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After 229 days, local paper devotes 5 paragraphs to State ex rel Tulis

The David Tulis suit to end the CV-19 finally “makes the paper,“ with three or four inches of type in the print edition.

The ChattanoogaTimes Free Press goes to extreme lengths to show both sides in the CV-19 “pandemic” state of disaster for which it has been the lead marketer in the area.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

The newspaper has taken notice of one of two lawsuits in the court of appeals to attempt to halt runaway state activit in the fraudulent Covid-19 panic of 2020.

Halfway into the mass public fraud imposed by state actors I filed a lawsuit against the governor in Hamilton County chancery court, claiming he is ignoring the health law designed to keep public health but prevent any of the unconstitutional panicky acts and home imprisonment he imposed starting March 12, 2020.

The suit was filed Oct. 2, 2020.

And 229 days later, the estimable Times Free Press where I worked as a copy editor 24 years, makes first mention of the suit. It is an uncharacteristic bout of generosity afforded to news on the “dissenting side” of reality, a hint of the real story about lawless totalitarianism it has long kept from its readers.

The paper affords five paragraphs to State ex rel Tulis v. Lee in a story about a Williamson County lawsuit. As of today, the seemingly now-easing Covid-19 crisis is 437 days old.

A TFP reporter had emailed me May 17, asking for comment about the case. He made a followup query the next day, setting no deadline. I sent him several quotes May 20. But the story had already been published the day before, May 19.

A mention of the Tulis case appears in this story online by the Times Free Press.

The newspaper has propagandized for the establishment narrative all 2020 and this year, too. Those readers relying on full coverage of local and state news are learning late whether the state of emergency is lawful, and whether the law has been followed by the governor and his subordinates and whether the lockdowns and mass confinement that April 2 is lawful.

The suit has investigated the deeds of the governor and officials who have abused their office. The suit indicates officials who cooperated in the pandemic scam and fraud are in breach of their oaths, in violation of the official misconduct statute, and if they are in the health field, are in breach of their duties to make a determination of the causal agent or isolate of the Coronavirus 19 complex of flulike symptoms.

No Isolate has been determined. 

In the interest of public health and safety, the TFP has ignored deep legal analysis of the overthrow of representative democratic-republican government. It has acted as though such activity on the margins is not worth reporting.

I am operator of a CBS Radio News affiliate station in the city, NoogaRadio 92.7 FM, and so a competitor. But what controls is the newspaper’s inability to see significance in any countervailing or anti-establishment thesis, argument or fact.  Reporting on my developing analysis would have been a real service to its readers as I explain how “sovereign individuals” operate under guise of government — how criminal activity occurs dressed up as public service.

Six paragraphs Is all my story gets,  230 days after filing the case in the chancery clerk’s office, four hearings and many claims, cross-claims,, conflict and argument. Two hundred and thirty days — and this homeboy should be grateful.

Into MSM round file

Among the disparate quotes that went into the round file:

Unlike other lawsuits, this one aims at the root of the problem and not the illicit effects. It targets violation of the statute — Lee’s first mistake. That’s 68-5-104, in which a 102-word passage gives him six things he must do in an epidemic. Namely — make a determination of the “contagious principle” of the condition. That’s called an isolate — and they don’t have one. Still don’t. 

Mandamus is a powerful action. It demands the judge to command obedience to black-letter law. It’s an ancient common law remedy — a means for the people to hold “the good people” to account.

Judge Fleenor is plainly an unjust judge. She denies equity. She denies the law. She accepts frivolous arguments that Lee isn’t under “any duty” (with the any italicized for emphasis) to obey the law. Guess why? He’s not named in it. Frivolous argument that she accepts. And Mrs. Barnes — she’s not liable for performance either. She has “discretion.” Judge Fleenor sat on this case 201 days. Mandamus cases are peremptory and emergency — require action in two weeks or less. She claims I don’t have standing, despite five harms detailed in my affidavit accompanying the complaint.

The state’s actions are riddled with fraud that Fleenor accepts in her court as if it were bit of body odor she’s gracious enough to overlook.

The respondents are in open defiance of the official misconduct statute, but no one minds — maybe no one will notice.

Gov. Lee’s emergency fraud is the most violent act among the people since the War Between the States, a state-caused disaster among people acting outside their legal authority.

Our system of law allows police power to be directed upon people one by one, through court orders, warrants and judgments. In his rejection of constitutional government and constraints, he pivot police power around — redirects it from epidemeologically sick people to aim it upon us healthy people — he uses police power en masse, against the plastic mass of the people, unindividuated and nonparticularized, as occurs in dictatorships of the left and of the right.

The crisis is not over — vaccines will guarantee the hold of the medico-terror state upon public life.

Am suing to restore the status quo ante, to end the reign of “sovereign citizens” and “sovereign individuals” not bound by the law.

For fresh quotes, I give details on 1 p.m. weekday Tulis Report at NoogaRadio 92.7 and at TNtrafficticket.us. 

MSM should cover State ex rel Tulis as a real alternative analysis to our medical and legal establishments’ noble deeds to make human sacrifices of us working people. This story is one in which the TFP scoops Chattanoogan.com.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays at NoogaRadio 92.7 FM.

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