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Urge justices to give unjust judge Pam Fleenor deadline on CV-19 case

Jay Hill visits Nashville to protest abuses by Gov. Bill Lee to violate the Tennessee code and the Tennessee constitution in a pretended public health crisis, one in which no viral agent or agent of contagion has been found, abrogated the rights of the people to commerce, travel and to honest government services. (Photo Jay Hill)
Jay Hill is sending a letter to the Tennessee supreme court, asking its five members to reconsider the David Tulis grievance against Hamilton County chancery judge Pamela Fleenor, who has sat on the CV-19 mandamus case 88 days, allowing gross fraud unabated. (Photo Jay Hill)

The Tennessee Supreme Court is getting from me a new grievance in a fight to end the CV-19 state of emergency for which I ask support.

Write brief letter to:

Chief Justice Jeff Bivins

TN Supreme Court

401 7th Ave. North

Nashville, TN 37219-1407

My request for supervision of Hamilton County chancery court focuses on abuse by Pamela Fleenor, an unjust judge, who has had my case nearly 100 days. She should have issued a writ of mandamus within 10 days of getting the case.

The writ of mandamus will end the state of emergency. It will require Gov. Bill Lee and administrator Becky Barnes to obey Tennessee law at TCA 68-5-104, which they have brazenly violated and ignored in order to have a pandemic pseudo-emergency and fraud with incalculable personal and economic losses. They have failed to isolate, diagnose and determine the cause or viral agent of the condition they call Covid-19. They’re making up all mitigation measures as they go, sowing panic and depression. Write a letter to the justices. Demand action on pleadings. Ask the justices to give Fleenor a deadline.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Mandamus requires immediate action. It brooks no delay. It’s nonoptional in such cases as mine of huge public and compelling state interest.

Points to make in your letter

— You have been injured by the emergency declaration of March 12. Give a detail or two.

— Mandamus is an emergency petition requiring instant action, especially when officials are violating the law, admit doing so, and don’t deny it.

— Equity and justice require honest government services and a halt immediately to all lawless actions upon healthy people.

— Law allows police power to be applied upon the sick only, not upon the general population that is healthy.

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