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As ‘emergency’ grows, we must not try reform, but rebuilding

The parallel free market economy is being built daily by those aspiring to liberty and prosperity, using platforms such as Gab to escape censorship and the controls of testy elites.
The Moneychanger is a Tennessee hard-money and parallel economy newsletter published monthly in Westpoint by Franklin Sanders.

WESTPOINT, Tenn., Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022 — Trudeau’s attempts to crush the Canadian protesters presents your last warning to get wealth outside the digital financial system.  

By Franklin Sanders / The Moneychanger newsletter

Parliament has now made permanent  the government’s power to seize digital assets in banks and other financial institutions and payment providers.  If they can find it, they’ll steal your cryptocurrency, too. Every “temporary” government emergency power becomes permanent. Our own American tyrants would do the same at the drop of a hat, and they’d drop the hat.

This occurs against a background of central banks globally trying to develop central bank digital currencies.  Their aim is to control your wealth.  That way, as they’ve done in Canada, if you do something the government doesn’t like, or disagree with them, or help someone who disagrees with them, or know or are kin to someone who disagrees with them,t hey will seize your wealth and cut off your access to digital assets:  bank accounts, credit cards, brokerage account, you name it.  

And how will your cryptocurrencies help with no bank account to transfer your profits into?  Worthless.

We have to rebuild, not reform.  Current institutions are not capable of reformation, so we must replace them with alternative institutions.  

Let’s use gold, silver for transactions

The end game of owning gold and silver is NOT merely to have a pile of wealth to sit on, but to rebuild a just and honest monetary system and to have capital for the rebuilding.  

➤ The Federal Reserve System cannot be reformed:  We must build a parallel monetary system to replace it.  

➤ The public education system cannot be reformed, it must be replaced.  Homeschooling is a start.  

➤ The medical system run by government and insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies that prevents physicians from using their skills and judgment cannot be reformed.  The COVID experience proves that.

➤ The economic system run by government regulations that favor corporations and cartels cannot be reformed, it must be replaced.  

➤The present government cannot be reformed, it must be replaced.  

We have a legal and constitutional right to sound gold and silver money, but we don’t exercise it.  We use the Federal Reserve’s fiat money because we are used to it and it’s easy.  Not even legal tender laws forbid your paying or demanding payment in silver and gold.  In truth and fact, we forge our own chains, and lock them on our own wrists and ankles.  

Aren’t y’all tired of doing your enemy’s work for him? 

How do you pay each other in silver and gold?  Look at, a website Catherine Austin Fitts and I created to convert fiat currency payments in any number of currencies into silver and gold payments.

INFLATION CALCULATOR.  If you’re looking for an inflation calculator, look to John Williams’ Shadowstats right here.     Mr. Williams filters out all the “corrections” the government makes to obscure the true rate of inflation.  

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