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Fleenor writ of mandamus will still sandstorm of lawless acts

God’s people gather at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church in Hamilton County, Tenn., where a church member — a chancery court judge — has power to end a state-caused economic, social, political and legal disaster of an illegal state of emergency. (Photo Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church)
Frank Hitchings is senior associate pastor at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church in Southeast Tennessee, which has care for the soul of Pamela Fleenor, a chancery court judge in Hamilton County who has charge of ending the Coronavirus-19 state-caused disaster starting March 12. (Photo Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church)
Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Tennesseans are in a Sahara dust storm and we cannot see three feet in front of us.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Deafened by a roar, we are buffeted by wind of government abuse, needled by the grit of “mask mandates,” dysfunctional rules, edicts and harassment by staff people at the children’s doctor and bullying imposed on hardware store customers out of dread of local health departments. 

Our eyes are bloodshot — all that red ink in our affairs is in our lungs coming up our chests and necks and dribbling into our optics.

We cannot stop coughing out apologies for late payments and the overdue rent, and people like teenager Summer Essex in Harrison have continual headaches from “the mask.”

We cannot see ahead. We cannot breathe. Under CV-19 despotism, every function of life seems unlubricated, dried out and harsh.

I am in court in your defense, demanding a writ of mandamus to order lawless city and county employees to obey the Tennessee code and undo their revolution against our rights.

Issuance of the writ of mandamus means that when Hamilton County chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor, a Christian and member at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church, signs the writ and my decree pro confesso (a decree of admissions already entered), Gov. Bill Lee is compelled to obey Title 68-5-104.

Children play outside Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church under loving supervision of grownups. (Photo Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church)

That law imposes duties to make a determination as to the source and cause of Coronavirus-19. He has not done this vital work, and has not complied with a single provision of this law, which contains and protects our due process rights.

When Judge Fleenor issues the writ, the wind suddenly is stilled. 

All the sand, all the grit and dirt of government by emergency settles to the ground. 

We can see again. We can look at our neighbors without tears in our eyes and masks on our faces. We can see people’s smiles. 

We can serve at 100 percent capacity in our eateries. We don’t have to put on our payrolls a door monitor to harass visitors and bark at them. 

All is as before, because the entirety of the police state is eviscerated, gone, rescinded, done, revoked, overturned, thrown out, discarded, ruled null and void by the writ of mandamus, which requires obedience.

When compelled to start over, Gov. Lee and a fellow defendant, Becky Barnes of the Hamilton County health department, will work quietly to fight the contagion, as they are supposed to, and not interfere any longer with commerce and travel.

Under writ of mandamus, our rights are one against restored to us, and we can recover from the depression imposed by fiat from above.

By issuing the writ, Judge Fleenor will show herself the great jurist and supporter of equity that she promises to be. In issuing the writ, the people of Tennessee will not remember a whit her long delay, her unconscionable disregard of her urgent and immediate duty under the emergency of mandamus.

They will not remember the pain, like the mother after her son or daughter is born does not recall the agony of birthgiving. They will feel and express only joy and thanks for mercy, that the CV-19 nightmare is over.

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