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Mayor Kelly ‘private event’ inauguration blocks press duo

Ellis Smith assists the Tim Kelly administration secure the inaugural event from unwelcome visitors who lack masks, tickets and other forms of permission. (Photo David Tulis)
Tim Kelly takes the oath as mayor of Chattanooga, as seen on Facebook.

A news crew from NoogaRadio 92.7 FM radio is denied access to a ‘private event,” the swearing in of Tim Kelly as mayor and the oath taking of three electees on the Chattanooga city council. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Ellis Smith, a former Times Free Press reporter active in the campaign, indicates he has authority regarding entry to the event. He indicates he had made arrangements for Hayden Couvillion and me to enter if we have “face shields.” I say I have one in my car, but wjill not enter without Mr. Couvillon, who has a written exemption from Dr. Marc Courts.

Our smackdown on Facebook

Mr. Smith’s efforts in our favor are remanded by the woman who stands at the metal detector operating at Tivoli Theater upon Mayor Jim Coppinger and others who go through, dumping their coins and keys into plastic cups. She says if one has no paper ticket, one cannot enter. We have no paper ticket, so that is that, though we are the local CBS Radio News affiliate

For Mayor Kelly, I put into the hand of Mr. Smith my verified notice of lack of authority, liability, a document that sets forth admitted fraud behind the CV-19 state of emergency from Republican Gov. Bill Lee.

“That sounds like a legal issue,” Mr. Smith says when apprise him of the contents of the notice. “I think you’ll have to talk with your legal counsel about that. I’m not sure what you’re referring to.” Mr. Smith shrugs, and when I say I am waiting for mandamus to issue to compel obedience, he says, “I’m not an attorney.”

As for the high barrier to entry, Mr. Smith cites “a big issue with the Coolidge family yesterday and we can’t risk it.” A funeral event for a former medal of honor winner was followed by a report of someone in the crowd having a connection to the CV-19 virus.

Asked for a summary of Mr. Kelly’s position, “He’s mayor elect, and when he’s mayor you can ask him that question,” Mr. Smith says.

The entry of people into the Tivoli is harried doubly. They pass through a metal detector. Such barriers to public space are response to the “terror threat” from Muslims of 20 years ago. The chin diaper mandate, with its own dread, is 403 days old, in its infancy as the white legal political and economic establishment launches up its liquidation of the American economy and its decimation of limiting, troubling constitutional rights among the people. It’s probably a 20-year project, as well.

I point out to Mr. Smith that health department administrator Becky Barnes and Jim Coppinger are operating a fraud in their countywide “mask” mandate directives with its pretended controls over social activity and business. It is admitted in court 199 days by Mrs. Barnes to be a fraud — an undenied violation of Tennessee Code Ann. 68-5-104, I aver.

Mr. Ellis’ connection with the mayor is unclear, and whether handing him the notice is effective service. 

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