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Supreme court receives Tulis demand for recall of mandate

The Tennessee supreme court receives my demand for recall of mandate, a bid to halt the closing of the record of my administrative grievances vs. unjust judge Pamela Fleenor in Hamilton County chancery court. (Photo David Tulis)
The supreme court received this 15-page petition March 16, 2021, demanding that an administrative case with detailed grievances about maladministration in chancery court not be closed, despite two off-hand denials of relief. (Photo David Tulis)

The Tennessee supreme court has received my demand for recall of mandate in my bid to overturn Gov. Bill Lee’s overthrow of state government.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Gov. Lee on March 12, 2020, issued an executive order without lawful cause in the pretended coronavirus 19 global panic induced by the communist party in China and elite western financial and drug manufacturing interests. His order tore down constitutional government with its representative authority and its executive agencies operating under statute.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

My petition for recall of mandate pertains to a parallel legal cause I filed Nov. 2, 2020, with the supreme court regarding the evil treatment meted out to me in Hamilton County chancery court. That abuse has been in operation against me 169 days in the case State ex rel Tulis, a petition for writ of mandamus.

A mandamus compels an official to obey the law. But Judge Pamela Fleenor, a Republican and a member of Lookout Mountain Presbyterian church, refuses to render justice in my cause, and on Jan. 30 dismissed the lawsuit, denying me (an injured party) my right to relief. I filed two motions demanding a rewrite of her dismissal order so compelling that she set a March 30 hearing to hear more.

The supreme court mandate I am demanding be recalled is that case complaining about Judge Fleenor.

The document is my third dissecting her myriad due process violations against the state, whose interests I represent. The mandate closes the administrative record. My petition demands the record be kept open, on account of fraud in which the supreme court is cooperating.

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