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Jailing of mercy reporter gives huge gain in fight against oppression

Starting with the 2020 Covid-19 scam, opposed by these demonstrators in Chattanooga, Americans increasingly realize they are under military and police occupation, violating many righteous laws drafted for defense of their state and federal rights. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Friday, Nov. 24, 2023 — I am buoyed by Thanksgiving’s eve criminal charges against me that give standing to prosecute for injunctive relief in aid of the innocent and poor in Tennessee — people oppressed by police, sheriff’s deputies allowed free reign by heartless county commission and city council members.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The “traffic stop” occurs a day after I am in court arguing on behalf of 7 million people in my state that enforcement of the Tennessee financial responsibility law of 1977 is a fraud upon the public by commissioner of revenue David Gerregano and that I have a right to depose him in a case likely to be appealed to chancery court.

Deputies of Hamilton County, Tenn., violate state law and wreck enjoyment of my constitutional guarantees by interrupting my private travel from my house on a Soddy-Daisy hilltop to Hixson, a north Chattanooga district. 

This car figures in my arrest Nov. 22, 2023, in Chattanooga enroute to my microphone at NoogaRadio Network for a show that starts at 7 before daybreak. I am arrested for having a bit of missing red plastic in a taillight damaged by a violent tire blowout Nov. 14 traveling to Knoxville. The light functions, but the damage is alleged to be a crime. I am put into two cages. Deputy Bennett’s fraudulent allegations are made in bad faith and in violation of black-letter law and the constitutional rights he piously claims to be protecting. (Photo Tim Kochis)

My microphone-bristling NoogaRadio Network and 96.9 FM station is 15 minutes from my abode in Soddy-Daisy, tucked under Goss Insurance on Hixson Pike. I am exercising constitutionally guaranteed rights to move my person and personal chattel to this lair — Tenn. const. Art. 1 sect. 19, press rights — and federally protected rights under the 1st, 9th, 10th and 14th amendments. They arrest me before my arriving at my post in the press business Wednesday morning — knocking Tulis Report off the air.

God gives every man and woman the right of ingress and egress from his abode, and the roads are not owned by the state and may be used freely by the general public. The right of ingress and egress is based on land, and people living on land, and is secure in Tennessee law, according to a brief pending in court.

The Lord Jesus exercised this right of travel, pursuing private purposes on lanes, paths, streets and boulevards. Abram left Chaldee knowing not whither he was to go — in other words, he traveled toward the promised land under no one’s permission, but under God’s providence and care, apart from any human license or permit. 

I am crowdfunding my litigation ministry

Same with us. If we are the free people God commands us to be, we travel personally and privately, and should take courage to use our private conveyances

The right of movement is accorded to all. But many people trade in that right for a privilege. They use the state, county and city roads under special permission, license and favor. These holders of privilege are occupations, vocations, trades and callings the place of business of which is the road itself. These people are involved in transportation or traffic. They use the public right of way for private profit and gain, and are subject to the state privilege. They are called drivers or operators of motor vehicles. They are subject by pre-agreement to traffic stops for license checks, safety inspections and the operation of police power in the public health, safety and welfare pretexts under American and Tennessee law.

Christian liberty is attacking government merchant

Investigative journalism at NoogaRadio is a Christian ministry of encouragement and combat. The encouragement is a three-hour weekday report 7-10 a.m. on our three network stations. The combat is over asserting the common rights we have as against commercial government, a cancer that has metastasized across the entire state, protected by the courts, with the judges on the inside of the concertina wire-topped fence. Outside, the junkyard dog of cops protect these havens of private interest marketed to the public as institutions serving the people and their property rights.

In my arrest I am accused of being a “driver.” In Scripture “drive” appears 111 times (KJV), almost always in context of compulsion, coercion or people serving others. God’s children will “drive out all the inhabitants of the land.” Servants drive their their master’s chariots, whether Pharaoh’s horsemen pursuing God’s children on the floor of the Red Sea or retreating under a hail of arrows: “And a certain man drew a bow at a venture, and smote [Ahab] between the joints of the harness: wherefore he said unto the driver of his chariot, Turn thine hand, and carry me out of the host; for I am wounded” 1 Kings 22:34).

Driving is distinct from traveling by modern-day chariot, aka automobile. People under compulsion are employees carrying goods or people for hire. Driver. Operator. Everybody else on the road — probably 80 percent — are merely among the “free people,” as the constitution, art. 1, sect. 24,  refers to them. The highway patrol is established to protect just such free movement of men and women living and moving under a presumption of innocence. The troopers’ purpose in law is to — 

(1) Protect the lives and safety of the traveling public on state highways;

(2) Conserve and preserve the state’s property; and

(3) Assist in the collection of state revenues.

(b) This part is remedial in nature and shall be construed liberally.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 4-7-113

Christendom and Christian civilization that God ordains his children to create — the wheat among the tares, in cooperation with the tares — is one in which liberty is protected and expanded, especially when encroachment against enjoyment of our rights has been long in progress. 

Our duty is to fight for the weak and the poor, the alien and the stranger, the widow and the orphan, the ignorant, the dispossessed, the blind and crippled, the abused and defeated, the state hostage.

Hot ministry action in court

Attorney Mary Cheadle of Nashville passes through security at the Knoxville supreme court building prior to my withering legal attack against her predator lender client’s fraudulent usury loan practices in Tennessee. (Photo David Tulis)

Two of my three constitutional rights cases see action in the past few days. Flexibility Capital is defending against my appeal demanding a ruling its business funder contracts violate state law. In a poor-man’s suit to get registration of my 2000 Honda Odyssey van restored, I am suing the department of revenue commissioner David Gerregano.

David Gerregano runs a tax policy that ignores most of the Tennessee financial responsibility law of 1977. (Photo TN department of revenue)

➤  On Tuesday Nov. 21 in an hourlong hearing, I demand Cmsr. Gerregano sit for deposition. I say he is identified by law as the moving party in the revocation, and that because his private policy creating a compulsory motor vehicle insurance scheme is fact rich, and not a clean operation under law, he must face me under oath. Hearing officer Brad Buchanan denies my motion to compel. Next up are negotiations with Camille Cline, his attorney, on 300 questions I have arising from the insurance-cartel serving policy converting Tennessee into a compulsory insurance state. Insurance is not a general requirement in Tennessee. Rather, TCA § 55-12-101 et seq creates a voluntary insurance after-accident program to ensure people involved in a wreck and responsible for the harm are financially responsible. The only people who are liable to have insurance are high-risk people who fail to show financial responsibility in the 20-day notice window under the commissioner of safety. If they act irresponsibly, they lose their licenses and registrations, and can get them back only under condition they have SR-22 policies.

➤  On Nov. 14, 2023, in a 30-minute hearing, I argue that “cash advance” business funders such as Flexibility Capital in New York operate under fraudulent contracts that violate the Tennessee usury law. Purported advance purchasers of future receivables such as Flexibility are loan sharks with, in my case, 208.05 % interest rates. State law does not allow them to operate with fraudulent contracts for such loans. Flexibility needs to be put out of business in Tennessee, and by God’s grace in this case we will be able to get a clear ruling describing its contract as fraudulent, a part of the loan world prohibited by law.

 My lawsuit over my false arrest at theTennessee judicial conference has arrived at the U.S. court of appeals in Cincinnati. A donor covered the F$505 filing fee — thank you so much, “Mark the Trucker”! Next is getting word of my brief deadline.




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