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Mayor hopefuls unlikely to stand firm in next crisis

Matt Hullander is one of three mayor candidates in the GOP primary May 3. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., March 21, 2022 — The three Hamilton County mayor candidates are of one opinion. The overthrow of Tennessee government institutions in 2020 is not a major issue, not a big deal.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

Matt Hullander, Weston Wamp and Sabrena Smedley appear ill-prepared for future emergencies likely to be foisted on us country rubes and durn fools in Tennessee by our biosecurity elites, with their federal governments, wargamed terror events, their presstitute-aided psyops and their FBI agent teams like the one harassing a Cleveland, Tenn., homeschool mom Jessica Hedgcock who dared make inquiries into grand jury powers and the bonds guaranteeing good government by local officials into a second full year of fraud in violation of T.C.A.§ 68-5-104. 

The jab in Hamilton County is having evil effects not identified by any county government official or agency — yet. Encouraged by a fraud-admitting local health department, local schools participated in the jab, which is known globally to cause heart problems, especially among teen males and young men. (Graphic

Hullander-Wamp-Smedley seem unable to see or hear the global news thread that connects the Hamilton County and TN scorched-earth rule of Jim Coppinger’s health department and the decrees of Gov. Bill Lee with the revolutionary apparatus intended to neutralize constitutional government and give powerful sway to abuser class elites such as Great Resetter Klaus Schwab, billionaire philanthrocapitalist Bill Gates, the bioterror operations of supposed public health entities such as NIH and NIAID and CDC, which worked alongside the FDA to suppress real treatments for disease to promote racketeer druglords at Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and AstraZeneca.

Unalloyed extralegal power

They seem unable to admit that in the past two years, the secret hierarchies in our ostensibly democratic republic and union showed their strength, their unalloyed extralegal power.

As this demonstration subsides, they appear willing to accept resumption of the pretense that counties and other government entities in the hinterlands have self-determination. Last week, Mr. Wamp and Mrs. Smedley talked about “fighting crime.” They make much of vocational schooling.

To avoid controversy, mayoral hopefuls don’t see maladministration, official misconduct and crime in the means by which Covid-19 played out here. They recount how the times were tough for them, but now how they were illegal, a breathtaking breach of oath by office holders who either acted or quietly went along.

The campaign trio offer largely personal guarantees that they would not impose a lockdown in the future. At the Calvary Chapel debate they told how they were hurt by the lockdown (Smedley), dealt creatively with the shutdown (Hullander) or vociferously FB’d and Tweeted opposition to the gubernatorial and mayoral overthrow (Wamp). Thus, we are to understand, they would not cooperate in any repeat.

They rely not on law and constitution to promise no repeat. They offer personal guarantees, personal words and good intentions. Mrs. Smedley said she’d pray if confronted with a similar situation (consulting God) but said nothing about consulting the state supreme law or statute.

All three share a Christian background and are church members. But none have studied Romans 13, nor apparently been taught true things about that key passage by St. Paul about the holy role of the magistrate (public official).

How far does goodwill go?

None is willing to “throw Jim Coppinger under the bus,” a phrase more than one used.

In denying the evils of the past two years, the mayor candidates reject the concept of antithesis – that of black and white, goats and sheep, tares and wheat. If they don’t condemn Messrs. Lee and Coppinger, they don’t understand the coup ordained by Dr. Fauci et al. They are likely to be rolled over by another panic, just as Mr. Coppinger was. Americans suffered the bogeyman of Muslim terrorism 20 years; now we face 20 years of police state growth premised on biosecurity and viral containment. Mr. Coppinger refused to consult with state law in going along with violation of T.C.A. § 68-5-103, obedience to which would have protected “safety, liberty, and happiness of the people,” to quote Patrick Henry.

They rely not on law and constitution to promise no repeat. They offer personal guarantees, personal words and good intentions.

That law – the key communicable disease law in Tennessee with its key provision at 102 words – allows for public health authorities to act while doing no harm to prosperous local economy and liberty. Messrs. Hullander and Wamp and Mrs. Smedley do not propose that we can rely on them to secure us within the law, and in terms of the law.

Hence, for them, their best offer: Their personal word and goodwill promises.

Mr. Wamp rates a 3 and the others rate a 2 in a 1-10 scale. Mr. Wamp is a man who has read and understands federalism and some of the implications of it. But his forefinger is rubbing up and down the trigger guard and the receiver. He’s not finding the trigger, the explosive part of federalism.

That is the thing not taught in the local Baptist church. The doctrine of Romans 13 and the lesser magistrate, a real defense and a real weapon in the hands of free people for liberty and self-determination. The churches where the candidates are members have taught nothing about limits on the monarch, the duty of the judge, the locus for executive authority in a biblical sense, or  the role of the magistrate to harass and terrorize the wicked and applaud the good. Churches leave alone the entire public world and focus on enhancing personal piety; none take seriously the application of God’s law to public office and state/national polity.

If Mr. Wamp were to read further, and study more, he might improve his public statements to include references to state laws made by man, and divine law, made by God. The trigger is the role of the lesser magistrate defending the near over the far, the local over the national, the simple over the complex. Mr. Hullander and Mrs. Smedley do not appear to have heard of this concept.

Falling short in their own Bible study, and hearing no words from the pulpit about the limits on governing authority, the future mayor of Hamilton County, pop. about 350,000, will have to rely on his or her own feelings, his own gut, his life experiences and his strong feelings about steps to take when, once more, a panic appears to require throwing the law and the constitution out the window.


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