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People in 30s, 40s dying in area as TN jab toll hits 129,801

Deceased area people are, from top left, Diana Louella Nichols and Mark Allen Smith; bottom from left, Juan Carlos Torres, Jeremy Ray Haddock and Lisa Diana Medina. (Photos Chattanoogan.com)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Monday, Oct. 30, 2023 — Around the globe, sports figures, singers, movie stars are dying suddenly as the CV-19 fraud adds lethality to population imprisonment that in Tennessee began April 2, 2020. Star Matthew Perry, 54, is found dead in hot tub, playing the role of Chandler on “Friends.” He’d had a special T-shirt made promoting the jab.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The policy death toll in Tennessee is 129,801, based on VAERS data, and 14,047 harm reports, with reportable harms calculated at 1.4047 million cases. VAERS is the vaccine adverse event reporting system.

Even Dr. Peter Hotez, a rabid CV-19 shot promoter on TV, is joining the “reporting unusual sudden deaths” club whose members include Igor Chudov, Mark Crispin Miller and others on Substack. Prof. Hotez tells of “close colleagues and friends,” people “still active when they passed” (aka “sudden death”). 

Excess and reportable deaths of people of working age following the federal military project to inoculate every American are striking the Chattanooga area with little note among fog-bombing media outlets. Officially, neither city nor Hamilton County have had the first so-called vaccine injury.

Unusual deaths of young people, at best, are accounted in the obituary columns of the U.S.’ first online newspaper, Chattanoogan.com, source of this report. No obituary here states a cause of death. Dr. Michael Metcalfe, medical examiner, has announced no investigation of the slaughter and rising wave of heart disease, blood problems and turbocancer.

Local kids dying young

➤ Devonte Albert, age 30, of Summerville, Georgia, dies Saturday, Oct. 28. His LinkedIn page indicates his background is in food services, with entries regarding Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

➤ Johnny Ray Miller, 47, a resident of Cleveland, Tenn., dies in a hospital in Chattanooga on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023.”Prior to his sickness, Johnny was employed with Kimco Janitorial Services. In his spare time he enjoyed fishing and watching television.”

Johnny Ray Miller

➤ Wife and mother Lisa Diana Medina of Dalton, Ga., dies Friday, Oct. 27, at 41. Her husband’s name is Rafael Medina. The couple had four children, and a grandchild. A mass will be held at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Dalton. 

➤ Infant Valerie Garcia-Avila, 14 months, perishes Oct. 23, with a mass being held for her at St. Joseph’s in Dalton.

➤ Jeremy Ray Haddock of Cleveland, Tenn., is 42 when he “entered eternal rest, surrounded by his loving family, on Oct. 20.” He and his wife, Tabitha, were married 20 years. Three children and grandchildren survive. “He enjoyed making memories with his family, camping every summer, fishing with his boys, nephews, brothers and cousins. Jeremy will be remembered for his generous heart, always there for those in need or times of trouble.”

➤ Diana Louella Nichols, 43, of Dunlap, passed away Wednesday, Oct. 25, at her residence. She “loved being in nature, playing video games, crocheting and listening to music. She was a loving mother and friend.”

➤ The obituary report includes several people in their mid-60s, among them: Kerry D. Price, 66, who died Monday a week ago.” He was an entrepreneur at heart and is most remembered as the owner and operator of Choo Choo Tire. Kerry enjoyed hunting, four-wheeling, listening to music and being outdoors. He especially enjoyed spending time with his children, from attending sporting events to beauty pageants. Kerry was a hardworking man with an adventurous spirit who believed in living life to its fullest.”

➤ Mark Allen Smith was born Oct. 27, 1963, in Shreveport, La., and “passed away” Oct. 20, 2023, in Chattanooga, a week before turning 60. He grew up in scouting, was active in his church youth group and choir. “Mark was very hard-working. He played hard. He loved hard. He was a funny and quick-witted person.” 

➤ Surrounded by family Juan Carlos Torres, 50, of Dalton, Ga., perishes Oct. 24 at Hamilton Medical Center. A mass is set for him at Oct. 30 at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Dalton.


Members of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas are grieving at the sudden death of Pastor Bryan Dunagan who died in his sleep “of natural causes” Thursday, according to a report in Christian Post.  He was 44, and died in the early morning hours.

Notable reporter of the Covid-19 global industrial disaster and depopulation program is Steve Kirsch, who is asking for your help in a kids-dying-young survey. Here’s the link. https://airtable.com/appcRtVQP2AblbiWD/shry7uOOa7cIIobzd?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email


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