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Deputy takes my gun, but lets more dangerous weapon slip into jail in arresting reporter using public road

A sheriff’s deputy says “driving is privilege” and that his job is to protect constitutional liberties. Our court proceedings will hold him and his employer, Hamilton County, Tenn., to account on these claims. (David Tulis arrest video)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023 — A deputy drags me into the jail — scarring the tops of my dress shoes — because of a missing 2-square-inch bit red plastic in a taillight damaged Nov. 14 in a tire blowout.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

I am the radio investigative reporter who specializes in covering Jim Crow traffic abuses based on presumption, fraud and official ignorance by policy. Deputy Bennett makes 2 significant legal errors, each warned against in administrative notices served on Hamilton County sheriff’s office in Chattanooga, TN.

One notice pertains to the limits on Title 55 motor and other vehicle law. It’s Tennessee transportation administrative notice. An April 2020 notice tells of arrest warrant duties under the TN bill of rights and the exceptions law at TCA 40-7-103. Under notice doctrine, his actions are knowing and intentional harms.
My jailhouse arguments about the Bennett affidavit’s missing essential elements of privilege before magistrate Blake Murchison win only 1 concession: Release on OR (own recognizance). He denies me a copy of the charging instrument, but patiently hears me out; he finds probable cause, and sets a criminal sessions court date.
Hugely, hugely excited that now I have standing to defend in criminal and civil court the right of free movement and communication by car, apart from the “driving is a privilege” enforcement scam. Sheriff Austin Garrett continues SE TN’s defense of Jim Crow and highway brigandage by deputies ultra vires (outside the scope of the law).

Deputy Bennett immediately seizes a 9mm pistol at my waist. Carelessly, he let a far more dangerous weapon get through the sally port and through the jail’s steel door: My bow tie.

David Tulis arrest video

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