Don Clemons says a childhood friend was pressured into getting the clot shot, and died hours later. (Photo David Tulis)

Chattanooga has one dissenting media voice. That is NoogaRadio 95.9 FM, giving the minority report amid an increasingly pervasive “narrative” that excludes liberty, local self-determination, godliness, Christianity, small business and government obedient to the constitution.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

This is my radio station, and I have been in the fight for 10 years, about half that time as an owner.

My show, Tulis Report, is now three hours every weekday starting at 3 p.m. It is the bane of officialdom and the white legal political and economic establishment.

The station became a nonprofit Oct. 11, shifting to its signal. Its advertisers underwrite its operation, keeping me on the air and our microphones glowing hot.

Justice is objective, and that God requires it in public and private life. He may not buy “social justice” as argued by leftists. But he demands public justice. Believing this claim, I have reported on grave abuses that God condemns, and that often Tennessee law condemns.

Abuses against the weak and the poor by the mighty. 

David Tulis is an investigative reporter at 96.9 FM and is Chattanooga’s “blogger with the biggest pen“ and the “smartest guy with a bow tie” in the city. (Photo David Tulis)

I am all about solutions, not just condemning the wrong.

I tell people how they can sue for damages when arrested without a warrant, that they can sue for damages when charged under law that doesn’t apply to them. I have deconstructed Tennessee’s illegal grand jury system that makes 100 percent of criminal indictments subject to reversal on subject matter jurisdiction grounds. I have shown how the judiciary violates the open meetings act and will act violently against the exposure of its wrongs. (Watch the video of my arrest inside this story.) I shed light on efforts by officials to extort homeowners, or to deny the rights of the people to protest or to speak. 

My show is on the radio airwaves, and is not subject to censorship. There is no radio station like this probably in the South, and no show quite like mine, despite my numerous shortcomings.

Support of this work is done by doing business with me. It is shown by putting your name among my listeners, and letting me tell them about your business, your church or your organization. If you don’t have a group that needs marketing services, pay me to run ads for your favorite charity, or for your church, as perhaps it needs to reach possible visitors.

Also on the station is Macil Duncan, the Patriot Pastor, who has a national following, generated by his missives on FB and on NoogaRadio. We also air Todd Starnes at noon, and conservative commentator Wendy Bell at 6.

Support my work. Do business with NoogaRadio 96.9 FM. Donate to the station’s GoFundMe page.

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