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3 East Ridge cops tase screaming man in Ga. arrest

Police from East Ridge, Tenn., affect an arrest in Walker County. This video by a store employee is terribly married by constant shifting of the phone camera lens.

From Officials of the local chapter of the NAACP raised questions about recent police stops in East Ridge.

Ann Pierre, president, said, “Recent video was posted on YouTube that shows a Black man being shocked repeatedly by an East Ridge Police officer. The way this man was handled for a violation that he asks repeatedly for an explanation is not acceptable.

“What is the standard for employing electroshock? When do you inform the person of the law he or she has violated? Why do you use vulgar language to communicate with a person who is being stopped? Does a person become less than human when stopped by law enforcement?

“View the attached video and determine if the actions of the man stopped justify the punishment inflicted. The local NAACP has had three calls from Black men concerning the treatment by East Ridge officers when driving in the town.

“If you were stopped in East Ridge, send an email to Everyone needs to be treated as a human being.”

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