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Skrmetti gripes at hoary EUA; AG ignores Lee fraud, TN corpses

Congressional edits in federal law give an absolute absolulion to federal employees, contractors and volunteers who inject the intended-to-cause harm Covid-19 jabs into the arms of the citizenry. This is a criminal pseudo-legal superstructure that operates protectively, it appears, of Gov. Bill Lee, who admits fraud and violation of state law that, had it been obeyed, would have saved tens of thousands of Tennessee lives taken by the federal military operation across the globe. (Photo David Tulis)
Page 1 of the attorneys general letter to U.S. House leader Kevin McCarthy demanding review of federal law used to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions around the world in a carefully crafted military and industrial program.

CHATTANOOGA,  Tenn., Feb. 3, 2023 – Attorney general Jonathan Skrmetti is demanding that the Biden administration be made to immediately halt its state of emergency in the erstwhile “Covid-19 pandemic.”

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Jonathan Skrmetti

Mr. Skrmetti is defending Gov. Bill Lee who has admitted fraud in violating the state infectious disease law and has not yet made a determination of the agent of contagion in the purported medical illness in Tennessee

Mr. Skrmetti will defend the governor-in-fraud’s office and person in creating a fraudulent biosecurity state if the U.S. supreme court accepts my petition for a hearing in State ex rel. Tulis v. Lee. Gov. Lee’s jab project has taken 106,100 Tennessee lives, as reported by the federal government’s jab injury website, VAERS. The gang of prosecutors are oddly silent about the bodycount, as if the hard data among numerous medical databases is irrelevant. VAERS indicates 1.33 million cases of side effects and harms short of death.

Mr. Skrmetti joins 14 other attorneys general demanding GOP House leader  Kevin McCarthy “modify, clarify, and rescind the emergency-use authorization authority” used by FDA and other ostensible health regulators to deliver the U.S. “response” to the CV-19.

A call today before noon to the attorney general’s media office for comment was not returned at press time.

Link to attorneys general letter

The letter by the sharpest political lawyers in 15 states fails to establish that there has been not “valid grounds for claiming a state of medical emergency due to COVID,” which phrase is used in the letter. My case before SCOTUS says there are no “valid grounds” for the evoking of police power upon people en masse, apart from due process. The letter presumes the CV-19 project is medical, and even snipes at the U.S. drug kingpin Anthony Fauci for getting Covid “vaccinated, boosted, and boosted again. *** Repeatedly.” — the retired bureaucrat having suffered, apparently, from CV-19. It shows the official position of CV jabs is one of healthy skepticism: “Nor do the vaccines assist in diagnosing or treating COVID.” 

Skrmetti goes on to say:

HHS and FDA continue to misuse the authority granted to the agencies for times of emergency. In particular, they continue to rely on emergency powers to justify numerous uses of novel vaccines that are not only failing to halt the transmission of COVID, but are also exposing young people (who are least likely to be harmed by COVID) to unnecessary risks. And while some vaccines have received full approval for some uses, shockingly, as recently as last month, FDA is still invoking its emergency use authorization authority to push vaccines out to infants. “The pandemic is over,” according to President Biden. Yet, despite the President’s proclamation, his Administration continues to operate under emergency authorities. (emphasis added)

AGs in fog on military operation

The attorneys general refer to a military terminology reported part of the jab manufacturing contracts. That’s a reference to “covered countermeasures” indicating, according to reporting by Katherine Watt and others, is not a health vaccine, but a weapons system. The shots project is not under control of FDA or NIAID, but the department of defense.

Federal law erects around the department of defense project a form of legal and religious absolution – immunity from claims of crime or tort. Mr. Skrmetti is not happy at this prospect. He wants Mr. McCarthy to have congress review

exceptionally broad liability protections which were enacted in 2005 in the form of the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act, 42 U.S.C. § 247d–6d. While some form of claims limitation may be appropriate to ensure America has a robust domestic supply of vaccines and other medical products, the PREP Act is particularly sweeping in scope. By its terms, it provides immunity to all state and federal claims for loss from vaccines and other “covered countermeasures” under emergency declarations by the HHS Secretary; purports to insulate the Secretary’s actions under the Act from all federal and state judicial review, including mandamus; and separately preempts “any provision of [state] law or legal requirement” that might bring accountability for “covered persons” whose actions in the area of vaccines and other measures may harm the states’ citizens. Particularly in light of this Administration’s willingness to embrace a neverending state of emergency, it is clear that the PREP Act deserves reconsideration and possible reform. (emphasis added)

The AGs, ignoring their own states’ laws as Mr. Skrmetti is ignoring his, speak as if they believe the state of emergency is a medical premise. 

Alabama attorney general Steve Marshall drafts the letter. Co-signers are from Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.

Lee waives right to fight SCOTUS entry petition

Gov. Lee waives his right to contest my petition for writ of certiorari in the U.S. supreme court, convinced the justices will refuse the case, as they do 99 percent of those filed. If the court takes the case, Gov. Lee will fight back by briefs and oral hearings. Local official Becky Barnes also waives her right to contest the petition to get into SCOTUS.

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