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Despite global coup-d’etat, county mayor hopefuls offer contentless views

Sabrena Smedley, center, says, “Good Government as we’ve experienced for the last eight years is imperative for all citizens to enjoy the quality of life they’ve been accustomed to and deserve. I promise to remain ‘Focused on what matters: The People!’” (Photo Sabrena Smedley
Weston Wamp with three of his children picking up qualifying papers in Hamilton County, Tenn., to run for mayor. (Photo Weston Wamp)

Candidates for mayor of Hamilton County offer seemingly contentless political positions that would have you believe that the pre-March 12, 2020, status quo is still the current status quo. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9

The candidates are like people who have gone through a hurricane unscathed, with merely their hair needing to be combed and their jackets straightened.

The CV-19 jabs have taken an estimated 400,000 American lives. The first full year of the reckless inoculation project is celebrated by the Hamilton County health department at its nearly 200,000th person. Bizarre medical conditions and sudden deaths reported in the county, and around the world, with teenagers dying of heart attacks and athletes collapsing or dying on the field 60 times more frequently than in 2020. 

The county admits in court it is involved in fraud in violation of Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, requiring a determination be made of an agent of contagion in any sickness or illness.

The latest to enter the mayoral race is Sabrena Smedley, a county commissioner and real estate agent who is a willing participant in global disaster capitalism furthering the financial health of drug giants such as Pfizer.

She does not offer commitment to constitutional rights and a free local economy.

Reports of her speechmaking indicate she presupposes that there has been no overthrow of constitutional government. She and the others presuppose there has been no joint venture between the state executive branch and the chief judges to participate in Covid-19 fraud — against the rights of the people and the enrichment of the state.

Nashville is digesting billions in U.S. bailout money. It has a F$3.7 billion pot from the American Recovery Plan Act to lavish on its programs. See https://www.thecentersquare.com/tennessee/tennessee-delays-some-arpa-federal-spending-approvals/article_c0984352-629d-11ec-b877-d3b7e3dc3a3f.html.

 “I tell people, I am a Christian. I’m a conservative and I’m a Republican, in that order,” Mr. Hullander says, indicating he prayed and sought Christian counsel before announcing his candidacy.  

The candidates speak as regards the fruits of Christianity and the fruits of constitutional restraint upon the state. But they appear to ignore the essential elements that might provide the fruit. 

In 1976 the U.S. stopped the H1N1 vaccine after just 32 deaths. The CV-19 jab has claimed 150,000 Americans in estimates based on the VAERS early-warning system, graphic above. The government has set no limit as to when “too many deaths” are “too many.”

That root is restraint upon government, limits upon state and police powers that exist in the law, but which limits are routinely ignored — as if they don’t exist. Humility, absence of hubris, obedience to oath — these are the character and spiritual bases for an office-holder to avoid unwarranted emergency power, to refuse to participate in panicky prison planet-styled government “responses” to a crisis, to consult and uphold black-letter law and maintain a godly defense of the Tennessee bill of rights.

Matt Hullander

I give actual and constructive notice about Tennessee state law and the means by which it protects the people from arbitrary and capricious action in Hamilton County. Sheriff Hammond has acted largely with restraint, though he did not act to forbid the breaches of two CV-19 health directives. Thus Mr. Hammond participated in breach, and the jabs program is his doing for not having put his foot down to bar its opening.

The task of notice is to put a party “on awares.” My notice about fraud and abuse of power as journalist is ignored. The three candidates give evidence of being “unaware” about the duty of public servants in protecting the rights of the people to their property, starting with commerce and travel and ending with the right to be free of any medical service, product or device not of their free choosing.

Says analyst Steve Kirsch, “The Pfizer Phase 3 trial saved 1 life from COVID for every 22,000 people vaccinated. So for 220 million fully vaccinated, it’s 10,000 lives saved, but 150,000 or more people killed. So we kill 15 people to save one. And we mandate it to boot.”

Mrs. Smedley says she is against mandates in an announcement speeh.

Weston Wamp is also opposed to mandates. While he says he believes in safety, past protocols are mostly unnecessary because they are “reflexive,” he says. He tells TV-9, “I don’t think mandates long-term build trust in public health, I think they undermine public trust.” 

Mr. Hullander says the health department and its church, nonprofit and other partners have done well. Mr. Hullander says he will “always turn to the community professionals who have the experience and expertise to guide his decisions,” a TV reporter says. 

“The Hamilton County Health Department and their team of partners has done a stellar job throughout the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a conservative businessman, I will always look to the professionals in our community who have the experience and expertise to guide my decisions. In addition, I will work closely with other elected leaders to promote coordinated efforts that will cause less confusion as we address issues that are critical to our community.”

444,000 Americans die annually from medical mistakes, says Lt. Col. Theresa Long, an Army aerospace medical specialist testifiying before U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson. This figure is one prior to the CV-19 genetic experiment under way today. https://defyandrevoltblog.wordpress.com/2021/12/20/u-s-army-doctor-lt-colonel-whistleblower-sounds-alarm-on-clotshot-if-her-testimony-isnt-shared-it-will-be-like-a-tree-falling-in-the-forest-you-know-what-to-do/

Law as notice, suit as notice

The candidates praise the work of Mr. Coppinger, and by implication his health department. Neither the mayor nor the department have learned anything by my suing Mrs. Barnes for fraud and breach of terms of employment. The law is notice, continually, requiring obedience; a petition for a writ of mandamus to compel obedience to the law is notice No. 2 about the law’s claims upon her person and her office.

Courageously, unchastened, the department is celebrating injecting the experimental serum in nearly 200,000 people. In a press release, administrator Sabrina Novak says “until late December 2020, the tools we had to fight this virus were COVID testing, masks, hand washing, and social distancing.

“In late 2020, the Health Department received news that we would soon begin to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. The sense of excitement—that we were finally reaching a turning point in the pandemic — provided a light of hope in such bleak times.”

“The past two years have taken a heavy toll on all of us. Nothing in this pandemic has been straightforward or consistent, other than the fact that it required all of us to be flexible and adapt to an ever-evolving situation, sometimes daily.” 

Mrs. Novak highlights the virus and its toll. “We recognize the very real losses and express our condolences to everyone who has lost someone to COVID. Each one of the 744 Hamilton County deaths from COVID as well as the 800,000 deaths in the U.S. is a life gone.”

It has not registered in her utterances that deaths from her department’s jab are also “very real losses.” The county has no assessment protocols, no harms team, no error management, nothing in place to verify the results of the experimental injections that have no approved human use, only authorized use. Meaning the U.S. government does not endorse as safe, but only permitted in alleged emergency.

Mrs. Novak notes that people are weary of COVID, but doesn’t recognize that the real fatigue we face is long-term lawless government unwilling to defend property, families, local economy and free markets. 

“We understand that COVID fatigue is real and that people are tired and ready for a sense of normalcy, but now is not the time to be complacent. Omicron is another reminder that COVID is still very real and still spreading across the globe.” 

Such claims are balderdash because Commie-ron is contagious and hugely mild. This variant may be the exit from the “pandemic” giving everyone lifetime immunity from coronavirus as a class. “Please continue to practice good public health measures,” the county’s Mrs. Novak says, “like washing your hands, wearing your mask, testing for COVID before you gather, and most importantly, getting your vaccine.”

The county has ignored my remonstrance and address regarding the CV-19 overthrow of lawful government and reckless mitigation measures that violate state law. Candidate Smedley got a hard copy of it, and heard my 13-minute summary of its claims.

Mr. Hullander, a real estate developer, gives an interview with Macil Duncan, the Patriot Pastor at 96.9 FM.

He is confident he could take responsibility of one of the state’s biggest counties, its population at 366,000. He has met with former Chattanooga mayors — Jon Kinsey, Bob Corker — with WWTA, Mayor Jim Coppinger, Sheriff Jim Hammond. “The mayor has to wear a lot of hats, and there’s a lot of priorities..” There are four buckets, he says. Economic development, education, infrastructure and “public safety, which *** will be my No. 1 priority.” He cites four shootings in the past week. “I want to give our sheriff’s department all the tools they need to do their job.” 

His concern is private crime, not crime and wrongs by officials, deputies and people on the payroll who have done far more extensive damage than any private, local corporate or East Side gangland offender.

People are free to call him at (423) 593-MATT, he says.


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