Another day is over at chancery court clerk & master’s office as Kelly Burnette shuts and locks the doors. For 49 days, chancery judge Pamela Fleenor has refused to compel Gov. Lee to obey the Tennessee health law, which he admits to her he is violating. (Photo David Tulis)
Gov. Bill Lee is in default before chancery judge Pamela Fleenor, who has no choice at law but to issue a writ of mandamus compelling him to obey Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104. I filed motions Thursday demanding a judgment on default.(Photo David Tulis)

The coronavirus 19 project by state actors and state employees is a disaster for the people of Tennessee in their property, their rights and their social doings.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

It is a disaster brought by government officials operating outside of the government, and presumably within their personal capacity.  The CV-19 meltdown is a project of a group fairly described as “sovereign individuals” who believe, as do many judges, that they are beyond the law, outside the law not within its scope, having no liability or duty under it.

Pamela Fleenor is chancery court judge who has not acted for 49 days on an emergency petition regarding a blatant violation of law admitted by Gov. Lee and the local health boss. (Photo Pam Fleenor on FB)

I say that they are acting under color of law in their personal capacity because I have had to sue the governor of Tennessee and a local health official for acting ultra vires, which means acting outside authority of law, and in contradiction to black-letter requirements in a time of disease and contagion that they establish the cause and nature of the condition. Since March, the complex of symptoms that have gripped the world, it seems, is called SARS-CoV2, a novel virus. 

These officials have not made this determination at any point, and so are outlaw in their lockdowns, their “rules” for churches, their bans on travel, their closing of courts, their denying people speedy trials, their creating permit and licensing schemes at every turn.

They are at the same time fleecing the public, damning members of the public into isolation, solitude, losses, default, nonpayment, interference with interstate commerce, and other grievances that decapitalize the people of the state in what at law would be called “irreparable damage.”

Savior in judicial robes

We can be sure that the profit is being obtained in some quarters in the economy where bets are made against the common man. His demission brings to the other side a commission and a profit, where emergency no-bid contracts are let to friends of the governor or of people with connections to high officials fighting night and day to protect the public welfare.

The answer to stop the fleecing of the state actors of the people is a woman in judicial robes. 

Her name is Pamela Fleenor, and she is a chancery court judge in Hamilton County. 

Today she is the most powerful person in Tennessee because she has in her hand a petition for writ of mandamus that I put there Oct. 2, 49 days ago.

It is a demand that she order the governor to obey Tennessee Code Ann. § Title 68-5-1094 and rescind and nullify the entire executive branch state of emergency operating against the other two branches of government.

Because they have violated state law at the outset of their grand public health adventure, they have to rescind everything they’ve done to “protect” the public, and start over. They have to establish, before anything, what they are fighting against, what the illness is, what the agent of contagion is. 

Do they know? If so, please make report.

Becky Barnes and Gov. Lee have ignored the law to the damage and irreparable harm of 6.8 million people in state of Tennessee.

Fleenor will stop the fleecing.

Fleenor the judge will bring relief.

Unjust judge Pamela Fleenor — her record

Fleenor will provide a secular salvation from our saviors in high office who have abrogated their oath of office. 

Fleenor is the remedy, using the rules of equity and justice.

Mandamus brooks no delay

My petition of mandamus is an emergency, peremptory petition. Peremptory is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th ed., this way:

PEREMPTORY. Imperative; absolute; conclusive; positive; not admitting of question, delay, or reconsideration. Positive; final; ‘decisive; not admitting of any alternative. Self-determined; arbitrary; not requiring any cause to be shown. Wolfe v. State, 147 Tex.Cr.R. 62, 178 S.W.Zd 274, 279. As to peremptory “Challenge,” “Defense,” “Instruction,” “Mandamus,” “Nonsuit,” “Plea,” and “Writ,” see those titles. [emphasis added]

Judge Fleenor is allowing daily a violation of law by the governor, by Becky Barnes and by officials in hundreds of cities and towns in 95 counties.

She has allowed these wrongs to continue 49 days. By law she should have issued the writ within five days after having put my affidavit of complaint in hand.

She has in her hand the power to make the lawless coercion, compulsion, rulemaking, bans, mask mandates and the rest — to make them stop. To make the officials start over, and to appeal to the public rather than to coerce and threaten and bully members of the public.

Judge Fleenor has a duty at equity to fulfill her court’s high calling. Hers is the equity court. Hers is the supple jurisdiction where right is done, where wrongs are straightened out. 

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