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Delay in justice furthers panic; vaccine seekers jam roadways

A row of cars, right, waits in line as Hamilton County residents, victims of a state-based fraud, line up for CV-19 shots. (Photo Chattanooga police department)
This view, looking the other way toward the Highway 153 overpass, shows yet more terrified people waiting to get an experimental vaccine. (Photo Chattanooga police department)

Refusal of chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor to act on a record of admitted fraud by Hamilton County health department administrator Becky Barnes and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has led to traffic jams among county residents seeking vaccination for CV-19.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Lines of cars jam Amnicola Highway the last day of 2020 to reach the Tennessee Riverpark Thursday, the first day the county allows for senior citizens to get the so called Covid-19 vaccination at a centralized vaccine gallery near Chatt State. The county is doling out jabs for people according to a priority list in a state vaccination plan. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/documents/cedep/novel-coronavirus/COVID-19_Vaccination_Plan.pdf

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

The delay by Judge Fleenor is without legal foundation and without authority. This investigative journalist on Oct. 2 filed an affidavit of fact indicating that Mrs. Barnes and Gov. Lee are in stark, bold violation of the epidemic health law at Tennessee Code Ann. 68-5-104, and the record is not rebutted by either respondent. 

The quarantine and isolation law requires state health agencies make a determination of the causal agent or agent of contagion of any spreading condition or disease. Officials have not made any determination as to the causes of this year’s version of the cold or flu, the so called coronavirus, The virus was developed with federal funding in a Wuhan, China, lab patronised by pandemic promoter Dr. Anthony Fauci and the noted billionaire philanthropist, Bill Gates, whose family has long been inclined to eugenics and global depopulation. 

Judge Fleenor, giving no reasoning or legal rationale, has refused to issue a writ of mandamus to compel the respondents to obey the law.

Denial of a ruling in my case, State ex el Tulis for short (ex rel means “on the relation of,” with me as the “relator,” relaying your grievance and injury), is today prolonging damage and danger across the population and across the economy, as evidenced by the panic that caused long lines and traffic hazards in wet weather Thursday. 

The governor says he is not bound by the law. Mrs. Barnes says she is exercising discretion, and thus is free to ignore black-letter statute and legislative enactment that is notice under her terms of employment. My affidavit of complaint alleges fraud and continuing irreparable harm to the relator and to the 6.8 million people of Tennessee if Judge Fleenor does not issue the writ to compel obedience.

And do so immediately.

The hazards are many, and have seared into people working in the medical field. 

Tiffany Dover, a nurse manager at CHI Memorial hospital, was the first in Chattanooga to get a CV-19 shot, and fainted almost immediately. Rumors swirled whether she was alive, but Lisa McCluskey, the hospital’s vice president of marketing communications, said she is fine, a newspaper reports. A video appeared with a woman named Khalilah Mitchell saying she is a registered nurse in Nashville who developed Bell’s palsy after getting a shot. This account is debunked by Politifact as a fake. Still, news reports say half of New York fire department workers don’t want vaccines, and about half of “frontline” workers in Los Angeles are declining.

Denial of ruling delays justice

Judge Fleenor is harming the relator in the case and the entire state by issuing no ruling against his petition. It’s bad not to issue the writ. It’s equally bad not to issue a refusal or denial.

She’s had the affidavit of fact 90 days, and under federal rules for emergency petitions has a prod — 15 days max.


Without a denial, the people’s case in my relating hands is unable immediately to review my legal work, and refile the petition with revisions, amendments, corrections and adjustments to account for the judge’s reasoning and the foundation.

In not issuing a rejecting order, Judge Fleenor is denying my right to a remedy to the CV-19 fraud and the violent, illegal and wrecking-ball state of emergency. Delay means I cannot pursue other means, go to Plan B. It’s past 15 days that she’s had the order: If I’m wrong, and deserve to lose my case, let’s have it. 

Let’s get it over with so we can make repairs and make a new attack in her court.

State of Tennessee ex rel Tulis is in no way frivolous. It is not harassment, scandalous, rumormongering or misuse of process. 

These are the 102 words — with attendant duties for officials — in the health statute being ignored by scofflaws from the governor on down to local health inspectors.

It is a legitimate case, with a presentation in the court of equity about a wrong — an evil with an individual damage to me, and representatively to the whole of the people, as the respondents are violating the law and defrauding the people of honest government services, in violation of their oaths and their terms of employment.

Court filing demands solution today

Judge Fleenor, in refusing to issue the writ or an order of denial, is tying me up, denying me a solution, denying me means of refiling and reviewing my course as the Tennessee relator. Her court — her leisurely course of proceedings in an 15-day emergency petition — is obstructing my right to a remedy of the state of emergency and its state of disaster.

The case doesn’t need any hearings. It doesn’t need any more briefs. It needs a writ of mandamus. Or it needs an order of denial, with the foundation and rationale provided so I can refile.

My petition act to empower Judge Fleenor. Without it, she can do nothing to bring about justice or equity in the overthrow of the constitution or state law and lawful, limited representative government. 

But with my petition in hand, Judge Fleenor is the most important and powerful person in the state. She can rule over the governor. She can rule to overthrow the rules and orders of her own superiors in the supreme court. She can accept the claims of equity and justice, and order the law be followed.

Judge Fleenor is the most important person in the state. I urge you to pray for her in her position of authority.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays, live and lococentric. At Noogaradio.com and on the commie platform, FB, at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM.

Time to fight


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