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Jab flak gets gab job as Kelly pads payroll

Mayor Tim Kelly hires a promoter of lethal industrial products to help him sell One Chattanooga to voters and taxpayers. (Photo Mayor’s Office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn, July 23,  2022 — Propaganda proved so powerful in the Covid-19 pandemic, as it’s called, that Mayor Tim Kelly has hired an CV-19 insider to create “a comprehensive and innovative communications strategy to help educate and engage residents through the lens of the Kelly administration’s goals and priorities,” a seeming vortex letting no one escape mayoral goodwill.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

Kirsten Yates is “senior advisor for communications and digital strategy” and will run his marketing desk for One Chattanooga, based on communitarianism and post-political philosophies toward a greener, brighter and healthier future.

Kirsten Yates

The flak for government-authorized inoculations at CDC, according to the mayor’s office, promises “accurate, timely, and transparent information about issues impacting their communities.”

As Ellis Smith, who heads Mr. Kelly’s special projects, says, “Yates comes to the city with more than 12 years of experience leading communications for dynamic government programs, multifaceted social marketing campaigns, as well as crisis and emergency responses. She spent more than eight years in various leadership roles at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including two recent deployments to lead communications for major federal COVID-19 vaccine distribution programs and the agency’s vaccine effectiveness research efforts.”

So successful has the Centers for Disease Control been at marketing jabs since 2020 that 856 Tennesseans have said “Yes!” and perished from side-effects. 

The FDA’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, or VAERS, reports that 12,384 harms have been reported in Tennessee, including 856 jab deaths. The underreporting factor is between 41x and 100x. The Harvard-Pilgrim study says underreporting in the system is 100x. Calculations by Vaccine Safety Research Council’s Steve Kirsch and others use the lower number. Therefore, total Covid-19 shot deaths in Tennessee are between 35,096  and 85,600 men, women, boys and girls. Reducing deaths from the use of industrial products is no longer a federal government policy, and Mrs. Yates has helped cart the former policy offstage.

City government has fully cooperated with the project in disaster capitalism, even bribing residents with federal dollars to get the jab and enter a raffle for F$1,000 checks.

Jane Hudson and is one of 20 people delighted to receive F$1,000 checks for having “gotten vaccinated.” (Photo mayor’s office)
Mayor Tim Kelly describes Kirsten Yates, his new spokeswoman, has having helped “some of our nation’s most important communications challenges,” winning acceptance of the most dangerous medical product in world history. This chart shows self-reported deaths and injuries from the federal Covid-19 great reset.(Graphic Openvaers.com)

Prior to joining the Kelly administration, Yates was a deputy of a “new, multi-million dollar healthcare infection control education and partnership collaborative” at CDC, Mr. Smith says.

Mrs. Yates studied university-level public health, and “focused on how to effectively use communication and education principles to motivate positive behavior change in communities.”

Says Mr. Kelly, ““Kirsten has worked on some of our nation’s most important communications challenges and brings a tremendous amount of communications leadership and experience to our team and our city,” said Kelly. “I know she will play a vital role in keeping our residents informed, elevating our city across the nation, and engaging every part of our community. That’s why I am excited and grateful that she will be sharing her expertise and heart for public service.”

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