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Dad’s story of CV-19 jab harm shows facts needed for affidavit to support criminal complaint

Michael and Rachel Boeckman from Dayton, Ohio, enjoy a vacation at the beach. He is suffering heart damage from the CV-19 shot. (Photo Michael Boeckman)

DAYTON, Ohio —Based on some personal factors, I reluctantly received the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on March 16, 2021 at 10:02am.

By Christopher Boeckman

Two hours later, I had some standard pain at the injection site. Over the next few hours, that pain moved inward towards the center of my back. Eight hours after injection, I had 8/10 pain originating in my thoracic back area running through my chest and was overall exhausted.

[I am looking for people such as Christopher Boeckman who have had an adverse reaction to the CV-19 jab, people in Tennessee who are willing to write a detailed affidavit of their experiences for purposes of my filing a criminal complaint against parties in Tennessee responsible for this depopulation and social-engineering project destined to take tens of thousands of lives. His story has all the elements of an affidavit, so read it carefully to see the sort of details he has. Contact me through the site, or at the radio station if you want to talk. — David Tulis]

I simply laid down at my parents house, as my wife and daughter were not home and I strongly felt I needed to be near people in case of an emergency situation. I eventually went home and went to sleep, waking up the next day, still with the same type of pain, but subsided to 5/10 – I just chalked it up to a temporary side effect of the vaccine.

This pain would not fully subside, ever.

I tried to convince myself that maybe I had pulled a lower trapezius or rhomboid muscle (although notably I am very controlled in the way I train and do not lift heavy weights). Four ( 4 ) weeks later I (again reluctantly) received the second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on April 13, 2021 at 9:36am. Ten hours later, my entire body ached and I was feverish at 103 degrees — I had the same thoracic/chest pain which intensified but my entire body was in pain at the time intensifying through the night capped off with the coldest/hottest chill/convulsions I have ever experienced. This all lasted about one ( 1 ) day.

Unable to breathe

The aches and fever subsided, the thoracic/chest pain remained but decreased back down at the 5/10 level I was used to over the past month – again, convincing myself I must have a herniated disc or muscle strain or something… because why/how would a vaccine cause such pain? and why would I ever think I had a heart issue??

I lived with the thoracic/chest pain for two more weeks, but it began to intensify slowly but surely. By May 3, 2021 the pain was at an 8/10 and I called my primary care doctor to be seen – originally scheduled for May 5, 2021, which I had to reschedule to May 7, 2021. By May 7, 2021 my pain was at 9/10. I was seen by my doctor who thought it may be a muscle strain.

Christopher Boeckman is a family man with a daughter. (Photo Christopher Boeckman on FB)

I did mention some other issues going on at the time as well (unable to take a full deep breath, joint pain in my knees/shoulders/ankles/wrists, pain on the left side of my jaw) and also mentioned the vaccine and clarified symptoms I had experienced from it and since it.

Pain hits 10 in 10

My doctor ordered a chest and back Xray, as that is the first step prior to an MRI – both came back negative and I was to follow up with him the following week.On May 8, 2021 my thoracic/chest pain was a 10/10.

I laid around all day. The pain started to be very focused through my chest and after contemplating all day, I found myself in the parking lot of the ER at roughly 7:30pm. I sat in my car for about 2 hours, deciding whether or not to go in – working in the HR/benefits industry, I know that every unnecessary trip to the ER costs [everyone]. I inevitably chose to go home and sleep it off.

This would be a futile attempt as I found myself back to the ER, walking inside this time, at 9:32am on May 9, 2021. As soon as I said chest pain, I was taken back immediately, hooked up to some machines, given some meds to chew on, and had blood drawn amongst other tests/scans. The bloodwork came back very quickly showing elevated Troponin – indicating heart injury.

I was transported to a different hospital, the cardiac ward. The first cardiologist I saw was dumbfounded upon my entry saying “by the initial results and description, I would have thought you would be a 60 year old man”… his curiosity would continue as he learned more about my [extremely healthy] lifestyle. This cardiologist, and every cardiologist since, would not have any answers as to why this happened.

Docs dismiss shot connection

They all said “maybe this, maybe that” (none of which were the vaccine) and after the longest 30+ hours of my life and still with no answers but Troponin levels trending downward, they decided to release me with a prescription for 90 days of Colchicine, 14 days of Motrin, an order for a Heart MRI, and a follow up. The final diagnosis was a non-ST elevated myocardial infarction and myo/pericarditis.Since that day, many new reports have come out regarding the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine relating to myocarditis in [specifically] young males.

I have noted this multiple times with all of my doctors who have all seemingly dismissed the possibility. Finally, during my most recent follow-ups with my primary care doctor, and with the CDC finally looking into the issue, we submitted my symptoms – soon after which, the VAERS team asked for my medical records and just this past week I received a call from the Vcheck vaccines follow up team who have marked my case as “serious” and say I will be contacted by the CDC.I am not very active on social media and typically don’t share much – however I feel this is both important and relevant. I am writing this for multiple reasons. I would like my voice, my case, to be heard.

Maybe there is someone within my contacts, or my contacts’ contacts, who is involved in this whole vaccine implementation.

My case should be of note, and I have a lot of information to share as it relates to how I care for and know my body. Maybe there are others who have experienced these serious side effects. This platform can connect [us] to be able to share in the uncertainty and to continue to question. No matter [who] this message finds, I simply want it on record, and not just as some anonymous CDC case# that may or may not be followed up on. So here I am, offering a face/name to this case.I would also like someone, some entity, to take accountability, to acknowledge me (and others in similar situations).

My myocarditis and subsequent hospitalization, I am 99% certain at this point and approaching 100% quickly, was caused by the vaccine. This has cost me a substantial amount: mentally, physically, and financially (notably UHC has denied the medicine, part of the hospitalization, and the MRI – all submitted claims and subsequent appeals). The financial cost is one thing, but the physical and mental cost is another. I have physically not been able to do as much as pick up my three year old daughter for months without being in pain – I am just now getting back to some semblance of what I was just back in early March pre vaccine, but still unable to take a deep breath (or even yawn fully) and still in some serious full body/joint pain. I have never had any joint issues in my life, and again, am an avid fitness and health oriented individual.

This still is nothing compared to the mental anguish I have and still am experiencing. Since May 9, 2021 I have mentally prepared for my own death, even more so than I previously had (in full transparency, I am a planner) – this is a huge burden and point of anxiety, you can imagine.

Lastly, I would like this to be shared. Please do so if you feel inclined. I am not pro-vax or anti-vax. I have no motives. I only want to shed light on my experience, I hope for answers, I want what is right/fair/just, and mostly I just hope all of the serious side effects from this vaccine are well behind me – of which only time will tell.

Christopher Boeckman and his young bride, Rachel.
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