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Breach of law, trust prompts us to shift for ourselves (under God)

Hamilton County, Tenn., commission has 11 members, whose complicity with police power abuse we deserve, as we are indifferent to God’s laws, and hence man’s laws. (Photo county commission)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., June 2, 2023  – The nation is suffering an open chest wound from the Biden administration and from the duopoly party in Nashville. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The loss of confidence that people have in public authority is palpable. The feeling of dismay and anger is near  They surface in conversations among people I meet in local economy in the Chattanooga area.

Congress in delaying the debt ceiling encounter for 2 years seems irresponsible. People have a sense of indignation at being overseen and overlorded by people who are in breach of their oaths, people who have moved landmarks, who have abrogated the rights of the people and transgressed the boundaries of the law.

My own experience in state and federal courts in the past 3 years have secured proofs that the general malaise and disgust are not far from a true accounting of national demolition and disaster.

Shifted landmarks, more power to state

➤ I was in court 878 days against Gov. Bill Lee for fraud, determining in the course of litigation that the judiciary is an ally and pursuer of policy with Lee in the abrogation of the Tennessee constitution March 2020 when he declared an illicit state of emergency and then on April 2 a “safer at home” executive order putting the entire population under house arrest.

The courts upheld and refused to hear a lawful petition about the abuse of the political classes of the entire population complicit with fraud by dual bioweapons by the national government as against the people – the so-called upscaled coronavirus and the lethal jab that is in process of claiming millions of lives.

➤ My lawsuit against the city of Franklin, police officer William Orange and the state’s chief Justice Roger Page and others for false imprisonment and false arrest Nov. 6, 2021, in Franklin covering a judicial conference, open to the public as a matter of law.

Federal Judge Waverly Crenshaw will handle my case of false imprisonment and false arrest. (Photo Morgan Yingling)

This case attacks head-on three statewide breaches of law, namely general warrants in which an officer can arrest a man or woman on the spot without a warrant. My arrest as press member was not only without a warrant, required under T.C.A. 40-7-103, but without probable cause, a double wrong. Warrants are intended to  prevent false imprisonment and false arrest. The duty to obtain a warrant would have prevented the arrest and the cost of a lawsuit.

Communist and fascist countries operate no less efficiently than Chattanooga police, Hamilton County deputies and Franklin officers such as Orange. We are not becoming a communist, fascist country. We are one.

The lawsuit demands two injunctions. One is against general warrants in Franklin, which injunction I demand be applicable to any other city or county in Tennessee (by process of legal service). A second injunction demands the judge conferences be open to the public. I uncover a third longstanding abuse in prosecuting the case that I demand Judge Waverly Crenshaw declare outlaw. That is the citations statute that requires jailing, imprisonment and booking prior to adjudication. T.C.A. 40-7-118 requires innocent people to be committed to the jail for booking prior to a judge’s looking at the case. That is to say one cannot be put into a jail cell before adjudication, which otherwise is a major violation of the right of due process.

“No person can be committed to prison for any criminal matter until examination thereof is first had before some magistrate” Tenn. Code Ann. § 40-5-103.

Judges in Tennessee hold secret conventions every year to plot against the rights of the people and to handle policy, judicial, and political matters outside of public view. These conferences have been secret since 1953 when the conferences were founded by the legislature. Chief Justice Roger Page is openly in violation of the constitution and the open meetings act and after having me arrested, bore down on his policy by making the entirety of the conference a secret, even announcements about the dates,  the locations and agendas of the meetings. Justice Page is a gnave.

The conference lecture I was intending to cover when he ordained my arrest is on the subject of “sovereign citizens.” Evidently people like me are viewed with great hostility by lawyers and judges, and a speaker from a group such as ADL or SPLC lectured more than 100 Tennessee city court judges Nov. 6, 2021, about how to defeat people who use the law to defend themselves and to their own advantage. These are the ” sov cits” who are equivalent to terrorists.

There is one other breach that I’mTargeting in this lawsuit, and that is the prejudice in the federal rules of civil procedure against pro se litigants such as me, that is, petitioners and plaintiffs who do not have a lawyer.

➤ For the past five years I report in Chattanooga and Hamilton County at NoogaRadio Network that police and deputies impose ultra vires force upon members of the public via the motor vehicle law. They use the trucking law to enforce the registration, license and insurance requirements on Granma, gospel ministers, moms with kids headed to ball practice and everybody else – people who are not involved in trucking or transportation. Despite administrative notice, these people refuse to retract their fangs, their slathering teeth, like barking dogs ripping at the fabric of society with police power. 

These harms continue without abatement. This week, Austin Garrett, the Hamilton County sheriff, says he is using LPRs, automated license plate readers, and will be surveiling the roads of illicit users (stolen cars, for example). I have an inquiry in regarding whether his LPRs will alert officers to people with plates who do not have insurance. I am on the road in a minivan without insurance.

People are routinely arrested out of their cars without probable cause, and without a warrant. The warrantless arrest by officer statute requires a warrant for traffic infractions because traffic infractions are not public offenses. Exceptions are crashes involving DUI or flight. A traffic case may be an offense, but usually these breaches are not “public offenses.” And, so, a wrarrant is required. 

➤ Courts, members of the bar and the Christian clerk cooperate in remaining silent about these shiftings of landmark against the rightes of the innocent people.

Misplaced confidence

The idol of the state is in the middle of its own ruin. And the people are being ruined as well, as they deserve in many ways. We Christians are unfaithful to God, rejecting his laws in the specifics and not bailing out of antinomian and godless churches that teach weakness, irrelevance and pietism. Officials, swearing an oath before God, are unfaithful.

Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble Is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint,” Prov. 25:19. We have had confidence in politicians and legislatures, and they are lawbreakers, just we Christians ourself are lawbreakers.

“In the fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, And His children will have a place of refuge” Prov. 14:26.

The evils I am confronting in court on behalf of the people of my state seem overwhelming. Here is one court case, bringing up four harms. That strikes me as amazing. I am walking the narrow way in these efforts, having entered into the Kingdom of God as one of his children by salvation bringing repentance. 

“Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it” Matthew 7:13.

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