Seeking lawyer who could defend against 3 traffic charges

I am looking for an attorney in Chattanooga or East Ridge to see if he would be able to handle a traffic case of a poor women in the traffic court of East Ridge, Tenn. (Photo Chattanooga Bar Association)

The following is a letter of inquiry in a search for an attorney this week who understands the Tennessee transportation law and is willing to oppose false claims of jurisdiction through that law upon defendants such as Christina Wright, a mother of two and a shift manager at the Brainerd Road fast food restaurant in Chattanooga.

Not that Mrs. Wright could afford an attorney. Before I get to that question, I must first find one who understands the issues about liberty, travel, transportation and cars. Mrs. Wright had a hearing delayed in East Ridge city court when Judge Cris Helton refused to allow me to represent her or even be her next friend, saying she had to have a licensed member of the bar. I take that as a charge to find a member of the bar qualified to defend her properly in his venue, and others beyond. — David Tulis

Inquiry for savvy attorney in Chattanooga, East Ridge

I am looking for an attorney who can give counsel, advice and representation for a defendant charged  with driving on revoked, improper registration of a vehicle and no insurance under Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55.

The following questions will help me decide if you’d be a good fit for this defendant.

— Is it possible to travel on the public roads in Tennessee outside the scope of authority of this title?

— Does the right of free movement of one’s person and personal property in a conveyance of one’s choice enable the practice of other rights, such as religion, free speech, free assembly, the right to vote or the right to an abortion?

— Is it possible for State of Tennessee to tax, license or permit a constitutionally-protected activity?

— Does the department of safety routinely give a driver’s license to a person apart in that person’s written application and payment of the fee? If so, how, why and under what authority?

— Does TCA 55-50-351, the exhibit on demand statute, apply to an accused who is a nonlicensee, who is traveling on the public road privately, for pleasure and/or under personal necessity and calling, and non-commercially?

— Do you see a necessity of asserting “no subject matter jurisdiction” defense under Tenn. Code Ann. 55 prosecution if the defendant is not subject to that title and arguably outside its purview?

— Have you helped people asserting a God-given, constitutionally guaranteed, unalienable and inherent right?

— Do you believe that a defendant’s status as a private person acting as a human being in individual capacity is important in raising a defense, particularly when the charge is that the defendant is operating in commercial capacity, for profit, in a regulable activity subject police power, subject to taxation and in a vehicle for hire?

— Do you have passing familiarity with State of Tennessee vs. Arthur J. Hirsch (Sept. 28, 2017, No. M2016-00321-CCA-R3-CD), or earlier opinions on driving, operating a motor vehicle, transportation or travel?

— If you are unable to satisfy this defendant’s needs, would you be willing to refer me to another licensed attorney in Chattanooga or East Ridge?

— What are the terms of your engagement, your rates and availability?


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