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Sheriff Hammond defends bare face in crowded hall

Sheriff Jim Hammond, like most people at a political event in Chattanooga who had signed indemnification waivers, stalks about in his bare face — big news for a local TV station. (Photo David Tulis)

Sheriff Jim Hammond defends the doffing of a chin diaper at the Lincoln Day dinner at the Chattanooga trade center Friday, saying all entrants had their temperatures taken and had signed indemnification waivers.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

“Then the mask came off for me,” Mr. Hammond tells TV9. “Probably more than half the people there were not wearing masks. They made that individual choice. First of all, we were there to eat dinner. Can’t very well eat dinner with a mask on. It was a social event.”

Mr. Hammond said he would be reasonable about enforcing the rule laid down by the Mayor Jim Coppinger administration of county government one that took effect July 10.

“My personal thoughts,” he tells a TV reporter, “I am not convinced the masks are doing that much good. In my role as sheriff, the governor and the mayor have requested this mandate, and I’ve told them that my way of enforcing it is to warn people and ask them to be reasonable.

Sheriff Hammond says people should make their own decisions about hiding their faces, but should respect others when on other people’s property.

“I think we need to use caution but don’t go and quit living because of it. I’m not going to wear one in an open area. I’m not going to wear one when I’m in my office. If I’m in someone’s business or home and they ask me to wear a mask, then I’m going to wear one … To me as sheriff, If I get a call from a business or an individual who owns property and they’re concerned because somebody won’t wear mask, my officers are there to tell them to wear a mask or move on,”

Source: Sabrina Maggiore, “Sheriff Hammond defends decision after photo surfaces of him maskless at political event,” Newschannel9, Aug. 3, 2020. 

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