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Pilots harmed by jab fly on as FAA med boss ignores risk to passengers

The devastating government project called the “Covid-19 vaccine” brings planes to the Chattanooga airport everyday piloted by men and women vulnerable to heart attack because of their having been forced to take the jab. (Photo https://www.chattairport.com/history)

In my county and yours, in my state and yours, government officials have failed the public interest. In Tennessee, 105,300 people are dead from the CV-19 jab, and no state official, from Gov. Bill Lee on down to the head of the Hamilton County commission, have expressed concern. The Hamilton County medical examiner Dr. Michael Metcalfe has published not the first word about the death-dealing mRNA shots and has evidently found none of the bizarre clots the shots produce among the dead in Hamilton County. What about the health watchdog of pilots who land their jets at Lovell Field in Chattanooga? Is anyone watching out for them? Whistleblower info suggests more tan 18,000 pilots are seriously injured. What about public safety — remember public health, safety and welfare as the mantra of expansive total government? Is not this concept enough to step forward and repent of FAA’s role in the disaster? — DJT

Susan Northrup refuses to discuss disaster of jabbed pilots and has refused to investigate safety concerns of so-called “vaccinated pilots.”

Jan 23, 2023 — In this article, I list over 15 reasons US Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup should resign immediately. If she does not resign, she should be fired.

By Steve Kirsch / Substack

Failing to investigate numerous safety issues associated with the vaccine that were brought to her attention is inexcusable. Her actions risk the lives and health of FAA employees, pilots, and the public. I know of people inside the FAA and pilots who have been killed or permanently disabled because they followed the FAA’s directive to be vaccinated. Susan has not called any of these people to investigate. Nobody from the FAA has. That is a dereliction of duty.

Also, since the FAA has never held an honest roundtable where the safety and efficacy issues associated with the COVID, I am now collaborating with US Freedom Flyers, Senator Ron Johnson, and The Highwire to do our own roundtable where we invite all interested FAA employees, doctors from either side of the debate, and pilots and FAA employees who want to tell their vaccine injury story (or the story of a friend if the person fears retribution). If you would like to speak at the meeting and tell your story, or the story of a fellow pilot or employee, please sign up here.

The mission of the FAA

For context, read this. Note the word safety comes first.

Now, read the argument below with that in mind…

The case against Susan Northrup

  1. American Airlines pilot Bob Snow had a heart attack 6 minutes after landing the plane. Susan knew about the incident, but it’s now been over 9 months and no one from the FAA ever called Snow to assess whether the incapacitation could have been caused by the shot. I asked her if she wanted to talk to him and she said yes. But when I connected the two, she didn’t return his call. How is that protecting the public? And how is it possible that I had no trouble reaching Snow after the incident but the FAA was unable to?
  2. American Airlines pilot Wilburn Wolfe, age 56, died suddenly days after his J&J shot. The COVID vaccine was determined by his doctors to have caused his death. The FAA has never contacted his wife to learn this. If I know about his death, how could the FAA not know about his death?
  3. There are no FDA-approved vaccines available for the pilots to take. It is a violation of FAA rules to promote the EUA vaccines as “approved.” Susan looked the other way while this happened. The FAA deliberately marketed these vaccines as acceptable when the FAA rules said that they weren’t. In addition, only 48 hours passed from the time that the FDA granted an EUA for the vaccines (12/10/2020) and the FAA issued guidance stating that all pilots should get the vaccine (12/12/2020). I would like to know what independent tests that Susan had done in those 48 hours and how these tests could have been completed so quickly. Pilots are 60% more likely to suffer blood clots than the general public and blood clots are a known side-effect of these vaccines. Where was the randomized testing done on a pilot population showing it was safe? I must have missed that. How it could have been done in 48 hours is nothing short of amazing. They need to publish how that was accomplished as it will likely be the most read journal article of all time.
  1. John Raniolo, who is a top advisor to the FAA, recommended in 2021 that all pilots be screened after they got the shots. I have a witness who will testify what Raniolo told him: that no one should get these shots. What did he tell the FAA and who did he tell? Raniolo isn’t returning any phone calls. Maybe it will require a Congressional subpoena to learn the answer.
  2. Susan allowed the EKG PR interval to be changed without any scientific justification for the change. No cardiac society on the planet changed their recommendations. Why did the FAA all of a sudden make this change? When Tucker Carlson called, the FAA had no answers. How is that possible?
  3. There have been many calls from various organizations to screen pilots after vaccination. All these calls have been ignored.
  4. Susan does not believe in transparency. I suggested we get everything out in the open by having a public roundtable to resolve the issues. Instead of “good idea” all I got was silence. Silence doesn’t resolve the issues.
  5. When Susan learned of incidents like Bob Snow’s near miss, she did nothing. She warned no one that we might have a problem. FAA Flight Controller Hayley Lopez is now permanently disabled from just 1 Pfizer jab. She’s young. There is no known cure. She can’t hold a job and her disability insurance stops in 5 years. Did Susan ever hear her story? No.
  6. There are an untold number of stories like this and Susan has ignored them all. Not a single injured person I spoke with told me the FAA investigated their injury. Susan doesn’t even know how many stories there are. Did she ever ask pilots and FAA employees to report their stories and promise confidentiality and anonymity? I would be amazed if she did that. She acts like a person who doesn’t want to know that the vaccines are not safe.
  7. Because Susan looked the other way when vaccine safety issues were brought to her attention, she could be liable for criminally negligent homicide.
  8. Even today, Susan is still not pursuing the safety issues. When I provided contacts of the injured, she never called any of the injured (or family of the dead). When I suggested a roundtable, she didn’t say, “That’s a great suggestion.” I am quite sure that she will not issue a press release saying that her statement about the vaccine not causing pilot incidents was made in error. When I said if I didn’t hear back from her on why NOBODY at the FAA investigated Snow that I would call for her resignation, she did not call me back to explain why the FAA never investigated any of the safety incidents. If there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, why didn’t she provide it when asked?
  9. How is it so easy for me to find these death/injury cases and talk to the injured (or family of the dead) and Susan has never talked to any of them?
  10. This is an urgent problem, all these deaths of young people who die suddenly, but Susan tells the press there is nothing to see here, move along. But her husband knows the vaccines are dangerous and refuses to take them. So she knows that intelligent, reasonable people have looked at the data and determined there is a huge problem. But anyone in her position has a duty to listen carefully to arguments from experts on both sides of an important issue like this. What counter-narrative experts did she reach out to in order to be fully briefed on the issues? The answer is NONE. It’s the same answer as the number of injured pilots she’s talked to. She simply doesn’t want to learn the truth about what the FAA did.
  11. The situation is very serious. I heard from an Army whistleblower recently that 11% of army pilots are severely injured by the COVID vax and that over 20% might have clinical or subclinical injuries. When that whistleblower is cleared to talk, I will publicize his name and his data. According to the FAA, there are 166,738 airline pilots in the US. Using the whistleblower number, this implies that this translates into over 18,000 seriously injured pilots. Even if we use a more conservative number from the study of 777 people in Switzerland, we are looking at 4,668 pilots with some amount of heart damage from the COVID vaccine. But the FAA isn’t aware of a single pilot who has been injured?!?! This suggests that the agency is blind to such injuries. Surely, Susan would have called for an investigation as to the discrepancy, right? She never mentioned it to me. Perhaps because she doesn’t care.
  12. On July 26, 2022, Susan received a package of documents requesting medical screening for all pilots. She did nothing with the package. Why? What was the justification? That she didn’t want to know the truth? 
  13. Why has Susan never, on her own, called for a roundtable to discuss these issues in a public forum? It is of great public importance and surely she must have known that important voices have been silenced.
  14. It would be interesting to see whether Susan agrees or disagrees with this op-ed co-authored by UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad. From her actions, it seems she disagrees. That is a problem for anyone in her position.
  15. I haven’t seen the autopsy results of the pilot who died in mid-air on Envoy (American Eagle) Flight 3556. Have you? Why not? The pilot died on November 19, 2022. That was 2 months ago. The tests don’t take that long and it should have been prioritized due to the national safety concerns. In order to ensure that the pilot’s death was not vaccine related, the body would have to be tested using the appropriate techniques or no link to the vaccine would be found. I know that Dr. Ryan Cole was never consulted on this and he’s the most knowledgeable person in the US for cases like these. The American public needs to know who performed the autopsy, why the FAA felt he was more knowledgeable than Cole to make the assessment, were the proper tests done to rule out definitively that the vaccine caused the death, and what the histopathology showed. Susan needs to be transparent with the American public about all of this. That is her job: to ensure passenger safety. Instead, we have heard nothing. Nothing!
  16. Finally, and most importantly, when put to the test, she FAILED big time. She had an opportunity this weekend to call all the injured pilots (and the wife of a dead pilot), talk to doctors like Peter McCullough who have been trying to alert the FAA of the dangers, learn that she made a mistake, and then immediately correct her error. Instead she did none of that. She didn’t even talk to a single pilot. Perhaps she was on the phone with criminal defense lawyers figuring out how to best protect herself from liability. She has her priorities in the wrong place for someone in her position. Her bosses at the FAA should request her phone records from her and see exactly how she spent her time on January 21 and 22 after my call to her. I can guarantee you it wasn’t talking to any injured pilots.

Eleven percent of Army pilots are severely injured by the COVID vax and over 20% might have clinical or subclinical injuries.

steve kirsch

Furthermore, the cover up of the vaccine deaths is not just limited to the FAA. There is clearly corruption happening in the DoD with the DMED data. Senator Johnson sent Secretary Austin a letter about this, and there has been no investigation. How is that possible? So the FAA isn’t the only federal agency where the vaccine is being protected at the expense of our soldiers.

Susan is aware of the evidence in plain sight that the vaccines are making people more likely to be infected

There is no possible way that a person in Susan’s position could not know about the Cleveland Clinic study which tracked over 51,000 healthcare workers of working age and found that the greater the number of shots, the greater the risk of COVID infection. In short, the shots are doing exactly the opposite of what the FAA thought they would do.

Susan should have called for an immediate halt to the vaccination program when that paper was published late last year. Instead, Susan said nothing. Nothing!

The Cleveland Clinic study followed everyone at the hospital (over 51,000 employees) over time from a fixed starting point. It was crystal clear that more shots made you more likely to be infected and the differences were all statistically significant and non-overlapping. All the efforts of the pro-vax community to dismiss the study have been debunked.

As for the excuse that the study hasn’t been peer-reviewed, that’s just an excuse. Any study done at the Cleveland Clinic must be taken seriously. It is the #2 ranked hospital in the world. Susan and her peers at the FAA could have easily reviewed the study and done an “effective peer review.” If she had any questions, she could have reached out to the authors of the study. In short, she could have done a thorough peer-review of the study.

What did Susan do? Nothing.

A message from Captain Greg Pierson

Dear Ms. Northrup,

My name is Greg Pierson, and I am employed as a Captain with a major U.S. Airline. I unfortunately am unable to perform my duties at this time due to a vaccine injury sustained in August of 2021. I went into Atrial Fibrillation fourteen hours after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I had to make a phone call to my young daughter from the ER, not knowing if I would make it through the event. My career has been ruined by this life threatening experience, which the FAA is fully culpable in. I am aware of your position that disputes the realities of vaccine injuries among U.S. aviators. The evidence is incontrovertible, proving otherwise. It is your duty to speak the truth on this matter, notwithstanding the consequences.

Greg Pierson 

Note: I have talked privately to injured pilots and FAA employees and they are absolutely livid about what has happened. But they are calm in their public communications. Do not let that fool you into thinking this is no big deal. The FAA has ruined their lives and will not take any responsibility for their role in the injury.

Text message from Josh Yoder to Susan Northrup

A message from Captain Kevin Stillwagon (Delta Airlines)

We need to find out who at the FAA made the decision to recommend this shot for all pilots, why they made that decision, and who they consulted with. My suspicion is they consulted with the CDC and not with their own medical experts. I also suspect they made the decision based on “safety” and “protection”. The safety of protecting pilots from being infected by a deadly disease. First, the disease was only deadly for people who were elderly and comorbid. This was proven by the quarantine of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in February of 2020 and the outcome of that for all to see. Airline pilots are not elderly and comorbid. Secondly, the shot cannot protect a person from being infected. The CDC knew that, and any FAA medical advisor worth their salt would have known that as well. They also knew that a side effect of special interest was myocarditis with ALL of the shots. Myocarditis is in a “DO NOT ISSUE” category for pilots. Why the FAA would allow something to be injected into pilots that can result in a condition that prohibits them from being issued a medical certificate to fly is clear indication that the FAA is broken.

Susan was offered an opportunity to review this article before I published it

On January 22 at 1:04 pm PST, I offered Susan an opportunity to review this article before I published it. She did not respond before it was published on Jan 23 at 9:43am.

She has not responded to any of my messages since our phone call. It is baffling to me why she would not want to defend her reputation.

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