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Hamilton panel 100% accepting of CV-19 narrative in early stages of disaster

Jeff Bivins, formerly chief justice of the Tennessee supreme court, accepts a gift can opener from two women representing the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services in Nashville. They are thanking him for his innovations and opening a new can of worms in the CV-19 pandemic. (Photo AOC)

Tim Boyd, noted as the taxpayer watchdog on the Hamilton County commission, indicates there is little prospect for change in the county’s role in the state’s “pandemic” mitigation efforts alleged in a lawsuit to be admitted fraud.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

Tim Boyd is a convinced backer of the CV-19 jab, labeled universally as a vaccine, and says he is convinced by his son’s research as an employee of drugmaker Pfizer.

Mr. Boyd says there is no debate about “it being an evil wrong being done against the people” (as I put it) on the commission. The commission gets regular reports from the health department, and that kind of material is all the representatives of the people have considered.

“I’m a real pro-vaccine kind of guy,” Mr. Boyd says. “My son was involved with Pfizer releasing his research model. His research was involved in speeding up the research on Covid, and he’s given me all kinds of efficacy results to prove it helps prevent deaths.”

In a phone conversation, I tell him the commission has “not done its duty” to defend the public, and in that “you’re not on the taxpayers side on this one,” so “where are we wrong? How is it that we’re wrong?” I request the commission’s perspective. The commission “is not stopping the project, stopping the PCR tests, and continues daily to assume liability in this,” I tell Mr. Boyd. “Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we’re wrong — the half of the people who refuse to get the shot about the [county] corporation’s situation and perspective. I do name the commissioners in my analysis. What does the commission say?”

Tim Boyd, county commissioner

Indicating he is speaking “personally” and not as a commissioner, “I believe in the vaccine.” He refers to a “very, very good friend of mine,” Dr. Dennis Bizzoco, an “anti-vaxxer” who died Sunday of CV-19. Dr. Bizzoco was a persistent critic of the CV-19 project, and a supporter of award-winning and widely used remedies suppressed by the medical and political establishment.

“He got it and he died within three weeks.” Mr. Boyd’s connection with Dr. Bizzoco, a podiatrist, was professional, as they designed and patented a gait analysis device.

“I believe in the research, Dave, and, frankly, I’m tired of talking about it. I’m tired of talking about the Covid. If you want to get the vaccine, fine. If you don’t want to wear a mask, that’s OK. I’m going to wear a mask, and I’ve got the vaccine, and I’m going to get a booster. And you can do your own thing.”

This journalist put a remonstrance against the CV-19 fraud and harm before the commission, and made an address denouncing its role in the fraudulent PCR test and the untested Covid-19 shot project put forth by global elites and the for-profit vaccine industry, with near-universal cooperation by national and local governments around the world.

In Tennessee, the shots project is in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, which requires a determination be made of the agent of contagion of any disease thought to be spreading in a county. The law was ignored by state and local officials, and constitutes a mass harm, a mass torn, a mass violation of the felony official misconduct statute in Title 39, and an overthrow of fiduciary duty by elected and hired public servants, according to my petition for writ of mandamus and equity filed Oct. 2, 2020.

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