Fog bombers ignore 104,800 TN deaths in public interest

Mayor Tim Kelly, who paid Chattanoogans to take the mRNA genetic treatments, participates in an event promoting volunteer work. It appears Chattanooga received less dangerous lots of CV-19 jabs as there is less harm and death than have occurred in other parts of Tennessee. The FDA says 1.4 million Tennesseans report adverse side effects from the jab. (Photo mayor’s office)
This screengrab covers a jabbed footballer’s heart attack in the middle of a football game, from the Times Free Press’ website.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan. 17, 2023 — The death toll in Tennessee from the so called vaccines soars, and trusted news sources in my hometown remain silent.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

I worked 24 years as a copy editor at the Times Free Press. The editors and reporters in my old haunting ground newsroom have yet published the first word about the crazy jab death graphic nor the coffin count in this state of 7 million people.

The question to ask: Does the newspaper report on homicide cases before a perpetrator is put on trial and convicted? Does the paper report on bills filed in the general assembly only after they are approved in House and Senate? Does TV3 cover a fundraiser only after it has met the goal?

This graphic of VAERS jab death data includes death from other countries in the purported Covid-19 pandemic response by the U.S. government. (Graphic Openvaers.com)

After all, if we cannot nail down causality for sure, we probably don’t want to publish misinformation.

I suppose the rationale is that one cannot report the data and raise questions about safety and effectiveness of the Warp Speed pandemic safety measure. One cannot intelligently impute causality from the graphic. And, besides, VAERS is reports by people in the U.S. and other countries. That is: Self-reporting by doctors, nurses, survivors. It’s unreliable. Reporting that story would have a bad effect. Publicity about the death count would reduce uptake. Look at the uptake graphic, the TFP’d say, and see what we mean.

Graphic: Hamilton County health department https://health.hamiltontn.org/en-us/allservices/coronavirus(covid-19)/vaccine/vaccinedatadashboard.aspx

It would be irresponsible because one cannot connect death stats with consumption of the drug in every case. Editors don’t want reports to be misleading. Publishers worry about false inferences. Reporting vaccine deaths from VAERS on Page 1 or in the backside of the Metro section implies that people should be concerned, and the Times Free Press doesn’t want to be alarmist. 

Alison Gerber’s news crew want to avoid misinformation and false reporting, as federal government data about vaccine deaths on the FDA vaccine adverse reporting system is contributory to anti-vax sentiment, a danger to public health.

400 corpses in TN added past few days

The death count in Tennessee is at 104,800, the number having gone up from 104,400 over the weekend. This number at the FDA website is a real number, and is based on a URF of 100x (URF = underreporting factor).

What is the “stopping number” death count before federal officials halt the cockeyed military depopulation project and begin criminal investigations of the players? There isn’t such a stopping number. 

In all previous vaccine projects, the FDA ordered a halt to distribution at 50 deaths or a smaller number. There is for the mRNA deployment no stopping number.

So, similarly, there is no death count too high for the fog bombers to decide to begin coverage.

Indeed, homicides are reported as murder investigations the hour a body is found. TV crews line up on the far side of the yellow crime scene plastic tape. A death is reported as a homicide even though the perp remains unknown.

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