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Court delays ruling on TN mandamus case as grisly toll ignored

Jeff Bivins, left, former chief justice of the Tennessee supreme court, joined in overthrow of constitutional government in Tennessee when, on March 13, 2020, he issued his own “executive order” closing the courts in violation of Tennesseans’ bill of rights after Gov. Bill Lee, with no nonfraudulent exigency or cause or warrant, declared a state of emergency over CV-19 and directed police power en masse upon the people. (Photo AOC)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., April 5, 2022 — The Tennessee civil case with legs is the one I filed Oct. 2, 2020, demanding a writ of mandamus to compel Gov. Bill Lee and local health administrator Becky Barnes, now retired, to obey the communicable disease law.

That was 550 days ago. Chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor sandbagged the emergency petition. By law it had to be settled within two weeks or less, but she lied about it and abused me 201 days in her court. She wrote four orders of dismissal. I forced her to reconsider her errors in her first two orders of dismissal, and she wrote two more labored, agonizingly composed orders. My notice for appeal went up about three days later.

Pamela Fleenor is a chancery judge who rejects the principles of equity and refused to stop continuing irreparable harm upon the people of Tennessee. She is a Republican, and is seeking re-election, with your help.

My appeal brief was filed Sept. 8, 2021, or 209 days ago. The court has had my arguments in hand that long. Reply briefs were given extra time, and after I filed a devastating brief in answer I fell sick from flu and pneumonia, and so delayed oral arguments until Feb. 15, 2022, which was 49 days ago.

The court of appeals has had the entirety of the case in hand and mind these past 49 days — and still I am awaiting a writ of mandamus, compelling Gov. Lee and Mrs. Barnes (her successor, Sabrena Novak) to obey Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104.

This law requires a determination be made as to the cause and origin of the alleged epidemic. Respondents Lee and Barnes say they have no duty to obey this law.

The judges are badly compromised, as their department went in with Gov. Lee in a joint venture to overthrow constitutional government. I am calling them back to the rule of law and obedience to the state’s charter, its constitution, in which the rights of the people are enshrined and protected.

The experimental shots Judge Fleenor has allowed, and that the appellate judges have allowed, are a mass harm, a mass tort, a destruction visited upon the people, as Dr. Toby Rogers, writing on Substack, attests. — DJT

I. A slow, mostly silent, genocide

By Dr. Toby Rogers

There are so many high profile fatalities from coronavirus shots that it’s hard to keep up with the carnage.

Athletes drop dead during the middle of a match. (Longer list here).

50-year-old Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins dropped dead from a heart attack during the middle of a tour. Their 45-year-old stage manager, Andrew Pollard, dropped dead in June, shortly after the band implemented a vaccine mandate for the tour. (If you include fans killed by the vaccine mandate, lead singer and vaccine enthusiast Dave Grohl has now probably killed more people than Charles Manson.)

The top public health official in the world, Paul Farmer, dropped dead after a vaccine “booster”.

The top labor leader in the country, Richard Trumka, dropped dead from a heart attack after the largest labor federation endorsed mandates for union members.

Joel Kallman, the Oracle software engineer who designed the CDC’s vaccine tracking system, was killed by the shot.

Carlos Tejada, the 49-year-old New York Times editor posted a “booster shot” photo on Instagram, then died hours later.

Vaccine promoter, civil rights hero, and baseball legend, Hank Aaron. Dead *** by a historically black college no less (Morehouse).

Hollywood tough guy Bruce Willis, regresses into the equivalent of adult autism after vaccination.

These celebrity deaths are just the tip of a very large iceberg. VAERS has 26,396 official reports of death following Covid shots. Steve Kirsch estimates a lower bound of 150,000 deaths from Covid shots. The number could easily be a million or more.

Yeah, yeah, I know that the bougiecrats want to clutch their pearls and retire to the fainting couch saying, “I do declare, how dare you make such assertions without first proving causality!” And all those people can just STFU right now because they are certainly wrong and they are going to be dead soon from the “boosters” anyway so what they think no longer matters.

II. Shots make things worse

Covid shots are an unmitigated disaster. Yet they continue to be the only policy option that governments will consider.

Covid shots do not stop Covid.

Covid shots drive the evolution of variants.

Covid shots come with unprecedented side effects including increased all-cause mortality.

Covid shots increase your risk of getting Covid.

However our political system is completely unable to take in new information and course correct.

Even when it costs them elections, politicians are unable to course correct.

Even when a U.S. Senator, Ben Lujan, has a stroke following a “booster”, they are unable to course correct.

Democrats are killing off their own base and the party is still unable to course correct.

This is objectively the most disastrous injection campaign in history and they are still unable to course correct.

These celebrity deaths are just the tip of a very large iceberg. VAERS has 26,396 official reports of death following Covid shots. Steve Kirsch estimates a lower bound of 150,000 deaths from Covid shots. The number could easily be a million or more.

I want to impress upon you how profoundly WEIRD this is.

Pharma has wiped out the instinct for self-preservation amongst a whole class of people. Pharma has wiped out a century of hard-won values and principles amongst a whole class of people. Yes, this is partly a story about ideology and the power of fear and propaganda. But I think we are also witnessing widespread neurological damage as 60 years worth of shots take a toll on the neural circuits of the vaccinated.

The way out of the pandemic is easy and obvious — distribute about 20 off-the-shelf treatments that work to vulnerable populations for prophylaxis and early treatment for Covid-19. This has always been the answer. Yet policy makers will not take it. Will not even consider it! They keep cranking out one bogus study after another claiming that ivermectin is not effective and that Covid Shots Work Great(TM)! It’s beyond self parody at this point and now we are just straight up living in a horror movie version of the Wizard of Oz come to life.

Ironically, even Alex Berenson refuses to take the easy and obvious offramp out of this crisis because, well, I’m not even really sure. I guess it just shows that even good reporters have blindspots (and he appears desperate to earn back his membership card in the bourgeoisie).

III. The fall of Rome is here

It’s baked in at this point.

➤ Elites are batsh*t insane.

➤ The President is a walking corpse.

➤ Public health officials are dutifully engaged in genocide.

➤ The mainstream media is just a constant stream of paid propaganda on behalf of the genociders.

➤ Bourgeois society is unable to have a conversation about any facet of reality.

➤ We live in a society filled with Nazis who hate themselves so much that they want to off themselves and their families in service of their junk science ideology.

➤ Pharma is too big to fail.

➤ Covid is too big to fail.

➤ The genocide is too big to fail.

➤ It’s just what we do and who we are as a society right now.

➤ Our entire economy is built around self-inflicted genocide.

➤ And anyone who wants to step out of the insanity is labeled as crazy.

All of this can just bump along for years.

➤ Some counties in New Jersey already have an autism rate of 10% and no politician has said a damn word about it.

➤ Sports leagues will just draft new players to replace the ones who die.

➤ Schools will keep pretending to offer instruction and [trigger warning] carting kids off the court who collapse during recess and physical education.

➤ Governments will keep pretending to govern even as society goes mad.

➤ Insurance companies will not go bankrupt, they’ll just deny claims until their balance sheet shows a profit again.

➤ We’ll keep throwing a trillion dollars a year at the military and wars even as our military readiness dwindles to nothing.

➤ All cause mortality will be 5% to 15% above normal for the foreseeable future.

➤ It will all be covered up with the phrase, it has always been like this, repeated by the zombies over and over and over again.

It’s not just unsustainable, that word is too polite, it’s mass psychosis. And it’s happening right now.

IV. We need an uprising of the people

That’s always the question. And almost no one wants to talk about it because our options are bad and worse.  ***

Ordinary citizens are often light years ahead of elites in understanding what is going on. The hundreds of thousands of critical thinkers who have been deplatformed from social media understand science better than Fauci. Canadian truckers understand democracy better than most elected officials. Warrior moms understand immunology better than anyone at the FDA, CDC, or NIH.

We need an uprising.

Help David Tulis in court case vs. Gov. Lee in constitutional overthrow

Not a protest, an uprising.

Not whatever the heck that January 6 thing was, an actual uprising.

A we show up, we stay, we take power uprising.

A we take buildings, we take territory, we hold it and don’t give it back uprising.

But here’s the challenge we face. Most people who understand vaccine injury understand it through lived experience. Either they are vaccine injured themselves or they are caring for someone who has been poisoned. So the people who know that we need a revolution are often struggling to just make it through the day. I guess that’s why they poisoned us in the first place, but it’s still a huge problem.

I think we can draw strength, wisdom, and counsel from those who have been poisoned, who educate others through their words, songs, paintings, and gestures. And healthy siblings, neighbors, and friends are going to have to carry out the revolution on behalf of those who have been disabled and killed by the Pharma fascists.

Alas I cannot put a pretty bow on this. The road ahead is going to be arduous and we are going to lose so many people we love along the way. We have to learn to be skillful with our emotions, and allow anguish to teach and motivate us without consuming us. And survival will require deep spiritual practice because ultimately we are in a battle against the forces of evil.


Time to fight





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