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City puts officers’ necks on line if it doesn’t revise traffic stop procedure

Officers of the East Ridge, Tenn., police department tend to a crime scene. (Photo

A widely accepted practice by Tennessee’s legal establishment against the people is the enforcement of traffic laws against individuals who are not subject to those statutes.

Those least able to handle this abusive state activity at the hand of East Ridge police department are African-Americans, Hispanic immigrants and the poor who are swept into city court and Hamilton County’s jails. Many have had driver licenses revoked for inability to pay court costs.

 By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

By giving the city an administrative notice about the limits of the law, I am encouraging East Ridge to update its police traffic stop protocol.

A key point for the city to remember is the legal distinction between travel and transportation.

Travel is by individual men and women for pleasure or private business under the constitution’s protection. To exercise any of your God-given unalienable and inherent rights, you have to be able to travel freely and apart from anyone’s permission or the payment of any tax.

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