disaster in its history and its abrogation of the constitution and overthrow of lawful government — Mr. Skrmetti has no comment.

It matters not to this upholder of the law and of constitutional rights. The chief harm is that there exists no nonfraudulent exigency, necessity, requirement, warrant or lawful reason for a state of emergency for a slight variation in the annual cold. Gov. Lee’s acts were without a legal basis, and abrogated the rights of 7 million people, who thanked him for the abuse by re-electing him Nov. 8.

Says Hal Anthony, a mining law expert in Oregon who worked with me on the lawsuit 747 days in the court system before being rejected by the justices.

“Every official focuses now on and takes credit for exposing harm instead of failed duties of the state officials, or that the harm would not have been possible were the local officials to have followed the law, because, the injection didn’t meet the requirements of law regarding prevention and control and should have never been used regardless of any further parameter or even the actual existence or non-existence of any infectious agent.”

Adds Mr. Anthony, who gives a weekly broadcast Sundays 3 p.m. eastern time on RealLibertyMedia called Behind the Woodshed:

Or that these injections and other cell ”software” gene treatment are, as a matter of law, USC 50 and USC 18, prohibited chemical weapons which are looking for a viable secondary public benefit, i.e., dual-use, to avoid being prohibited and criminal. As long as officials focus on harms they allow this ”dual-use” by implication, but for the ‘rare’ harms; this is an insidious systemic organized criminality.


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