Free people vs. police stateRight to travel

‘On status as private man, acting under personal necessity per right’ on roads in TN

Following his indictment for “driving on revoked, suspended or expired,” Edward Soloe of Blount County, Tenn., files a motion to quash indictment with the criminal court of Monroe County, Tenn., and includes this affidavit.

I, Edward Soloe, being of sound mind and body, testify that I live in Blount County, Tenn., and affirm the following as true;

  1. That I exercise my rights of ingress and egress from my house or place of domicile, personally and as a man on the land in state of Tennessee,  at all times preserving all of my God-given, constitutionally guaranteed, unalienable and inherent rights.
  2. At no time do I operate in a commercial capacity on the roads of Tennessee, nor any other state, nor drive or operate a motor vehicle carrying people or goods for hire as either a private or common carrier pursuant to T.C.A. § Titles 55 or 65;
  3. I travel the public roads in my private chattel, an automobile, for private purposes, private necessity and personal/family duties, and the exercise of various constitutionally guaranteed, unalienable, inherent and God-given rights; 
  4. I hereby deny and rebut any presumption that I operate in commercial, profit-seeking or for-hire capacity using any instrumentality of commerce or affecting any public interest.
  5. Affiant has studied for nearly five years the state’s privilege structure as it relates to the use of the public right of way, and has determined that he is free to use the roads for harmless, innocent, personal, private and other purposes, and in exercise of his rights; by research, he discovers that it is illegal, oppressive, injurious, vexatious and tortious for any officer to interfere in the enjoyment of these rights. Statutes, court cases, law review articles and histories attest that there exists a distinction between two great categories of highway and roadway users. In one group, members of the traveling public such as himself; in the other, the world of transportation, traffic, shipping, trucking, hauling and the like, of which he is not a part, as he has not renewed the driving privilege since the 1990s.
  6.  Further affiant saith not. 

I swear the above and foregoing representation of facts is true and correct to the best of my information, knowledge and belief.

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