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1 letter with 1 question vs. CV-19 rolling stock

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger holds a presser March 13 to announce the “first case”of Covid-19 in his Southeast Tennessee county. (Photo Hamilton County health department)
I am awaiting evidence of obedience to state law from local health officials whom I suspect are operating in courageous disregard of the duties in Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68, health in their CV-19 exertions. (Photo David Tulis)

Near universal chin diapers are a poignant sign of the growing power of the threat and bluff-based terror state controlled from any of 50 capitals based on iffy legal authority.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The chin-diaper rule and many other oppressive measures, however, are very likely not based on law. And very likely they have lurched into motion in violation of your state’s clear black-letter statutes.

The law is public and universally published — except the billboard declaring key provisions is obscured by bushes, tall grass — and general neglect.

You are being oppressed under existing rules, and they promise to get worse, with the end goal being compulsory vaccines and totalitarian economic controls and exhaustive surveillance of a people, all of whom have been denied privacy and have been turned into public persons or corporations.

To create an administrative record of your assertion of your rights under this law, find that billboard, and pull aside the leafy branches keeping the law’s protections from public view. And from yours.

Easy steps to start resisting

How to begin? Where to start? Do you have to be a lawyer to figure out how to fight back?

What can you do on your own?

I am on a project to overturn Tennessee’s rising medical terror state by asking the right dumb question in court. But let’s look at the first step that got me on this path of liberation.

Let me help you find the right dumb question in your state that will let you overturn a medical tyranny as regards your person, your family and your property — an administrative absolutism that almost across the U.S. has abrogated constitutional government and plunged the nation into an economic depression.

It’s almost too simple, almost too easy:

One letter, one legal citation, one sentence, one hour.

You can write one letter, making a citation to a single law, found in the course of reading online over one hour. Get the ball rolling, start making a legal and administrative record of your claims to protection in the state law.

That law is almost certainly being ignored. The law being ignored is that there must be a finding of disease, a certification of it locally and in the state government, and that the transmission agent of the disease must be determined and declared. The lack of the evidence in the record of the required determination becomes the evidence of fraud and criminal conduct or by omission. A presumption about the cause is not the finding of the specific source or cause of the disease required under the statute. States have made no declarations about cause or transmissions because these are elusive in the science and in the medicine.

States are required to make these determination so that your due process rights will be protected, and the state is barred from crying, “The sky is falling — the sky is falling” or “Aliens have told us to collect all your physical property by Sunday and put you into a concentration camp for your own good within two weeks.”

So the basic building blocks of epidemic control at law are absent.

The fact base upon which to “fight” a contagion is missing. The facts upon which mitigation measures are based are MIA.

A demand letter before seeking relief

My effort in Tennessee to overturn the CV19 medical terror state tyranny starts simply. 

It starts with a review of the law. I read a whole volume on a Saturday. For you, you can take an hour to locate and to read the pertinent parts. 

Now, about your brief letter.

I suggest a demand letter requesting evidence of obedience to the law that you found in the citation. On Thursday I sent such a document by certified U.S. mail due to arrive Monday at the county health department in Chattanooga. It makes five statements of the state’s legal duty under statute, and demands documented evidence of compliance.

Will Dr. Paul Hendricks, health director, be able to show obedience to the law?

Sounds complicated. Sounds like a lot.

Lift light weights first if you want to take part in resistance.

Start with one statement of law — a single key provision — and demand proof of compliance. While you await an answer, you can read further and round up other requirements for a possible followup.

You can turn back tyranny by forcing the key agency in your state to obey the key law regulating its activities.

Obtain evidence of fulfilling duty

It’s perhaps just a point of detail as to what’s in your one sentence and whether it ends in a statement or a question mark.

Asking a question doesn’t require the official to answer you. But presuming that the state has obey the law and that you want the evidence to show its obedience is a different matter. 

That is my approach. Demanding evidence of obedience. I am preparing to request the governor be ordered to operate 100 percent in terms of the quarantine statute in my state (Title 68, Tennessee code), where Gov. Lee has persistently ruined small business and sent the state into its worst depression in history under the emergency law (Title 58 in my state’s code).

I offer the following to convince you to begin the process in your state and in your own personal defense: 

One letter, 1 sentence, 1 citation, 1 statue, 1 hour. 

If you can commit to this concept of initiating resistance, you are on your way to victory and liberating yourself personally from coming threats.

It Tennessee, the health code runs about 1,205 pages, including the index. Of that, 442 pages are strictly about health. Don’t be intimidated.

At the very most 30 pages touch on diseases, outbreaks, epidemics and department/commissioner powers. Most directly relevant material to our defense is on six pages, probably. A page has about 50 lines of type in your state law’s print edition. So, altogether you are looking at 300 lines of type that control what’s happening.

Three hundred lines of type at the most.

The relevant portions are easy to find. The keywords in your search are:






Look online for your state’s law. Start making printouts of anything even remotely connected with disease outbreaks. Create a little notebook and use a three-hole punch.

In one hour will be thrilled to see how far you’ve gotten.

Probably 30 lines of type hold the key.

They describe what your state’s health officials should be doing — but most certainly haven’t.

Oh, yeah. And one letter certification from the post office for F$6.95.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays, live and lococentric.


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