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Were courts misled by Lee in 2020 panic? Or are judges willing party in mass fraud?

Justice Jeff Bivins holds a gift can opener from an admirer hailing his leadership during the Covid-19 shutdown of the court system, in violation of the Tennessee constitution. (Photo AOC)
A pickup loaded with trash is parked in front of the Tennessee courts building in Knoxville, the judges of which rule against my petition for writ of mandamus to restore constitutional government. (Photo Google)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., June 9, 2022 — Tennessee courts have participated in the shutdown of government that is now eased.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

The court system did so willingly, ignorantly, because it was misled and deceived, a victim as is this journalist, relator in the action now seeking relief from the high court. 

Or — or the court system acted willingly and complicity, in league with the executive branch in its overthrow.

If victim, Justices Jeff Bivens et al relied on a true accounting and report from respondent Lee. It had full faith in his administration, in his health commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey and her entire medical, administrative and legal staff.

The court also trusted Gov. Lee and one of its own people, that the attorney general, Herbert Slatery III, to keep the government upon proper course. If victim, the court relied in good faith on Gov. Lee to obey Title 68. Up until Oct. 2, 2020, the court system did not know the governor failed to obey title 68, and in good faith relied on his findings and his executive orders. Though Gov. Lee made no public statements and issued no reports about the pathogen, its lethality, the chain and mode of transmission, etc., the court expected respondent Lee to have obeyed the law. It went along with its own orders, naturally concerned for the health and welfare of the people of Tennessee facing this new form of the flu, and issued limits in hopes of protecting public health, safety and welfare.

Court as ally in fraud

On the other hand, the court may have acted willingly, intentionally and knowingly in respondent Lee’s admitted violation of state law. 

This analysis is as follows: The court system got notice Oct. 2, 2020, by my lawsuit and its exhibits in Hamilton Count chancery of fraud and deceit, duly and properly informed of executive branch misfeasance and oppressive acts.

But in bad faith, in evil design, the judicial system of state of Tennessee did not care that Gov. Lee was rejecting the law. And so it felt free to act in violation of its own rules, even Rule 49 regarding emergency and continuity of government. Relator has called out the governor for his abusive act, and the judiciary branch refuses to immediately compel respondent Lee to obey the law, implicitly bringing to an end its cooperative allied and complicit acts.

When the supreme court Nov. 3, 2020, ruled it would not hear petitioner’s emergency plea for mandamus after a grievance regarding “rogue” Judge Pamela Fleenor, it set no requirements for Judge Fleenor by which to correct her.

She continued to trifle with state of Tennessee on relation 201 days, and to deny issuance of an emergency writ that is her ministerial duty to execute immediately. She issued four orders of denial of my claims and protections of the law

The high court, when in God’s providence it gets my petition for a hearing, will have the chance to disengage itself from the fraud in which it has involved itself, a racketeering influenced corrupt organization fraud in which wheel it has become a spoke.

The mid-level court, in its 32-page ruling against the state and her people, made a real mess of the state’s jurisprudence that I plan to ask the supreme court to clean up.

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