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Resistance grows to police, judicial abuse of travelers in 3 cases

Ed Soloe and his daughter prepare to have their minivan seized by police on claims Mr. Soloe is “driving on revoked.” (Photo Madisonville PD)
Monroe County criminal court judge Sandra Doneghy will try the Ed Soloe privilege enforcement case set for trial July 27 in Madisonville, Tenn. (Photo Sandra Donaghy)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Friday, July 21, 2023 — The white legal and political establishment is working overtime in abusing the people in Georgia and Tennessee in their private communications.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

➤ A North Georgia six-person jury on Wednesday convicts GMO-free and open-range traveler Gregory Parker, a Fort Oglethorpe family man with wife and two children who as matter of Christian and constitutional principle lives out the block letters on the back of his red old pickup truck, “Not for hire.”

➤ In Alcoa, Tenn., unemployed Edward Soloe is preparing in detail to deconstruct the fraudulent premise of traffic stops by challenging their underlying presumption. He has a hearing Monday and a jury trial Thursday in Monroe County, Tenn., in the criminal court of Madisonville. A single charge — driving on suspended April 17, 2022 — is in view. Mr. Soloe is defending himself, with public defender elbow counsel Todd Gee of Cleveland and assistant DA Ryan Fetters unwilling to admit that privilege law at Tenn. Code Ann. § Titles 55 and 65 operates upon privileged activity (such as “driving” and “operating”), and not promiscuously upon Gran’ma and myriad other private parties communicating, traveling and exercising their rights on the people’s property outside of any exchange of money.

This Tulis minivan, at an East Ridge, Tenn., gas station, is on the public right of way without insurance coverage, and will be the basis of a challenge to a state-based fraud upon the people of Tennessee. (Photo David Tulis)
David Gerregano, Tennessee revenue commissioner

➤ This radio reporter is resisting an attack on the registration of his 2000 Honda Odyssey  minivan by the Tennessee departments of safety and revenue for his not having a motor vehicle insurance policy.

Revenue commissioner David Gerregano and safety’s Jeff Long are fraudulently enforcing the Tennessee financial responsibility act of 1977 to criminally prosecute him and hundreds of thousands of people on the roads without insurance. Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55, chapter 12, and two appellate court cases say Tennessee is an “after-crash” state, with no requirement upon the traveling public to “show proof of insurance.”

Their alliance with the insurance industry nets the state nearly F$100 million a year and insurance companies a large share of about F$3.3 billion a year in insurance premiums for registered autos.

‘Not for hire’

A superior court jury of 6 Walker County residents convict Mr. Parker at the end of a day long trial in superior court of Walker County one that witness Jon Luman compares to ”a big kangaroo court proceeding.” Mr. Parker insists he is not in the profession of driving and operating a common carrier motor vehicle under Georgia safety commissioner John F. King and has caused no offense to anybody by using the public road. He faced two charges of driving on revoked and two charges of driving without insurance from two arrests.

Judge John Dennis ordered him immediately taken to jail to begin a two-month jail sentence to be followed by a one-year probation. But that’s not all. “If he accomplishes getting his license back,” Mr. Luman says, “in the first probation, then he won’t have to do the four months in jail on the second set of counts.”  

At least one F$1,000 fine is included in the punishment.

“I actually talked with Greg this morning,” Mr. Parker’s wife, Kasee, says. “He actually got through, and called me. He got booked this morning. I’ve been trying to call down there to find out his inmate is, like his inmate number, and I’m not having any luck getting through on their system.” She says she needs to start working on an appeal for Mr. Parker, having had contact with an attorney, Alan Norton, who’s reviewing a recent attack upon Mr. Parker in which a cop shattered a car window upon daughter Jocelynn in a Wendy’s parking lot.

Gregory Parker of Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., and his wife Kasee and daughter Joycelynn. (Photo Greg Parker)

“He asked them questions if they knew the definition of this and this, and they kept saying, ‘Objection,” ‘irrelevant.’” He asked about commerce, and they kept shutting him down. They would not hear” his questions for the fact witness, Deputy Simpson, serving Sheriff Steve Wilson. Mrs. Parker sees the Walker jailers as likely to attempt to keep Mr. Parker in solitary confinement.

David review of Parker case, Jon Luman interview

“Greg attempted to ask the deputy if he was aware of the definitions of driver, operator and person,” Mr. Luman says.

Person was where he started because the so-called law addresses persons in particular and doesn’t mention people, which is just a small detail that goes over everybody’s heads. He was interrupted at every opportunity. The solicitor objected and claimed that relevance was the reason for the objection. And the dutiful judge — the so-called judge — who has not acquired jurisdiction— and that is why Billy Mullinax recused himself, because he didn’t want to commit the treason — and so this guy, whose name is John Dennis, was brought in to do that. They just interrupted and objected and the judge, so-called, sustained every objection and instructed the jury to strike the question and whatever answer the deputy was able to state.

Bills of lading, manifests, contracts, passenger lists, agreement, waybills  — Mr. Luman says Mr. Parker pleaded such essential elements of transportation but could not get questions of such proofs, or lack thereof, to be produced for the jury.

The officer “saw Greg ‘driving a motor vehicle,’” Mr. Luman says. Mr. Parker “tried to pursue that driving is a commercial activity.”

Says Christopher Sapp, NoogaRadio midstate bureau chief, of the Soloe arrest video: “These officers sounded giddy and gleeful to ‘hook him up.’ The state-sponsored ’sovereign citizen’ training they have received has blinded their minds to the deprivation of rights one enjoys to travel upon the roads in pursuit of the right to enjoy life, liberty, and happiness outside of the commercial ‘privilege’ or a contract with the state for the same.”

Mr. Soloe says Madisonville copcam has deletions. “You cannot properly defend yourself without full disclosure of the missing bodycam evidence which could be exculpatory in nature,” says Mr. Sapp, adding that a defendant who is denied all the evidence cannot “adequately prepare for trial; otherwise it is grounds for sanctions and a continuation of the matter.”


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