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Jab disaster’s solid results seen in ‘kids dying young’ obits in Chattanooga area

Top row from left, Stephanie Mays dies at 61; Justin Welzenbach dies 21; Sharry McHan dies at 62; Brenda Neill dies at 63; bottom row from left, Julia Morgan dies at 62; Debra Johnson dies at 61; Jerry Carver dies at 55; and Janies Parker dies at 61. Obituaries rarely state cause of death, but there’s better than a 70 percent chance of these people perishing from the jab, as marketing and coercion prodded a 70 percent “update” of the jabs, each good one containing 40 trillion units of mRNA or DNA, according to genetic researcher Dr. Kevin McKernan. (Photos Chattanoogan.com, funeral homes)

Christi Martin dies of a cancer that made appearance about the time the nation gets a vaccine “rescue” from CV-19. (Photo Martin family at GoFundMe)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., The inoculation for the fraudulent “Covid-19 pandemic,” as it’s called, is proving lethal to tens of thousands of people in the area, as many as 17 million people around the globe, according to report. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

In Tennessee, the death toll is 136,001, and injury reports put through the URF calculator are 1.423 million, according data on the aggregator site OpenVAERS.com, based on the vaccine adverse event reporting system run by the FDA.

Dr. Denis Raincourt, speaking at a jab summit in Bucharest, Romania, Nov. 18 says 17 million souls “were killed by the vaccine.” The New Zealand health department data leak puts death rates at 1 per 1,000 shots. The shots are not vaccines, but created by the U.S. military under OTAs, or other transaction authorities, and are correctly called “EUA countermeasures,” according to Sasha Latypova, a former drug industry insider who broke the story about the federal government global project. ‡

Andre Braugher

Continually, noted people are perishing. On Monday, actor Andre Braugher, 61, died from lung cancer, that erupted suddenly against him. He won an Emmy in 1998 for his role in “Homicide: Life on the Street.”

The obituaries in the Chattanooga area reflect a widespread death from poisoning by federal, state and local government denied acknowledgement by any public official in the Chattanooga area. If Dr. Michael Metcalfe, medical examiner of Hamilton County, Tenn., is to be believed by virtue of his silence, not the first person has even gotten sick from this profitable project of industrial disaster capitalism.

EUA countermeasures vs. natural death

I make no claim about cause of death in the local obituary list, except to say that the age of people dying outside of car wrecks and industrial mishaps is markedly declining.

➤ Jose Cruz Casas Fraire, 59, of Dalton, Ga., dies Dec. 7 “surrounded by family.” He was born in Santa Clara Durango in Mexico.

➤ Others are Deborah Malcheski, 63, Dalton, who died at at Erlanger medical center Dec. 5. 

➤ Sharry Lynn McHan, 62, married, dies amid a career at Shaw Industry plant No. 81 where she “worked diligently.”

➤ Gerald Lebron Snead, 65, of Cleveland, Tenn., dies Dec. 6 at a local hospital. He had worked for Westvaco (Weyerhaeuser) and in manufacturing 30 years. He liked to watch football games.

➤ Stephanie Mays of Calhoun, Ga., dies at 61 on Dec. 4. She’d been married 40 years to a husband, Kenneth.

➤ Julia Ann Morgan of Lookout Mountain, Ga., dies at 67 “with her family by her side.” “If you were a stranger, you wouldn’t be for long. Julia loved he Lord. Her lie was a testimony of how to walk in His light and be a faithful servant to his plan.” She “cherished [husband] Ronald” and “spoiled him entirely too much.”

➤ “Proverbs 31 woman” Christi Annette Martin of Cleveland, Tenn., dies at 54 on Dec. 1. She perished in hospice care after contracting non-smoking lung disease in late 2020 that “progressed severely” until her death. She was a “classic, elegant and creative” woman and ran a wedding decoration business while rearing two daughters, Ashley and Emma Grace. “She helped brides develop a vision or their perfect day with no detail ignored.” Jabs were rolled out late 2020 and hit fullbore early 2021.

➤ Jerry Lorain Carver, 55, dies “unexpectedly” Dec. 6. She loved gaming, Lego building and watching TV. She met her husband Thomas in middle school and “began a relationship in high school that spanned almost four decades.” Friends knew the couple as “Tom ’n’ Jerry.”

➤ Debra C. Johnson, 61, of South Pittsburg, Tenn., dies Dec. 10. She was a member of the Orme Mountain Church of God who “enjoyed shopping and watching old movies.  She loved watching hummingbirds, her cat and most of all spending time with her family.  She also loved her job, taking care of little kids.”

➤ Darrell “Dari” Wanna Kleine Lavender, 64, of Dalton “departed this life” Dec. 13 “at her residence surrounded by her loving family.”

➤ Brenda Mae Neill, 63, married with three children, dies Dec. 10 in a Knoxville hospital. The Athens, Tenn., native was a member of Sweetwater Church of Christ. She gardened and took photographs.

➤ Erlanger Health Group phlebotomist Janice Kay Black Parker, 61, dies on a Sunday night, Dec., 9, at her house in Chickamauga, Ga., surrounded by her children and loved ones. The widow had eight grandchildren. “When she was able, Kay found solace in attending church where she made countless friends who became an extension of her beloved family. For nearly five decades, she was devoted to her faith as a member of the Holiness community; it was this deep faith that inspired Kay to care for others during their time of need.” 

➤ Ronald Roberson, 51, of Resaca, Ga., “departed this life” Dec. 11 at Advent Redmond Hospital. 

➤  Kathy Sue Stewart, 61, of Dalton dies Dec. 11 at Advent Gordon Hospital in Calhoun at 1035 Red Bud Rd NE.  

‡ Mrs. Latypova, responding to a Reuters “fact checker,” says in an email: Since you are in the business of fact checking, I would like to point out that you are spreading false and misleading information by calling the injections “vaccines” while their true legal status in US law is “EUA Countermeasures“, a non-investigational, non-pharmaceutical substance.  I invite you to read section 564 of FD&C Act, and also USC360bbb -3(k), which states the following: 21 USC 360bbb-3(k): “If a product is the subject of an authorization under this section, the use of such product within the scope of the authorization shall not be considered to constitute a clinical investigation for purposes of section 355(i), 360b(j), or 360j(g) of this title or any other provision of this chapter or section 351 of the Public Health Service Act [42 U.S.C. 262].” A non-investigational chemical entity can never be used in legal clinical research (a human subject investigation) and thus can never become an approved pharmaceutical vaccine. 


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