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Coppinger asked about mass jab deaths in county

Jim Coppinger tugs off a chin diaper prior to announcing in 2020 that he is ordering them worn in all public places. (Photo department of health video)

Dear Mayor Coppinger, The data is piling in that county government is a willing participant in a fraud that is costing human lives, that its role in dispensing untested shots degrades life and health in the county, and that this activity is knowing and intentional.

Mr. Coppinger, the best numbers I can find about the rising toll statewide are at this post:


[The following is my letter to Jim Coppinger, mayor of Hamilton County, Tenn., seeking a statement about statewide death data from the CV-19 injection project. I have reported that the deaths calculated to have been caused by Hamilton County to be 508. But what is the actual count? Is county government paying attention? Do elected and hired officials care? — DJT]

The county’s Dr. Metcalfe, medical examiner, has not raised the alarm of the physical harm of the CBV-19 jab, namely death of people otherwise in good health, whose death is required to be investigated under state law. His silence does not mean the county can continue playing along with the fraud, and not turn against it to start making amends.

That is to account for jab harms by openly soliciting contact with these people in acts showing care for the public welfare, health, safety and morals. Liability, at some point, will attach to the corporation Hamilton County, and one individual or more within it acting in violation of state law, namely TCA 68-5-104, as the county attorney’s office admits in court filings.

I am a member of the press, and the party representing state of Tennessee as relator in State ex rel. David Jonathan Tulis v. Bill Lee et al (Becky Barnes), against mass fraud and mass irreparable harm. My suit has put the county under notice of fraud and knowing and intentional harm these past 695 days since I filed suit.

It is time for the mayor’s office to comment on the death data statewide, Mayor Coppinger, and start collecting side-effect and death reports in Hamilton County. That will let county government act in good faith amid its role in the experiment, to at least partly blunt its knowing and intentional acts of harm distributing products that would never have been FDA-approved without the pretended and fraudulent emergency of which I complain in the lawsuit.

I am asking for a statement responding to my published report. If it contains errors, please feel free to provide correction and any information that will let members of the public understand that you are acting according to oath and in submission to the law. Respectfully yours, etc.

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