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TN says license ‘suspended,’ but Soloe says traveling freely, not a ‘driver’ 20 years

Cars lined up are traffic, legally speaking, if hauling goods or people for hire. Otherwise they constitute the traveling public, not affecting a public interest and not subject to privilege enforcement. Cars that are motor vehicles are subject to police power exercise in the public interest. (Photo David Tulis)

Ed Soloe of Blount county has filed a motion to quash indictment in a “suspended license” case in which he rebuffs the seemingly presumption that he is exercising a state privilege by “driving” a car.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The case is a picture of continuing harm against the public by state of Tennessee and its agents in municipal corporations such as Vonore, Tenn., a city of about 1,600 people in Monroe County.

Mr. Soloe submits an affidavit of private use, stating he is using the roadways for private purposes and not under the “traffic” or “transportation” privilege, and that if any tax owed it has been paid. Traffic cases are, in effect, tax cases.

Mr. Soloe, unemployed and living in Alcoa, Blount County, also submits into the record a copy of Tennessee transportation administrative notice, a document filed against numerous parties in Tennessee, including the office of governor and the commissioner of safety.

Mr. Soloe has studied the right to travel for nearly five years and is no patriot crank. He has amassed a library of cases, studies, law reviews and other documents showing that the authority to regulate transportation as a utility does not – or should not – interfere with the right of free communication and travel by car. 

He says in an affidavit that he “has determined that he is free to use the roads for harmless, innocent, personal, private and other purposes, and in exercise of his rights; by research, he discovers that it is illegal, oppressive, injurious, vexatious and tortious for any officer to interfere in the enjoyment of these rights. Statutes, court cases, law review articles and histories attest that there exists a distinction between two great categories of highway and roadway users. In one group, members of the traveling public such as himself; in the other, the world of transportation, traffic, shipping, trucking, hauling and the like, of which he is not a part, as he has not renewed the driving privilege since the 1990s.”

Tennessee courts have raised a legal fiction to block appeals seeking recognition of the right to travel. The fiction held forth by the court of criminal appeals, for example in the Hirsch case, is that people in Tennessee have no right to travel, period. But, the court allows, they do when changing domicile or residency.

Mr. Soloe’s study of the law indicates that traffic cases are privilege enforcement cases, or tax cases. His promises to be a challenge to this presumption, a legal fantasy put forth to suppress the rights of the people and maintain industry capture of the state.

The first possessor of state authority is the insurance industry, the profits of which are guaranteed in the fraud supported by all establishment interests that all travel is commercial, that Granma is a motor carrier

Filings indicate traffic case = tax enforcement


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