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How to fight CV-19 tyranny via 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 method

Becky Barnes, health administrator in Hamilton County, Tenn., says she can ignore state law because she is exercising discretion. (Photo health department)

Dreadful things are ahead for people in my hometown and across Tennessee if you and I don’t start using real solutions to stop the administrative state operating outside its own laws.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

We are at the beginning of a 20-year period of state terror with a medical paradigm and medical care angle, replacing the one that served well for two decades, Muslim terrorism. 

The people who control the machinery of state, the stakeholders, are determined to convert all the citizenry into patients subject to their mandatory care and veterinary supervision under humanistic paradigms developed by global bodies. 

The way to fight back is to use their own laws against them. 

The best way to repel false claims against your person and your business is to understand the limits of those people making the demands. 

I assure you that officials in city, county, health department, state, and federal offices routinely ignore their authorities and regularly ignore black-letter statutes and regulations that should control their activities. 

Your goal should be this: Demand they tell you their authority. 

Across the 50 states, and probably in other countries as well, the CV-19 terror mechanism is operating in defiance of a law that is on the books and available for public review online. 

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = ending disaster

Your job in stopping oppression is to do the following. It takes less time than participating in a march or protest down at the courthouse.

Take one hour on the Internet to find one statute in your state health code and write one letter with one sentence which is a question and put it in one envelope affixed with one first-class stamp mailed to the one person whose name and address you have written on the front in ink and give that person one week to answer your demand.

It is as simple as that.

Most likely in your state your officials have ignored the quarantine, epidemic, contagion and quarantine law — as they did in my state. Those are the keywords in your Internet search. Epidemic. Contagion. Spread. Viral agent. Determination.

I’m suing the governor and a local health bureaucrat for violating Tennessee Code Ann. § 68-5-104, quarantine and isolation. This statute has several requirements Gov. Bill Lee in his March 12 executive order ignored. 

I believe he is in criminal breach of the statute and I have been in chancery court since Oct. 2 demanding he be forced to obey the law.

It is important to demand evidence of compliance with the statute. 

The key phrase is this: Evidence of compliance with the statute. 

My letter in this direction was 2 pages because I cited the statute.

The letter I got back from the county health director, Dr. Paul Hendricks, was an admission that the county had completely ignored the obligations in the law. 

Your job is like mine. You have to set up an administrative record of the abuses among those people charged with enforcing the statute and bringing it to life, ostensibly for the public benefit, health and public welfare.

Due process to make bureaucrat stop

Your job in defending yourself is setting up an administrative record suggesting or showing or even proving noncompliance with the statute on the part of the party making demands upon you. 

You are exercising due process rights, which in the United States are guaranteed under the 14th amendment.

Only by due process can we stop them from ruining the republic and ruining us personally. Due process is the obligation they have to treat all people within the scope of the statute whom they are trying to arrest or regulate. Invariably, I suggest, they fail in due process. And that’s where we catch them.

Due process is the only way we have to stop them in their agenda of internationalizing the American man, woman or child and converting all of us into patients or animals subject to mass control.

As for remedies apart from the administrative record that I suggest you create, there are two powerful means of resisting lawless acts if they have broken over you like a wave, and you are under a lockdown or a seizure. 

One is petition for habeas corpus. 

The other is petition for writ of mandamus

In a mandamus, a judge orders an official to obey the law. In Tennessee, my mandamus action intends to have judge Pamela Fleenor order the governor to obey the statute and for Becky Barnes at the health department to obey the law, too. 

Such a writ, when issued, makes fall to the earth all directives, orders, mandates, rules, policies, conventions, projects, advisories, and other activities premised on the fraud of the regime Premised on activities done in rejection and/or in ignorance of black letter law.

The entire mitigation project of Gov. Lee and state and local governments lacks scientific and legal foundation. There is no viral source or agent of contagion that has been identified.

Had the officials obeyed the statute and made a diagnosis and determination, they would have probably made some progress in determining what the condition is there fighting. 

But having ignored their duty in science and in law, they are acting and bringing irreparable harm to Tennesseans, all 6.8 million of them.

Having made no determination of what “Covid-19” or, or what “SARS-CoV2” is, they don’t know what they are fighting. All their efforts to “slow the spread” are arbitrary capricious.

In law, no act arbitrary and capricious can stand.

It must fall.

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