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Lee ‘state of state’ ignores 106,700 deaths, sees ‘bright future’

Gov. Bill Lee gives the 2023 state of the state speech

Gov. Bill Lee in his state of the state speech to the general assembly gives no hint of future abuses of the national biosecurity state set for Tennessee and the other 49 states, which project appears to be in trouble thanks to vax resistance and the rising death toll. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

His speech makes no mention of the more than 1.334 million reportable adverse reactions to his “Covid-19 vaccines” nor the death toll at 106,700 souls, based on 1067 reports and a 100x underreporting factor. VAERS has 931,816 reports of U.S. adverse events through January 273, with 16,717 deaths.

“Our investments in public education, workforce development, safe schools – and our commitment to freedom and families – have all earned national recognition.” 

➤ No comment on the evils of national bank scrip circulating as money, the effect of that being debasement of all savings and capital in Tennessee. But a weak response: “Last August, we gave Tennessee families a one-month break from grocery taxes, to provide relief amid nationwide inflation. We should do that again this year, but let’s extend it to three consecutive months.”

➤ He proposes one “Homeland Security Agent” in each of the state’s 95 counties because such agents “specialize in preventing acts of violence and terrorism. *** We’ve done a lot to make schools safer, but I don’t want to look up months from now and think – we should’ve done more.” 

➤ To further pillage by police officers in rural areas, whose residents dread state troopers, “We added 100 Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers in the budget last year,” Gov. Lee says. “This year, again, we’re adding 100 more troopers.”

We must continue to have a voice in national security when the safety of Tennesseans is at stake.

Gov. bill lee

➤ Despite the embarrassment of children forced to stay in hospitals and sleep in state office buildings, the state maintains a prospering human trafficking business and is seeking to find foster famlies. Gov. Lee cites improvements in the mismanagement of  Department of Children’s Services. “We’ve built a team ***  ready to move forward and provide better services. Our new commissioner, Margie Quin, brings decades of expertise working with the most vulnerable populations in Tennessee, through her service with the TBI and anti-human trafficking non-profits. With Commissioner Quin at the helm, we’ve already hired dozens of new, qualified caseworkers. DCS caseworkers have an incredibly difficult job, and they deserve our support. Last year, we provided two pay raises for caseworkers, and I intend to boost their pay again in this budget.” 

Higher funding in its F$1 billion budget will “provide for the safety and well-being of Tennessee children.”

Source: https://www.tn.gov/governor/sots/2023-state-of-the-state-address

“Because our state is leading, the nation has great expectations for us. What will future generations say about Tennessee in the year 2023 and beyond?” Yes. I wonder.

“Whether we’re protecting against the influence of the Chinese Communist Party or the dangers of a drug crisis stemming from an open border,” the governor says, “we must continue to have a voice in national security when the safety of Tennesseans is at stake. We will never stop investing in the safety of Tennesseans.”

TFB meets fog quota

The state establishment narrative touted by the Times Free Press (Times Fog Bomber, how about?) and other media is not about rising harms and a stricken population. Rather a different emphasis: You may have to pay for your own CV-19 shots, and pay your own CV-19 tests.

The Times Free Press, where I worked 24 years, since 2016 has degraded into a sales platform for establishment “narratives.”

“Most people with private insurance have faced out of pocket costs for COVID-19 treatments for sometime now, but those on Medicare and Medicaid have not, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Medicare beneficiaries could face more costs after May 11, while people on Medicaid will keep receiving pharmaceutical treatments with no cost sharing through September 2024, KFF said.” 

After the federal state of emergency ends, people who want “recommended vaccinations at no cost” will have look at their network plans.

‘Something very, very serious that is happening’

➤ The number of deaths occurring in Ireland is now significantly higher than the number the country experienced both before and during the spread of COVID-19, prompting opposition politicians to call for a full investigation into the cause, LifeSiteNews is reporting.

Figures obtained on RIP.ie and analyzed by the mainstream Irish Examiner show deaths were 42% higher from 1 December 2022 to 25 January 2023 (9,718 deaths) compared to the 8 weeks to 25 January 2019 (6,802 deaths).  

Deaths have risen 20% compared to the same period a year ago, while they are 19% higher than figures from that period two years ago when Ireland was entering another lockdown before Christmas 2020 and rolling out its vaccination program in early 2021. 

The leader of opposition party Aontú told Newstalk Breakfast the figures indicate “something very, very serious that is happening”. 

Latypova findings in nutshell

Here is Sasha Latypova’s talk in Stockholm, Jan. 22. The sum of her report is pseudo-legal infrastructure that the U.S. clicks into place to bring about a military operation by government against the population.

Sasha Latypova breaks the story of the U.S. government’s military operation against the people in the 50 states, presumably to kill many of them and cause mass harm and injury.

Watt explains how TN, other states fell

This 16-minute presentation explains, in Katherine Watt’s best form, her findings about the legal structure that has enabled the U.S. government to “legally” cause mass harm and mass death via its pretended “Covid-19” mitigation mRNA injections.

Want to hear researcher Watt now

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