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Lee extends ‘emergency’ far into future, but retracts chin-diaper powers

“COVID-19 is part of public health and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future,” says Gov. Bill Lee on Tuesday as he retracts parts of his CV-19 state of disaster. (Photo governor’s office in YouTube)
County Mayor Jim Coppinger says Tuesday he got his authority to impose mask mandates in an act of delegation by Gov. Bill Lee. But authority in Tennessee is not delegated, or delegable. It is given by law. The county’s CV-19 directives are acts under color of law by individual men and women in office or in government employment, and an actionable harm to the public. (Photo county commission on YouTube)

Gov. Bill Lee on Tuesday holds a press conference deleting rules that suffocated Tennesseans since March 2020, namely supposed local authority to impose mask mandates and compulsory “social distancing” rules among men and women.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

But he leaves in place the erstwhile Title 58 state of emergency far into the future as he continues operating his mitigation effort in violation of the health law at Title 68, the obedience to which disallows the two great harms of the admitted fraud and scam of the CV-19 “pandemic,” PCR testing and DNA-altering “free” arm-jabs for the people.

“Actually the state of emergency stays in place for purposes of deregulatory issues that are still necessary from a healthcare standpoint and from a federal funding standpoint,” he says, vaguely, “that — that necessitates that state of emergency. It’s a limited state of emergency.”

His administration will push the shots “in communities with low uptake” (aka “vaccine hesitancy” among wary blacks). The state has a “marketing plan” and “messaging” for minorities who need to “understand how important it is that folks get vaccinated so that we can move forward.”

From crisis to ‘managed health issue’

Gov. Lee says vaccines “should be a personal choice for people and we should keep it that way,” and he says he opposes mandating any vaccine that has received only emergency FDA approval. He says he objects to vaccine mandates and “vaccine passports.”

“We’ve entered a new season,” Gov. Lee says. “It’s time for government to get out of the business of public health interventions. Covid-19 is now a managed public health issue. And our state’s no longer a statewide public health crisis.” His last executive order is set to expire the next day, Wednesday.

The state has developed a major “infrastructure” of testing and control to deal with the “ebbs and flows” of the public health crisis and virus. 

But state government’s focus will shift to “recovery and not restrictions,” Gov. Lee says. He says the voluntary ‘Tennessee pledge” guidelines will “be officially retired” Tuesday to send a clear message, leaving it to people to do what they want without a “government playbook” on temperature checks, seating and limits on business.

CV-19 shots kill, maim thousands

Gov. Lee admits that his legislation of the economy beginning April 2 — in the lockdown of the people and their imprisonment in their houses and apartments — is capricious. “It’s time for celebrations, weddings and conventions and concdrs and parades and proms and everything in between to happen without limits on gathering sizes or other arbitrary restrictions for those events,“ he says.

In Hamilton County, mayor Jim Coppinger at an online media briefing said the county mask directive will expire April 28, as had been earlier. 

Global elites have indicated their desire for continuing health crises and pandemics after earlier failures to impose total public health controls (the swine flu, for example). CV-19 is their most successful experiment in combining with corporate states to lord it over their populations in a bid for global centralization of population control powers exemplified by communist China’s social credit system.

Gov. Lee indicates awareness of this agenda, going temporarily into low gear.

“COVID-19 is part of public health and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. But we have to learn to live with it, just like we do any risk. And when there is an emergency or crisis, government should respond.”

David drops his notice of appeal in a post office box in East Ridge, Tenn. (Photo David Tulis)

Relator to press on with court fight 

My case this week is being shifted from a badly run Hamilton County chancery court to the court of appeals in Nashville. The persistence of the state of emergency would appear to save State ex rel David Jonathan Toolis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al, from the threat of mootness. A legal cause becomes moot and nonjusticiable when the conflict causing the case is brought to an end or the condition complained of ceases.

The clerk of the appeals court got my notice of appeal either Friday or Monday, and is directing Hamilton County chancery clerk and master RobinMiller to scan the record and send it digitally to the clerk in Knoxville.

Mrs. Barnes mulctitude

Meanwhile, I have determined that health administrator Becky Barnes’ efforts to mulct me for $11,000 in legal fees is being done in bad faith, in breach of lawyer ethics and in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § 20-12-119. The law controlling assessment of legal fees and court costs is in the English language and is publicly available to all, with annotated versions by Lexis Nexis or Westlaw serving Sharon Milling, the crack lawyer named by county attorney Reuben Taylor to defend Mrs. Barnes in her heroic misconduct. 

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

Mrs. Milling has submitted a bill to chancery’s unjust judge Pamela Fleenor with an affidavit showing how she arrived at her total. 

But two grounds exist to show that such a motion for recovery by respondents-in-fraud is improper. I explain in a motion that such a billing is improper from a party involved in fraud, dunning the victim.

The law does not allow an assessment of fees against a “pro se litigant” such as me. One who is pro se is, in Latin, “for himself,” and Mrs. Milling and attorney general’s office lawyer Janet Kleinfelter have used to describe me. I choose alternative language. I am in court as a man, under the constitution, in my flesh and blood, without any appurtenances or corporate status or the disabilities that attach themselves all too commonly to Americans. I am sui juris and in persona propria, in my own proper person. I appear in court as a “soul wrapped in a body,” as C.S. Lewis says, a person on the land exercising God-given, constitutionally guaranteed unalienable and inherent rights as one made in God’s image. This high status has been consistently and snidely attacked, and I have made much noise against such abuse in written and oral argument.

Mrs. Milling has not read the law, is acting with malice, and is subject to sanctions under her regulations of professional conduct at Tennessee Rule 8.

A second ground or being free of any assessment of costs is that I have an action “by or against the state, other governmental entities, or public officials acting in their official capacity or under color of law,” Tenn. Code Ann. § 20-12-119(c)(5)(a). Mrs. Barnes’ fraud, allegedly an exercise in “discretion” whether to obey the health law, is exactly that, “under color of law,” and against the law.

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