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As transparency is one way, Soloe settles case on ‘suspended’ license

This garbage truck crash in Chattanooga suggests the rationale for state regulation of transportation: Big trucks are run for private profit and gain on the public right of way, and are dangerous. Under the rationale of public health, safety and welfare under police powers, they are taxed and surveiled. (Photo Chattanooga police department)

The Ed Soloe trial in Monroe County, Tenn., would have been today a picture of how the globalist world operates its control grid upon ordinary people.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Klaus Schwab in a noted interview says that in “this new world we must accept transparency, and I would say even a total transparency. Everything must be transparent and you have to get used to it and you have to behave accordingly. It becomes integrated into your personality. *** Iif you have nothing to hide should have nothing to be afraid of.”

In Tennessee, the control grid of one-way transparency operates through commercial government, a system of state enforcement upon travel in which all travel is presumptively in commerce. The state serves corporate and private interests as a built-in and built-over protection racket, invisible to the general public.

At a hearing Monday Mr. Soloe, instead of defending his cause as he already has by brief, enters a nolo contendere plea, accepting a F$60 fine, six months of probation and F$800 in court costs. He says he feared corruption by the judge, expected he would not get a fair trial, and that, were he convicted, he would be instantly jailed, making the process of giving notice of appeal difficult or impossible.

He had service of a public defenders, who was there for the afternoon proceedings.

He had filed a excellent motion to quash indictment or presentment, an affidavit that would be the basis of his claim to private travel, and a copy of Tennessee transportation administrative notice.

Mr. Soloe, who is unemployed, is married and has a grown daughter. He has been reading into the law pertaining to the right of ingress and egress over the past five years, and has given me sharp insights into the TFRA, the Tennessee financial responsibility act that is being abusively administered by the department of revenue. I consider Mr. Soloe the “gnome librarian” because of his extensive researches.

Mr. Soloe sends a note stating why he pleaded rather than go to trial.

1: I accepted the plea of no contest because I have suffered from the abuse of the courts and seen others suffer like Danny Murphy and Hirsch.

2: I didn’t contest the charge because it lacked the essential elements necessary for a conviction since it’s a commercial statute without any evidence of commercial activity. (Non-commercial automobile) (Classified and Commercial statute) (Must abide by Federal rules and regulations).

3: With my motion to vacate, your Tennessee transportation administrative notice and jurisprudence concerning the distinction between the private use versus the for profit use, any finding of guilt is outside judicial capacity.

4: The judge has opened herself up to suit in her personal capacity.

5: The Department of Safety issued a license then suspended it outside their authority and granted me standing against them also.

6: The supposed suspension of a nonexistent license (expired over 20 years)for lack of financial responsibility when it’s wasn’t required is additional standing against DOS.

7: I have decided to pursue the matter by other legal means.

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