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Blessings of having unjust judge Fleenor against us people

Chancery court judge Pam Fleenor, fifth from right, enjoys some socializing with fellow Republicans in Hamilton County. (Photo FB)

I wish to see how I might be wrong in suing Gov. Bill Lee and local health boss Becky Barnes over their Covid-19 takeover of representative government in Tennessee. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Lacking grace, I seem not to have it within me the means to appreciate the ruin and tyranny these past 270 days at their hand. Lacking insight, I fail to appreciate the hidden blessings in injustice. 

Failing to be thankful for the shutdown of local economy and free markets, I have also insufficiently appreciated the unjust judge presiding over my case these past 66 days, Pam Fleenor.

To set things right, I want to see the blessings of having an unjust judge:

Fewer than one-half of one percent of the people who get “the disease” die from it.  Unjust judge Pam Fleenor prolongs the agonies of wrecked business, broken promises to pay, default notices, mental illness, suicide spikes, dead sales and foreclosed hopes for prosperity so that we can safe.

➤ Unjust judge Pam Fleenor’s court is in chancery. It is an equity court. We must understand that the equity I am seeking means liberty and justice — and that these mean danger from the CV.

➤ Gov. Lee and Mrs. Barnes violations of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104 are shows of courage and pragmatism by these public officers and employees. And we know “pragmatism always works for us.”

➤ My mandamus action to compel obedience to Tennessee code Ann. § 68-5-104 means subjection, subjugation, obedience, compliance and the humiliation of state actors. All of these are honorable people. If the unjust judge becomes just and issues the mandamus, they will have to obey the law and be reduced from their high status of sovereign citizens.

➤ If the unjust judge Pam Fleenor became just, she would allow power —now promiscuously applied to all — to be applied only upon the sick, pursuant to the legislative enactments. That’s clearly cheating, ungenerous and narrow-minded — not good enough. We live in an age of surplus compulsion and power, and an unjust judge allows us to continue to enjoy the surplus.

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